From Ha Sung-woon To GOT7’s Jinyoung: Here’s A List Of K-Pop Idols Born In 1994

kpop 94 liners

List of K-Pop Idols Who Was Born As ’94 Liners!

Since there was a bunch of various K-Pop idols, they were born on a different year and date. Such as ’94 liners, which also meant that they were born in 1994 and turning 26 years old in 2020. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the details about that, so stay tuned!

Ha Sung-woon

ha sung woon

Ha, Sung-Woon was born on March 22, 1994, and used to known as soloist and song-writer. Famously known for his dancing and singing skills, he was a former JYP Entertainment trainee and moved to Star Crew Entertainment afterward. Ha, Sung-Woon has started his career with Hotshot in 2014 and gained recognition after joined Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017, then selected to be a part of the wants a One boy group project.

ha sungwoon

After his contract was ended as Wanna One members, Ha Sung-Woon was continued his career as a soloist. Even his first solo fan-meeting was sold out within two minutes, which also shown that his popularity is becoming massive than before! He also sang several famous OSTS such as for Her Private Life, The King: Eternal Monarch, and many more. One of the latest projects from him was the third EP, Twilight Zone, which also released on June 8, 2020.

He used to celebrate his birthday with other Wanna One members, but after he was becoming a soloist, he also has shown another way of celebrating his birthday. His fans were known how to touched Ha Sung-Woon’s heart. They were made a compilation video of him during his fan-meeting in Taiwan!

ha sungwoon

Lovelyz’s Mijoo

lovelyz mijoo

Lee Mi-Joo was born on September 23, 1994. She was the principal dancer and vocalist of Lovelyz. Before debut, Mijoo used to known as a pretty girl in her hometown and her dream career as a kindergarten teacher before she has decided to be an idol. Mijoo also joined Seungri’s Dance Academy and appeared in Infinite’s Last Romeo MV.

lovelyz mijoo
lovelyz mijoo

Debuted with Lovelyz in 2014, she also gained a lot of recognition, which also lead her to received another job such as becoming Inkigayo‘s host, My Mad Beauty‘s host, cast member of several variety shows, and many more! Mijoo also participated in Hit the Stage survival show and ended up in the 6th rank. Her first central role in the acting project has appeared through I’m a Job Seeker.

NCT 127’s Taeil

nct 127 taeil

Moon Tae-il was born on June 14, 1994, and becoming a part of the Gemini sign! Taeil used to dream of being a zookeeper or lawyer while he was a child, but after heard a song Lately from Stevie Wonder, he did wanted to become an artist. Even Taeil was choosing his career over education since he was dropped out from Hanyang University to joined SM Entertainment.

nct 127 taeil

Taeil casted for SM Entertainment in 2013 and was successfully featured within SM Rookie’s event, SM Town Week. Taeil also released an OST Because of You in 2015, following by his debut as NCT members in 2016. His career also continued afterward by becoming a part of sub-unit NCT 127 in the 2017 and NCT 2018 projects.

During his birthday, Taeil also received a lot of love from other NCT members and support from his fans. His group-mate was often making fun of him on his birthday. Moreover, NCTzen also made his birthday as a worldwide trending topic within each year!

BTOB’s Ilhoon

btob ilhoon

Jung Il-hoon was born as Libra squad, since his birthday marked on October 4, 1994! He was famously known as BTOB members as well as rapper, songwriter, actor, and record producer. He debuted with BTOB since 2012, but also involved in another project, such as acting debut through JTBC’s I Lived in Cheongdam Dong in 2011. While he was still a child, he dreams of being a soldier.

btob ilhoon

Ilhoon was involved in a bunch of solo projects. He was featured within Hyuna’s single A+, G.Na’s Oops!, Lee Hongki’s Cookies, Yoo Sung Eun’s Hug Me, and many more. For acting career, his debut was in 2015 through web-drama Webtoon Hero: Tundra Show as the lead character. Then he was dropped his first solo album Big Wave in 2018!

BTOB members also shown their love for Ilhoon’s birthday through each year; they were celebrating the birthday on the set of their new music video. They gave him a surprise, which was made Ilhoon as happy as possible!


Red Velvet’s Seulgi

red velvet seulgi

Kang Seul-gi was born on February 10, 1994, which made her as a squad of Aquarius sign! She made her journey through public audition for SM Entertainment in 2007 while she was still 13 years old, and selected as their trainee. Seulgi also being introduced through SM Entertainment’s pre-debut project, SM Rookie, in 2013 following by her debut as Red Velvet member in 2014.


Even before her official debut, Seulgi has involved in several projects such as featured in Henry Lau’s Butterfly single and appeared through Henry Lau’s Fantastic music video. Since she has fantastic vocal skills, Seulgi also involved through a bunch of song collaboration with other artists as well as sang the OST for several K-Dramas.

Often, Seulgi was celebrating her birthday with Red Velvet members. Then she also received several expensive gifts from her fans, as well as birthday celebrations from her fans while she was performing with Red Velvet during their concert!

red velvet