South Korean Actress Ha Seung-ri: Profile

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Ha Seung-ri, the Korean Actress

Having debuted in the film industry when she was only 4 years old, Ha Seung-ri has played a range of roles in movies and television series. Even though she has not won an award for acting, Ha Seung-ri always delivers excellent performances, making her the actress who’s growth the viewers cannot ignore. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Ha Seung-ri, starting from her full profile, a list of her television dramas and films, and her Instagram feed. So, stay tuned!

Ha Seung-ri’s Full Profile

ha seungri

Real Name: Ha Seung-ri

Date of Birth: Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, 9 January 1995

Age: 24 (Korean age) / 23 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Pig

Nationality: South Korean

Talent agency: Blue Dragon Entertainment (2012-2017) and Banana Culture (2017-present)

Instagram: @seung_lee.vv

List of Ha Seung-ri’s TV Shows and Movies

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As was explained at the beginning of this article, Ha Seung-ri is known for her career as a child actress. Even so, after growing up and becoming the woman she is now, Ha Seung-ri still receives offers in the field of acting, establishing herself as a mature actress. Thus, in this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of the television series, movies, and variety shows that Ha Seung-ri has starred and been featured in.

1999 –SBS Trap of Youth (as Kang Hye-rim)

1999 – SBS Waves

1999 – Legends of Love

1999 – iTV Doctor Doctor

2000 – Asako in Ruby Shoes (as Woo-in’s niece)

2000 – MBC MBC Best Theater – Etiquette About Love (as Yeol-mae)

2000 – MBC Ajumma

2000 – SBS I Want to Keep Seeing You

2001 – MBC Law of Marriage

2001 – SBS Open Drama Man and Woman – Santa Dad (as Haeng-soon)

2001 – MBC MBC Best Theater – Until Winter (as Eun-seo)

2002 – Ardor (as Soo-jin)

2002 – SBS Glass Slippers (as the young version of Kim Yoon-hee / Lee Sun-woo)

2002 – KBS2 Whenever the Heart Beats

2002 – MBC MBC Best Theater – Paper Airplane (as Ha-neul)

2002 – EBS Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten

2002 – MBC Comedy House (appears on Sketch: “Bong-ja”)

2003 – MBC Nonstop 3

2003 – A Man Who Went to Mars (as the young version of So-hee)

2003 – Reversal of Fortune (Cameo as Child at the park)

2003 – SBS Open Drama and Woman -The First Round of Lead Eunji (as Eun-ji)

2004 – MBC The Age of Heroes (as the young version of Chun Tae-hee)

2004 – KBS2 Drama City – Our Ham (as Choi Hyun-ji)

2005 – SBS My Love Toram (as Kim Eun-bi)

2005 – The Rainy Day (as Soo-jin’s daughter)

2005 – EBS Winter Child (as Noh Gong-joo)

2006 – SBS Yeon Gae So Moon (as the young version of Kim Bo-hee)

2006 – KBS2 Drama City – Picnic (as Seo Jin-joo)

2007 – MBC Bad Woman, Good Woman (as Song Jin-ah)

2008 – SBS Amnok River Flows (as the young version of Choi Moon-ho)

2009 – MBC What’s for Dinner? (as Jung Eun-ji)

2009 – KBS2 Bread, Love and Dreams (as the young version of Goo Ja-kyung)

2010 – SBS I Am Legend (as Jo Eun-ji)

2010 – I Saw the Devil (as High school girl at the harbor)

2010 – MBC Housewife Kim Kwang-Ja’s Third Activities (as Na Yoo-mi)

2010 – Take Care of Us, Captain (Guest role as Schoolgirl bully)

2011 – Sunny (as Ye-bin)

2012 – SBS I Remember You (as Yoo Woo)

2012 – SBS Phantom / Ghost (as Jung Mi-young on episode 7 and 8)

2014 – JTBC Happy Ending (as Park Na-ri)

2014 – SBS Secret Door (as Queen Jung-soon)

2014 – SBS Unkind Ladies (as the young version of Kim Hyun-sook)

2014 – KBS2 The Producers (as the teenager version of Tak Ye-jin on episode 6 and 9)

2015 – KBS Drama Special – Trains Don’t Stop at Noryangjin Station (as Jang Yoo-ha)

2015 – tvN Second 20s (as the young version of Ha No-ra)

2016 – Naver TV Cast Rickety Rickety Family (as Jung Na-mi)

2016 – KBS2 Secrets Of Women (as Byun Mi-rae)

2017 – Thumping Spike 2 (as Son Soo-bin)

2017 – KBS 2 Good Manager / Chief Kim (as Lee Min-ji)

2017 – KBS2 School 2017 (as Hwang Young-gun)

2018 – Tomorrow is Sunny as Well (as Hwang Ji-eun)

Ha Seung-ri’s Instagram Feed

ha seungri

Rising in popularity after starring in School 2017, it seems that Ha Seung-ri has become even more active on social media, especially he Instagram account (@seung_lee.vv) which currently has more than 70 posts, follows 147 accounts, and has more than 40,500 followers. Here are the top 10 posts from Han Seungyeon’s Instagram Feed that you must see!

ha seungri

In the first picture, which was posted on 21 December 2017, Ha Seung-ri took a group picture with her friends and a meerkat. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘Let’s watch Eden Salon again! #EdenSalon #MeerkatMom #MinhaMom’.

ha seungri

In the second picture, which was posted on 29 October 2017, Ha Seung-ri is wearing a long black blazer and posing with her male friends. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘It has been good for a long time! #BestMan #SeoDongJin #Daehangno #DreamArtCenter.’

ha seungri

In the third picture, which was posted on 26 November 2017, Ha Seung-ri becomes one with the blue sky, as she wears a white shirt and blue checkered skirt. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘Summer this year. Photos by @z_hera’.

ha seungri

In the fourth picture, which was posted on 13 October 2017, Ha Seung-ri once again shows off her close friendship with her male colleagues at a Japanese restaurant. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘#Joyful night #ChiefHong #TaeyeonOppa #BeStrong #kekekeke’.

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In the fifth picture, which was posted on 20 September 2017, Ha Seung-ri took a picture with her female friend, and posed candidly. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘Indeed it was a dynamic combination #WeAreNotFighting #BuItDoesNotLookRightEitherHuh’.

ha seungri

In the sixth picture, which was posted on 3 September 2017, Ha Seung-ri posed with her co-stars in the drama School 2017. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘This is a good thing, one more time’.

ha seungri

In the seventh picture, which was posted on 22 July 2017, Ha Seung-ri is seen wearing a long dress paired with a white cardigan while smiling brightly. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘Can you open your eyes when you laugh? #Honestly #ThatsRight #ItLooksLikeMe’.

ha seungri

In the eighth picture, which was posted on 25 March 2018, Ha Seung-ri is gathered with her friends at night, enjoying a hangout. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘#20MinutesSquad #GetReadyInThatTime #Gangster.

ha seungri

In the ninth picture, which was posted on 9 February 2007, Ha Seung-ri held a baby boy in her arms. In the caption of the adorable photo, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘The baby who smiles and laughs with you is the first #PrettyBaby #Roowoonie’.

ha seungri

Finally, in the last picture, which was posted on 25 February 2017, Ha Seung-ri is seen sitting in a restaurant while wearing a white mask on her face. In the caption, Ha Seung-ri wrote, ‘I want to eat something delicious. I have already eaten, but I want to eat again’.