What Is Ha Ji-won Doing These Days? Let’s Take a Look at the Latest News About Her!

Ha Ji-won

Beautiful Actress Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji-won, who is one of the most popular actress in South Korea, hasn’t really been active since the early part of 2018. Are you wondering what is she doing these days?

We’ll talk about that here, so let’s check it out!


Ha Ji-won’s Upcoming Drama

Ha Ji-won

In July, 2018, the Korean News Outlet, Xports News, reported that Ha Ji-won will make a comeback in a drama. She’ll be cast with actor Jin Goo, who has been confirmed as the male lead in a drama called Prometheus, or well-known as Prometheus: War of Fire. The role had originally been offered to Joo Ji-hoon, but he declined, paving he way for Jin Goo to step in.

Prometheus is an action spy-thriller drama about top North Korean scientists who are experts in the nuclear and missile program, and disappear in a foreign country. Agents from multiple countries set out to find them, and one of them is South Korea’s top NIS agent.

Ha Ji-won will take the role of Chae Eun-seo, who is a NIS agent which has the secret mission to denuclearize North Korea. The drama was directed by Choi Ji-young, who also directed the action drama IRIS, and was produced by JL Media Group.

Xports stated that this drama is currently the most expensive television series to be created in South Korea. The drama cost $26.5 million USD. It will be filming in South Korea and five others countries, which is what raised the costs so high.

Prometheus will airing early in 2019, with 20 episodes.


Ha Ji-won’s New Variety Show Galileo: The Space Awakens

Ha Ji-won

tVN released an official poster for their new variety show, called Galileo: The Space Awakens. According to tvnasia, the program is an all-new sci-fi variety show, starring Kim Byung-man, Ha Ji-won, Nickhun, and Kim Se-jong. The cast will experience what life is like on Mars, in MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station), Utah’s space analog facility.

Ha Ji-won shows her charm and her knowledge in this variety show. She also shows her good chemistry with the rest of the cast. She even seen comforting Kim Se-jeong, who is crying because of the video messages sent by her mother.

Galileo Poster

The variety show kicked off their first episode on July 15, 2018. It will airing in every Sunday at 4:40 PM, Korean time.