Han Dong-geun: Profile, Discography, Controversies, etc.

Han Dong-geun in King of Masked Singer


In early April 2016, Han Dong Geun appeared on the music show King of Masked Singer with the nickname “Bob Ross.” He won three times on King of Masked Singer. He lost to Dongmakgol Girl on his fourth attempt. Bob Ross sang “A Thorn Tree,” originally by The Poet and the Village Headmaster. Dongmakgol Girl sang Park Jung Hyun’s “In a Dream.”

Bob Ross said after his loss, “I have no regrets because I have heard praise here that I will remember for a lifetime. Thank you very much.” He also jokingly said, “I know I’ve gained a lot of weight. I’ve been able to work here at MBC for the past six weeks thanks to all of you.” He also added, “Honestly, three wins is a lot. Thank you for your kind words. I’m grateful. They said that I’d lose weight if I became king but I gained 4 kilograms [approximately 9 pounds]. I put my all into each performance. I feel both relieved and regretful, but I’m also happy.”

Han Dong-geun in Battle Trip


Han Dong Geun appeared in Battle Trip Episode 79 and 80 as a Special MC. Battle Trip is a South Korean reality show about a trip competition between two groups of celebrities or several individual celebrities, traveling based on specific topics and showing viewers travel information and amazing tips.

Let’s take a look of Han Dong Geun’s appearance as a special MC of Battle Trip:

Han Dong-geun Accused of Harassing Mamamoo’s Solar


According to a netizen who was attending the September 13th filming and recording of MBC‘s Duet Song Festival, many people in the audience felt disturbed when the host of the show, artist Sung Si Kyung, and weekly guest, artist Han Dong Geun, made a sudden and irrelevant sexual remark towards MAMAMOO’s Solar.


From a fan account post on Twitter, it said, “During the filming of the Duet Song Festival stage performances, they all took a short break so several of the celebrity cast members including Solar all went to the restroom and returned. As Solar was returning, Yoo Sae Yoon (one of the show’s hosts) said to her that her smile was really pretty and that it reminded him of a foreign actress. When Sung Si Kyung asked him who that actress was, Yoo Sae Yoon said he couldn’t remember the name.”


The next tweet was, “Then Han Dong Geun called out saying Solar looks like the actress from the first Transformers movie, but he couldn’t remember the name either. When someone else asked if it was Megan Fox, the rest of the cast members all disagreed and thought he was strange for thinking that. But then Sung Si Kyung asked Han Dong Geun, ‘Why are you only attracted to erotic women?’ in which Han Dong Geun then stared at Solar and said, “she doesn’t… not have… a racy vibe?”

Some people have claimed that the two men said it out of light humor because the mood and vibe of the studio were also light and funny. However, fans are claiming that what Han Dong Geun said could be categorized as sexual harassment and that it can still be repulsive to hear.

Here’s the audio recording of what happened on that day: