Han Dong-geun: Profile, Discography, Controversies, etc.

Drunk Driving Scandal


On September 5th, 2018, News1 reported that police had caught singer Han Dong Geun driving under the influence of alcohol. Han Dong Geun immediately confessed to drinking and driving and is in the midst of complying with police investigations. His agency, Pledis Entertainment, also released a full statement which you can read below.

The incident took place on July 30th at 11 p.m. KST in the Bangbae-dong neighborhood in Seoul.

Announces Hiatus + Pledis Official Statement


According to his drunk driving incident, Pledis Entertainment announced the artist’s official hiatus and time of reflection.

Here’s Pledis Entertainment’s statement about Han Dong Geun:

“Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment. We would like to sincerely apologize for our label’s artist Han Dong Geun’s DUI charge. Han Dong Geun is currently deeply reflecting on his mistake, and plans on halting all of his activities for the time being to focus on a time of reflection. He also plans on cooperating diligently with all necessary police investigations. We as a label also feel a heavy responsibility for allowing such an occurrence to happen, due to our failure to properly take care of our artist.

Again, we sincerely offer our apologies to fans who provide their affection and attention [for Han Dong Geun], and we promise to take further cautions regarding the severity of driving while intoxicated so that it never happens again, including providing preventive DUI classes to all of our label’s artists. Once again, we bow our heads in a sincere apology.

Thank you.”