Get To Know More About HALO’s Heechun’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, and More

halo heechun profile

The Iconic Member of South Korean Boy Band HALO

Heechun is one of the members of the boy band HALO that debuted on June 27, 2014, under High Star Entertainment. The fellow members of HALO included Dino, Inhaeng, Ooon, Jaeyong, and Yundong. Heechun has uniqueness in his height and talent in dancing. This could be his advantage making him the most iconic member.

In this article, we will cover the profile of the admirable Heechun! So, stay tuned!

HALO’s Heechun’s Full Profile

halo heechun profile

Stage Name: Heechun (희천)
Birth Name: Kim Hee Cheon (김희천)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: September 2, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @steam_shinesky

HALO’s Heechun’s Fun Facts

halo heecheon

– Heechun was born in Seoul, South Korea.

– He debuted with Twi-Light.

– Heechun was also a backup dancer for NC.A in “My Student Teacher.”

– Heechun is a cool, chic, warm person, and is also a good listener.

– Heechun became a Teen Top member.

– His favorite animal is the zebra.

– He also loves pets, and he has a pet cat.

HALO’s Heechun’s Personality

halo heechun profile

Heechun is a super tall and skinny person so he is very easy to spot. Moreover, he has a good personality as a warm and good listener.

A person who has a pet commonly has a beautiful heart for animals and does Heechun. He has a pet cat. Yet, he was also revealed as a bit clumsier than the other members. But, he has the most aesthetic Instagram posts.

HALO’s Heechun’s Focus Fancams

Heechun’s  small face and tall look really make him different and allows him to steal the spotlight immediately. Do you agree? His appearance always comes with good energy and calm vibes. Look at these focus photo captures below!

halo heechun profile

HALO’s Heechun Dancing With Little Minhyung

halo heechun profile

Heechun had a comeback with the song “Here I Am,” and he also uploaded a special video featuring Little Minhyung. Both of them did a great job dancing to “Here I Am.”

Their dance was flowing and sharp in every movement. This could really entertain people who watch it. Moreover, this duo was also really synchronized.

Look at the full video here on VLive!

At the end of the video, Little Minhyung interacts with Heechun. They share an adorable hug and show their happiness about dancing together. They seem perfect together!

HALO’s Heechun Being Iconic

halo heechun profile

Heechun being iconic might really match him. His posture with the combination of his height and slim stature make him eye-catching. Moreover, his perfect dancing and smooth, lovely voice make him one of the iconic stars. His movements gain attention a lot because of his attractive and energetic choreography. Do you agree?

HALO’s Heechun’s Latest News

halo heechun profile

Heechun and his fellow HALO members finished their contracts. He, Ooon, and Yoondong joined Produce 101 Japan produced by CJ ENM and Yoshimoto Kogyo.

This is his recent photo uploaded on Instagram:

Heechun is attractive and iconic indeed. Love his presence!


That’s all about HALO’s Heechun’s full profile and career. Keep supporting Heechun with whatever career he chooses to pursue later on. Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts below!