Updates on Han Geng and Celina Jade’s Relationship, Is It True They’re Already Married?

Han Geng and Celia Jade

Let’s Dig Deeper into This Beautiful Couple’s Secret Relationship

The ex-member of Super Junior has finally found his fair lady. After terminating his contract with his old agency, Han Geng become a famous actor in China, his homeland. At the time, he also released a solo album entitled The Heart of Geng, and the album become popular among music charts in Southeast Asia.

Recently, he revealed why he terminated his contract with his past agency. He said that he could not put up with being an idol. With many activity restrictions from the agency, he could not explore his ability as entertainer. He even talked with the board regarding a possible acting career, but the board declined and he decided to void his contract.

The actor’s fair lady is Celina Horan, or as she’s more famously known, Celina Jade. She’s most famous for playing a character named ‘Shado’ in the CW Television Series, Arrow. Celina Jade is an actress who born in Hong Kong to an American father and a Chinese mother. The beauty started her acting career in 2007 as the leading lady in the film Legendary Assassin. Not only does she excel in acting, she’s also a martial artist and singer/songwriter, though her career in the music industry stopped because her parents wanted her to focus on school.

Han Geng and Celina Jade Confirmed to be Dating

Han Geng and Celina Jade met in 2017 at the Chinese Film Awards as the presenters forf the ceremony. He walked her through the stairs, and she thanked him. Han Geng quickly said that he was honored. They became fast friends and on Han Geng’s 34th birthday in February, 2018, he announced Celina Jade as his woman and, of course, Jade replied to him “my man”.

Celina Jade Weibo

Upon hearing the dating news, ELF, Super Junior’s official fandom, stated that they are happy for him and wish him luck, as always. They even congratulated him on amino apps and asked for his promise that he will treat Celina Jade right, like the gentleman he is.

On Valentine’s Day, 2018 , Han Geng posted a picture of him and Celina skiing to celebrate the holiday. It was only a few days after they announced their relationship through Han Geng’s personal Weibo account.

Han Geng dating

On August 10, 2018, the couple spotted on a date at Chengdu Panda Base in Sichuan, China. They were wearing white and black panda suits while acting like the cute animals. They stopped every once in a while to take pictures with the fans. This couple looked so sweet together.

Han Geng panda 2

Secret Marriage Rumors, Is It True?

A close family member of both told Chinese media outlet Tencent that they are already registered for marriage. This issue blew up in China and quickly spread among Chinese and Korean media. The fans were also shocked but happy to hear the news, although neither performer’s agencies have said whether the rumor is true or not.

About five months ago, Han Geng met Jaejoong, a former label-mate, after ten years. They were posing for the ‘2018 Cosmo Beauty Awards’. Fans of both were surprised and excited to see them together, holding trophies in their hands.

This February, Han Geng celebrated his 35th birthday with his mother and girlfriend. he captioned the photo on his personal Weibo account “Hello 35, thank you momma! Hello girlfriend, we’ve grown one year older together!”. He looked so happy celebrating his special day with the women he loves.

han geng birthday

We should wait for their next announcement about whether the marriage rumors are true or false, though most of the fans hearing about this issue pray for their happiness and wish them good luck. Most of them say that he deserves this, so let’s wish that the happy news is true and they confirm it soon.