HALO’s Yundong: Profile, Fun Facts, Personality


Let’s Get Familiar with Halo’s Cute Maknae Yundong

Halo is a Korean idol group formed by Histar Entertainment that debuted on June 26th, 2014, with the release of the single “Fever.” Halo was relatively unknown in Korea but they were popular in Japan. Almost all members are able to speak Japanese fluently. Halo released several albums and singles in Korea but failed to top the Korean music charts. However, almost all of their singles managed to peak at a respectable position on Japanese music charts.

One of Halo’s members, Yundong is popular for his dancing skills and cute face. His dance moves are always able to charm fans at music concerts. Not only with his dancing skills, but Yundong also captured the attention with his rap performances.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Halo’s cute maknae Yundong. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Halo’s Yundong


Full Name: Kim Yoon-dong

Stage Name: Yundong

Date of Birth: February 19th, 1995

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Position: vocalist, dancer, lead rapper, maknae

Blood type: A

Zodiac: Pisces

Instagram: @dongdongisland

Fun Facts about Halo’s Yundong

  • Fans said that Yundong looks like Infinite’s Sungjong
  • He shared the same room with Inhaeng in Halo’s dormitory
  • He is a close friend of KNK’s Jihun
  • He was born in Gyeonggi Province, Yongin City, South Korea
  • He loves playing soccer and drawing pictures
  • Yundong is an active member of the Japanese idol group Orbit and is currently living in Japan
  • During the idol athletic competition, he participated in three games and scored in each game
  • He loves drinking coffee, especially dark coffee, Americano
  • Yundong looks very cute and handsome especially when he smiles. Although he usually shows no expression in his normal daily activities
  • Yundong was born in early 1995, while Heechun was born in late 1994. Because of their close birthdate, both speak casually and consider each other good friends
  • His favorite singer is Justin Timberlake
  • Yoondong has an older sister

About HALO’s Yundong’s Personality


Halo’s Yundong is famous for his rapping skills and quiet personality. Yundong is the manly idol type and he hates when fans ask him to show cute acts. Since he has a cute face and he is the youngest member, he was responsible for doing cute acts in Halo. After doing all the cute acts, he felt very shy and awkward. His awkward gestures make him even cuter.

Normally, Yundong is a quiet guy. He doesn’t like to speak a lot. However, when he is comfortable with the people and the surroundings, he loves to play around and make fun of his friends. During the shooting of Produce 101 Japan, he was very close with Heejun and they always stick around each other. They make fun of themselves and show good chemistry. Even the production staff praised their friendship on the set of Produce 101 Japan.

Focus Fan-cam

On July 6th, 2017, Yundong participated in a showcase event and performed “Not Afraid.” Wearing a simple white shirt and tight black pants, Halo entertained fans with their latest single. Yundong looked both sexy and cute in a white shirt and pink hairstyle.

Halo performed live on one of the music programs on July 28th, 2018. Fans focused on Yundong and his stage performance. Apparently, many fans noticed that he looked uncomfortable with his legs. In the last performance, his dance movements were slightly weak. He went to the side of the stage and stretched his legs for a few seconds. Afterward, he frequently cringed as if his legs hurt really badly. Luckily, he sang well when performing his parts. Fans praised Yundong’s visual: his hairstyle, hair color, and costume.

Yundong made female fans scream when doing the cover of Blackpink’s “Ddu Du Ddu Du.” He looked manly and sexy with intense and powerful dance moves. Fans cheered whenever Yundong performed his part and rap on the stage.

HALO’s Yundong’s Visual

Yundong participated in a game during the Inkigayo fan meeting program. In the game, he was asked to describe a word for fans using only his body.

Yundong greeted fans through a short video. He looked super cute when throwing different versions of love signs to viewers.

Yundong promoted himself through a crowdfunding website, Makestar. He used popular phone apps to make cute videos and upload them to the Makestar website.

One of the Halo fans was amazed by Yundong’s visual during one of their showcases. His face looks very young and small. Yundong looked comfortable in front of all the fans and smiled a lot.

HALO’s Yundong In Produce 101 Japan


Three members of Halo, Ooon, Heecheon, and Yundong aimed to restart their idol career by participating in the Japanese version of Produce 101. On September 3rd, 2019, Yundong and other members were revealed on the program’s official website. Yundong was extremely determined to succeed in the program. During the interview, he said that he will work hard for Produce 101 Japan. He confessed, “For families and friends who believe in me, I will work hard and repay their trust.”

The news came after the termination of Halo’s contract in April 2019. Each member decided to pursue an individual career. Yundong, Ooon, and Heecheon wished to restart their idol careers by participating in Produce 101 Japan. Among the 101 participants, 11 final participants got a chance to debut as members of a new idol group.

Rank Progress

Episode Rank Progress Vote and Remark
9 10 Down 4 spot
8 6 Down 2 spot 807,141vote
7 No Ranking 377 vote
6 5 Up 1 spot
5 6 1,145,844 vote
4 No Ranking 1095vote
3 6 Up 7 spot
2 13 A Rank

A Rank

1 13

Yundong introduced himself and drew his dream during the first episode of Produce 101 Japan. Each idol was asked to draw his dream and show the drawing to the judges and viewers. Apparently, Yundong projected himself as a famous and successful idol. For his drawing, he drew a confident and determined idol. Unfortunately, he stumbled for a couple of seconds when explaining his drawing and couldn’t finish his 1-minute self-promotion chance. However, his Japanese language was excellent and he was confident when speaking to Japanese media.

In another episode of Produce 101, Yundong competed against other idols in a Pedometer dance battle. Yundong lost to the other contestants and he couldn’t promote himself to viewers.

Yundong failed to participate in the final episodes of Produce 101 Japan. He fell to the number 10 spot in Episode 9. Therefore, he couldn’t move on to later episodes and left the program on December 5th, 2019.


On February 1st, 2020, Produce 101 Japan’s idol group, Orbit, announced Yundong as its third official member. In total, the Orbit group consists of seven members: four members are Korean while three members are Japanese. The full formation of Orbit comprises Young Hoon, Heechun, Yundong, Jun, Tomo, Syunya, and Yugo. Orbit will make an official debut on November 11th, 2020.

That was all the information about Halo’s Yoondong. Find out the latest activities of other Halo members in Channel-Korea articles.