Getting Married at 20, Here Is a Photo Collection of Han Chae-young’s Wedding!

Han CHae Young

Who Is Han Chae-young?

Han Chae-young is a South Korean actress born in 1980. Since the first time she appeared, she’s been known as the ‘Korean Barbie Doll’. Han Chae-young’s birth name is Kim Ji Young, and she was born in Daegu, South Korea. Chae-young used to live in Chicago, Illinois, and attended Glenbrook South High School.

Han Chae-young began her career in 2000, and her name became famous after she played in the 2005 drama series Sassy / Delightful Girl Chun-hyang. Later, she also played in the drama series Boys Over Flowers in 2009. She received her first awards in 2005 at the KBS Drama Awards in the categories of Best Couple Awards (with Jae Hee) and Popularity Award, Actress.


Han Chae Young’s Marriage

Unexpectedly, this Barbie doll from Korea married at a relatively young age. Her former lover, Won Bin, married at the age of 27 when his career reached its peak. Before she married, Han Chae-young dated Won Bin in 2000, but they broke up three years later because their busy schedules didn’t give them enough time together.

Han Chae-young later married Choi Dong-joon, who is a wealthy Korean-American businessman. The first time they met was in the United States before she started her career in the South Korean entertainment business. They started dating in September 2006.

They married in June 2007, at the Shilla Hotel, Seoul, South Korea. Their marriage was called the grandest and most luxurious marriage in Korea. How could you call it anything else when her ring has a 5-carat diamond that cost 500 million won, or about $450,000? The total cost of their wedding was around 6 billion won (over $5 million).

Not only was her wedding luxurious, but when Choi Dong-joon proposed to her, she was given an engagement ring worth 6 million dollars and was presented with luxury cars worth 20 million dollars.