Mistaken for Japanese, Did Ha Yeon-soo Have Plastic Surgery?

ha yeon soo

Let’s Find Out, did Korean Actress Ha Yeon-Soo have Plastic Surgery?

Ha Yeon-Soo is a young actress who debuted in 2013 under A.N.D. Entertainment. She made her debut by performing in a drama called, Monstar in 2013, as Min Se-Yi, and her latest drama, in 2018, was with EXO’s Kim Su-Ho, called Rich Man, Poor Woman, in this very popular drama, Yeon-Soo played as Kim Bo- Ra.

When she was a new actress, there were many rumors about Ha Yeon-Soo, especially rumors that she had plastic surgery. As an actress, rumors about plastic surgery are commonplace.

Now, let’s see if Yeon-Soo did have plastic surgery.

Ha Yeon-Soo Before and After Plastic Surgery

As yet, hasn’t been any official news or statements from Yeon-Soo or her agency about the rumors of plastic surgery. If we look at Yeon-Soo’s last mass photo before debuting as an actress and a photo from after she debuted as an actress, there were no striking differences in her face. The shape of her face doesn’t change at all, she looks more beautiful and charming.

She has always had large eyes and cheeky cheeks, and her appearance until now has’t changed much. She only underwent a little skin treatment to make it healthier than before. Now let’s see the difference in Yeon-Soo’s face, before and after!

Korean Actress Ha Yeon-Soo Before Plastic Surgery


Korean Actress Ha Yeon-Soo After Plastic Surgery


Well, what do you think about this case? She looks so beautiful, right? Let’s give support and love for Ha Yeon-Soo!

Are Actress Ha Yeon-Soo and Soloist IU Twins?


Past photos of Ha Yeon-Soo had shocked the public, because of her resemblance to the famous singer, IU or Lee Ji-Eun. Many netizens say they are like twins.


Yeon-Soo and IU both have small faces and big eyes. Even when they smile their faces look very similar. What do you think? Do they look like twins?

Ha Yeon-Soo Confirmed That She is Not from Japan


If we just see a glimpse of Ha Yeon-Soo, we might think that she is not from Korea. Many say that her face is like that of a Japanese, and not like Korean people in general. This has usually been a public discussion, but on a TV Show interview aired by SBS, Yeon-Soo denied the rumors that said she was from Japan.

The reporter asked, “I’m sorry to say this on our first encounter, but are you from Japan?” She replied in fluent Japanese, but she quickly added, “Of course not. Though a lot of people mistakenly think so. I am Korean.”

Before debuting as an actress, Yeon-Soo began her career as a model, and even she did some work in Japan. That’s why many people say that she came from Japan. She said, “A friend who is like a sister to me works for a wig company. Since I had experience as a fitting model, I helped out a few times.”

“I’m not sure if I’m popular in Japan,” she adds.