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Get Ready to Find Out More About ELSIE

Hello hello, fellow K-Poppers! We are back with another piece of news from the Korean entertainment world. We hope you guys are ready to get some more information about your beloved Korean idols, artists, and many more.

And this time, in this article, we will give you some pieces of information about Ham Eun-jung’s YouTube channel called ELSIE.

For your information, Ham Eun-jung, or professionally known as T-ara’s Eunjung, or Elsie, is a South Korean singer and actress who was born in Seoul, South Korea on December 12th, 1988. She began her career since her childhood in 1995 and joined as T-ara’s vocalist in 2009 as it was her debut as a Korean idol after three years of training.

Ham Eun-jung debuted as a solo artist by the name Elsie with the release of her EP I’m Good, on May 7th, 2015. Well, now that you know a little bit about Ham Eun-jung, let’s move on to the main topic. Keep scrolling down!



In 2019, Ham Eun-jung opened her official YouTube channel called ELSIE (or Eunjung Official). In the first video, published on February 17th, 2019, Eun-jung greeted her fans in six languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and English) and the rest of the videos are made in both Korean and English.

“Hello, I’m Eunjung! You’ve waited for a long time, haven’t you?” said Eunjung in the video, “finally, I have opened my official channel!”

She also introduced what sort of content the audience can expect, such as cover songs, beauty tips, cover dances, and daily life vlogs. Eunjung looks so happy that she could open her own official YouTube channel.

Eunjung said that she wanted to be connected with her fans through this channel, so they could get closer and closer. How cute is that?



B’e’-hind is a video where Ham Eunjung made this to show the audience how she’s doing her activities behind the scene. This video looks similar to her daily vlogs, but this video is all about the documentaries of her works.

Her first B’e’-hind video was about her documentary in Vietnam. This video was her first time, too, narrating a documentary. In the first minute of the video, she told the fans that she just had four hours of sleep during the flight. She wanted to take a longer nap but she couldn’t.

She also said that the documentary video that she worked on in Vietnam was to introduce Vietnamese traditional food and it was broadcast on Korean Public broadcasting. Eunjung was studying Vietnamese so hard since it was her first time.

The second video of B’e’-hind is also about her Vietnam documentary film. In this video, it looked like she finally arrived in Vietnam. Her fans were already waiting for her at the airport and cheered her loudly when she came.



V’e’-log is a title for Ham Eun-jung’s daily life vlogs. She documents her daily activities in this video, like when she takes a walk with her beloved dog and many more.

V’e’-log is also Ham Eun-jung’s way to share her life’s opinions from her point of view and to share what she thinks and what she feels.

The first vlog was when she went to The Keith Haring art exhibition. She said that she only knew his collaboration work at first, and the exhibition was the first time when Ham Eun-jung saw Keith Haring’s real creation.

These are the other Ham Eun-jung V’e’-logs.

This video was when KARA’s Gyuri gave her birthday gifts.

And this video was when Ham Eun-jung and her mom had a nice meal, and the other daily routines.


Cover Songs

Of course, there would be cover songs as part of her channel’s content. Ham Eun-jung is a great singer and once again, she has proved it by singing with her beautiful voice in her cover songs.


R’e’ad, the ASMR Content for Book and Poem Lovers


The unique thing in Ham Eun-jung’s channel is, when she vlogs her daily activities, telling her daily stories, etc., reading is also one of the special things for her. Because of that, she has created it as one of her contents called R’e’ad.

The videos are showing her doing ASMR as she reads a book or a poem. The audience really likes it since viewing this content is not as usual as a book review.


Special Private Fan Meeting

Ham Eun-jung did a private fan meeting in the summer of 2019, with a maximum of 60 people present. She called it a “spring picnic together.”

On the bus, she called the attendance of her fans by herself. And then, when they arrived at Arboretum in Yangpyeong, the private fan meeting began.


Latest News

In August 2019, Ham Eun-jung published the behind-the-scene vlog of her fan meeting in Taiwan.

And these are the latest posts on her official Instagram account.



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That was all about Ham Eun-jung’s official YouTube channel, ELSIE (Eunjung Official). Don’t forget to support her and the other K-Pop artists. Leave your comments in the section below and see you guys in the next article.