List of Half-Korean Child Models: Mason Moon, Lauren Lunde, Daniel Lachapelle, etc.

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Getting to Know More About Half-Korean Child Models!

Usually people in South Korea talk about various models because they are interested in them, or even one of their fans. There’s a lot of models out there who are gorgeous and obviously multi-talented, but do you ever think about child models? It turns out that child models have been popular lately, due to their gorgeous looks and their cute appearance, moreover if the child models are also half-Korean! Channel Korea will give you the details about them, so stay tuned!

South Korea has a popular term, ulzzang. Ulzzang are a group of children in South Korea who have have a good-looking appearance and tend to be famous through internet, recognized by people, leading them to become models at a young age. It’s not only pure Korean children who have been considered ulzzang, but also those who are only half Korean! With the unique mixture of Korean and foreign genes, they amaze people with their delicate and magnificent look. Do you want to know more about them? Let’s find out together!

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you some of half-Korean children who turns into models.

Mason Moon

First, we have Mason Moon! Mason is Korean-Canadian. His father is the Canadian, James Moorhouse, and his mother, Moon Mi-won, is Korean. Mason was born in South Korea on March 21, 2007, and currently he’s 13 years old (Korean age) or 12 years old (International age). He has two younger brothers, Mavin Moon and Maden Moon.

Mason started his modeling career in 2007 and was also involved in the movies Baby and I, Love Clinique, and many more! Then, in 2010, he became a model for the Benetton Group fashion brand. In 2012, he was also chosen as the face of R.ROBOT, one of the famous kids fashion brands.

Together with his two younger brothers, he appeared on some TV shows, such as 3 Suspicious Men, Good Daddy, Hello Baby, and others! Fun fact about Mason, he was compared to 2PM’s Nichkhun and people said that they looked like brothers.

You can see Mason Moon and his brothers’ daily updates through their Instagram account, @masonmoonmoorhouse!

And here are some of Mason Moon’s best photos:

Lauren Lunde

Next, we have Lauren Lunde! Lauren is another child who’s Korean-Canadian. Her father was Canadian, meanwhile her mother was Korean. Lauren has a younger brother named Cooper Lunde. Her full name is Lauren Hanna Lunde, and she was born in South Korea on May 16, 2008. Currently she’s 12 (Korean age) or 11 (International age).

Since there are a lot of people who have said that she was pretty, her parents started to guide her into model auditions and she received a good result. Just like Mason Moon, Lauren also appeared on the TV show Hello Baby, along with MBLAQ in 2012, as a way of promoting her company, Baby Planet. Lauren has also endorsed some fashion brands, one of which was Gymboree. Fun fact about Lauren, she loves art class, dancing, and singing.

You can see Lauren Lunde and her daily updates through her Instagram account, @laurenhannalunde!

And here are some of Lauren Lunde’s best photos:

Cooper Lunde

After meeting with Lauren Lunde, let’s catch up with her younger brother, Cooper Lunde! The Korean-Canadian boy was born in South Korea, on February 1st, 2013. Currently he’s 7 years old (Korean age) or 6 years old (International age).

He became famous rapidly after his video of learning baseball in Instagram reached 15,000 views. There are a lot of people who assume that Cooper Lunde might be the next K-Pop idol in the future due to his good looks. People also often compliment him about his beautiful eyelashes!

You can see Cooper Lunde and his daily updates through his Instagram account, @laurencooper0813!

And here are some of Cooper Lunde’s best photos:

Daniel Lachapelle

Next is Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle, famously known as Daniel Lachapelle! He is Korean-American and was born on July 2nd, 2007. Currently he’s 13 years old (Korean age) or 12 years old (International age). His father is American and his mother is Korean.

He gained a lot of attention after his picture was spread on the internet and some people made a fan account of for him. People who have met him directly, mostly say that Daniel Lachapelle was looked like a prince from Thailand.

You can see Daniel Lachapelle and his daily updates through his Instagram account, @bokdaniel06!

And here are some of Daniel Lachapelle’s best photos:

Recipon William Leo

Next, there’s Recipon William Leo! He is a Korean-French child, born in South Korea on September 7, 2008. Currently, he’s 11 years old (Korean age) or 10 years old (International age). He is famously known as ulzzang, model, and actor. He appeared in the TV show Hello Baby along with MBLAQ. Not only that, he has also been involved in drama series such as Jewel Bibimbap and Tae Ja Role Goong.

You can check Recipon William Leo and his daily updates through his Instagram account, @recipon_william_leo!

And here are some of Recipon William Leo’s best photos:

Ella Gross

Next, you might know this cute little girl, Ella Gross! She might be one of the most famous child models among all of them. Ella Gross is Korean-American, born in California on December 1st, 2008. Currently, she’s 11 years old (Korean age), or 10 years old (International age). Since she lives in Los Angeles, she spends more time there than in South Korea.

Ella’s mother is half Korean, and her father is American. She has a younger brother named Roman. It was unknown when, exactly, she started her debut, but she is famous as a child model and has been involved in some TV series, such as Heathers. She has also become a trainee under YG Entertainment until now. She does ballet, modern dance, and plays the guitar. Fun fact, she has been called Little Jennie due to her similarity with BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

You can see Ella Gross and her daily updates through her Instagram account, @ellagross!

And here are some of Ella Gross’ best photos: