Ha Yeon-soo’s Profile: Name, Height, Plastic Surgery and Drama List

Ha Yeon-soo’s Discography

Ha Yeon-soo

Not only pretty, with good acting skills and good model skills, Ha Yeon-soo is also good at singing. She sang several songs in her debut drama Monstar. In total, she has five songs as her discography. She collaborated with her co-workers for some songs. Ha Yeon-soo can play the harp too.

Year Title Notes
2013 Past Days Tracks from an OST of the television series Monstar.
Atlantis Princess
Don’t Make Me Cry
Only That Is My World / March



Ha Yeon-soo’s Awards and Nominations

Ha Yeon-soo

Ha Yeon-soo already had five nominations in her debut year. She was nominated for Best New Actress at the 22nd Buil Film Awards, 2nd APAN Star Awards and the 6th Korea Drama Awards. At the 6th Korea Drama Awards, she was nominated in two categories, one for Best New Actress and one for Best Couple with Yong Jun-hyung. Ha Yeon-soo won her first award at the 7th Mnet 20’s Choice Awards for 20’s Booming Star – Female.


Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2013 22nd Buil Film Awards Best New Actress Very Ordinary Couple Nominated
7th Mnet 20’s Choice Awards 20’s Booming Star – Female Monstar Won
6th Korea Drama Awards Best New Actress Nominated
Best Couple (with Yong Jun-hyung) Nominated
2nd APAN Star Awards Best New Actress Nominated
2014 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival Nominated
2015 34th MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress in a Special Project Drama Legendary Witches Nominated


Ha Yeon-soo’s Plastic Surgery

Ha Yeon-soo

South Korea is a well-known plastic surgery hot spot. Some foreigners even go to Korea for the latest procedures.  South Koreans have a higher rate of plastic surgery than any country. 20% of women aged 20-49 in Seoul say they’ve gone under the knife. It is so common in Korea that people don’t feel ashamed to admit it anymore. Even some celebrities aren’t afraid to talk about it. But of course, some of them also don’t want to admit it.

Did Ha Yeon-soo have plastic surgery?

Ha Yeon-soo
onehallyu.com Ha Yeon-soo predebut pictures

Up until now, the actress for Monstar hasn’t had any scandals about plastic surgery. If we compare her looks from pre-debut until now, there is nothing different about her facial structure. Ha Yeon-soo has already has squitrle-type face since before her debut. She has had big eyes and small face since her childhood days. Some people even say she looks like singer IU.

We assume that Ha Yeon-soo didn’t have any plastic surgery up until now.


Ha Yeon-soo’s Scandal

Ha Yeon-soo did have a scandal because of her cocky manner. She often shares pictures about painting on her social media account. Once, a fan left a comment and asked  her whose painting is that, and she replied “I tagged his name. And obviously the way to find out is to buy his work book or Googling it. I’m replying because it seems you don’t want to put in the work of Googling it.” (translation from Netizenbuzz)

Netizens gave her cold reactions. Netizens criticized her way of replying to the fan’s question. Netizen thought that she should have just told the person the name of painting and painter, not reply the way she did.

[+291, -16] Don’t act like you’re so classy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ instead of going around taking pictures everyday, she should be studying instead. She’s already showing early signs of the celebrity disease. (from Netizenbuzz)
[+282, -11] She doesn’t sound like she’s being serious, just sounds like she’s looking down on that person  (from Netizenbuzz)

Later, she posted a handwritten apology on her personal instagram. She asking people to forgive her for her immature statement and behavior. She also deleted the post which caused the scandal from her Instagram.