American Idol and K-Pop Star’s Contestant; Han Hee-jun’s Profile, Career Journey, Etc.

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The South Korean Singer Popular in the United States After American Idol

Han Hee-jun is a South Korean singer from Flushing, Queens, New York. He becomes in the ninth place of American Idol in the eleventh season. Then, he signed with Polaris Entertainment in 2012. He ever joined the third season in K-Pop Star as top six.

Han Hee-jun’s Full Profile

– Full Name: Han Heejun (Hangeul: 한희준)

– Born: April 20, 1989

– Active: Singer, actor, MC under Polaris Entertainment.

– His solo debut was the digital single “QnA” on May 15, 2015.

Han Hee-jun’s Career Journey

He once joined on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Live! With Kelly and The Wendy Williams Show for interviews and performances. Han Hee-jun now performed live on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles. Moreover, he also sings “God Bless America” at the New York Mets game and performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Award Gala.

Later on, Han Heejun joined American Idol on July 6, 2012, the ad featured on I Family Magazines, a magazine for Korean-American families. Besides his activity in pop music, He also appears on The 700 Club and Soulcheck TV about the Christian faith.

Han Heejun is also a judge in a Kpop competition at New York University in September 2012. Later on, he was joined K-pop Star for the third season, and he passed the audition. He becomes the Top 6 of the K-Pop Star 3. It leads to his launch of his single Q&A” feat—Tiffany from Girls’ Generation. Recently in 2018, Han Hee-jun becomes a co-host replacing Jae Day6 in After School Club.

Han Hee-jun’s Visual

Hann Hee-jun has a charismatic persona and mature vibes. What do you think?

His appearance is also contributing to overall visual such as his tall and body posture. It made his suits be the spotlight. Do you agree?

Han Hee-jun’s Appearance in ‘American Idol’

The eleventh show of American Idol in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, becomes history for Han Hee-jun. He auditioned by singing “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” by Michael Bolton. He got a positive response from Jennifer Lopez that said, “I think you are really great. I think you could be an American Idol,” and received a golden ticket to Hollywood.

On a Hollywood performance, Han Hee-jun formed M.I.T (Most International Team) with Philip Philips, Richie Law, and Jairon Jackson. They performed “Broken Strings” by James Morrison featuring Nelly Furtado, making them to the next round.

On the next round, Han Hee-jun performed solo “I Only Have Eyes for You.” He was selected for the final Las Vegas as top 42. On the final, he sang “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel and making to the top 25. Later on, he made it into the Top 13 as the top 5 male vote-getter. He becomes the first Korean American to make it to the finals of American Idol.

Han Hee-jun almost gets eliminated in the Top 9, but he was selected because of his beautiful vibrate and tone, and the judges save him. He later finished at the ninth position.

Han Hee-jun’s Appearance in ‘K-Pop Star 3’

In 2013, Hann Hee-jun was also participated in the third season of K-Pop Star and become the Top 6. Since he succeeded in this show, he concentrated on music and released the single “Q&A” feat. Tiffany from Girls’ Generation.

Han Hee-jun’s Interview

During his interviews, he expressed that his single album was such a trendy genre, and he doubted himself if he could do it. He lost his weight to 10 kg (approximately 22 lbs) compared to the last album. He revealed that he stopped eating sugar, rice, flour, salt, and other white food. He prefers to eat vegetables and meat.

He admitted that becoming a singer in South Korea is struggling. He already applied to many companies but always failed to join them. Han Hee-jun started to train alone for about two years and returned to America. Since he appeared on American Idol, Han Hee-jun receive positive feedback and become the Top 9.

He said, “Something unbelievable happened. After receiving great reactions during ‘American Idol,’ I was walking down the stairs, and apparently, I mumbled something that I couldn’t even remember. One of the staff later told me that I said something along the lines of, ‘Is it possible for me to be this happy? It feels like a dream.'”

Han Hee-jun Released ‘Room’

Han Hee-jun Released ‘RainDrop’


Han Hee-jun Released ‘The Last’


Han Hee-jun in After School Club

As of July 2018, Hee-jun became the official MC of After School Club, a program aired in Arirang along with Jamie Park and Kim Seung-min or Seungmin from Stray Kids. Heejun replaced the previous MC, Jae from Day6 and Kevin Woo who couldn’t continue because of promotion and tight schedule.

Ever since then, Hee-jun filled your Tuesday by being the host to your favorite group’s interview. Hee-jun and other MCs hosted the show in English and translated it to Korean if the guests cannot speak in English.

However, Seungmin who joined the same day as Hee-jun has to say goodbye due to a tight schedule. He was replaced by several names of MCs, such as Woosung of The Rose, Yuri of JxR, until finally, we got TOO‘s Jaeyun as the current MC along with Hee-jun and Jamie.


Han Hee-jun’s Instagram

On his Instagram account @heejun28989, he shared his activity recently he appeared on the channel, and he said, “It was a story that everyone knows, but it seems that you feel that you are now full enough to talk about it in front of many people and it’s okay.

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