Actress Ha Jae-sook: Profile, Dramas, Weight Loss, and Wedding News

ha jae sook

About Ha Jae-sook: Between Her Acting Appearance and Comments on Her Weight

People from many supporting roles recognized ha Jae-sook’s acting appearance until she appeared as the main role. Despite her comments on being a plus-size actress, her acting appearance was amazing! Get to know more everything about Ha Jae-sook through the article below!

Ha Jae-sook’s Profile

ha jae sook

Birth Name: Ha Jae-sook (하재숙)

Stage Name: Ha Jae-sook (하재숙)

Date of Birth: Daegu, South Korea, January 7, 1979

Age: 41 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 171 cm

Education: Kyungdug Girls’ High School, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Seoul Campus

Occupation: Actress

Years Active: 2000 – present

Label: Family Actors Entertainment

Instagram: hajaesuk

Ha Jae-sook’s Drama Appearances

ha jae sook

Ha Jae-sook started her acting debut in 2000 appeared in a bunch of drama. Mostly, her appearance was as a supporting role, but she got some main roles as well. Let’s take a look at Ha Jae-sook’s famous drama appearance!

Ha Jae-sook in Perfume

ha jae sook

The K-Drama has brought such a wise message to always appreciate people, despite their physical appearance. Perfume also marked Ha Jae-sook’s acting appearance to recognize even more by people! She played the role of Min Jae-hee, a 40 years housewife with a plus-size body who got cheated on by her husband.


The story was started with Min Jae-hee and her marriage life. Despite her kind personality, her husband was cheating on her with a younger woman with a good-looking appearance. All of her life was a mess until she decided to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony in her apartment.

ha jae sook
ha jae sook

Suddenly, there was a delivery man who brought perfume for Min Jae-hee. Then, she has used perfume, and her physical appearance had changed into her younger era when she was in her 20s! Min Jae-hee changed her name to Min Ye-rin and pursue her teenage dream to become a fashion model.

Ha Jae-sook in Birth of a Beauty

ha jae sook

Birth of a Beauty was a narrated story about Sa Geum-ran, a kind woman with a plus-size body who married businessman Lee Kang-joon. Her husband has lived apart from her in the USA, leaving Sa Geum-ran with her husband’s family, who mistreats her. One day, Sa Geum-ran has found out that Lee Kang-joon was cheating with announcer Gyo Chae-yeon.

Sa Geum-ran was threatening Kang-joon to revealed his husband’s affair to the media, but Kang-joon got in the way and planned to arrange an accident to killed Sa Geum-ran. However, she was safe from the accident. Then she decided to undergo plastic surgery and transformed into a stunning woman named Sara. Sa Geum-ran planned to given revenge for Kang-joon and made him falls for her.

birth of a beauty
ha jae sook
ha jae sook

In this drama, Ha Jae-sook is playing the role of Sa Geum-ran. Even though she has a plus-size body, Sa Geum-ran is very kind, and her love for Lee Kang-joon also sincere. After she gets plastic surgery, her appearance looks very different, and she’s getting ready for revenge.

Ha Jae-sook in Protect The Boss

ha jae sook

The drama was told a story about Noh Eun-seol, who finally got a job as a DN Group secretary, known as a famous company. She was hired to be Cha Ji-heon’s personal secretary and changed Cha Ji-heon’s immature personality and phobia. Cha Ji-heon is also known as the son of DN Group’s chairman, but he lacks the ability as the DN Group director.

Cha Ji-heon has an eternal rival, his cousin Cha Mu-won, known as a competent and mature person. They were working in the same company, and things got even more complicated after both of them falling in love with Noh Eun-seol.

protect the boss
ha jae sook
ha jae sook

Ha Jae-sook played the role of Lee Myung-ran, one of Noh Eun-seol’s best friends. With Seo Na-yoon, the three of them were becoming close friends who always there for each other. Lee Myung-ran has always cheered up her best friends whenever they were on the lower side.

Her Thoughts as Plus-Size Actress in South Korea

ha jae sook

In South Korea, the artists commonly appear with good-looking visuals and a nice proportion of their bodies. But, Ha Jae-sook was confident with her plus-size appearance as an actress! She also speaks up about Korean society with plus-size people, especially with the ‘beauty standards’.

Mostly, she was criticized because she wasn’t skinny, and there were a bunch of malicious comments about her plus-size body. Ha Jae-sook has said that she never asked people to seen ‘obesity’ as beautiful. However, it was wrong if people were discredited someone’s efforts and hard work just because they didn’t appear in a certain way, and in this case, skinny or has a nice body proportion.

ha jae sook

Ha Jae-sook delivered a message for everyone who had a plus-size appearance out there. There will be someone who loved us unconditionally regardless of our physical appearance. She realized that people also worried about her appearance, but she has been tried so many times to change, even though it was hard.

Successfully Lost 24 kg For Her Role in Drama

ha jae sook

Ha Jae-sook amazed people with her weight-loss story for her role in the drama Perfume! She has lost 24 kg through her tight diet. She explained that she wanted to portray a new appearance for her role as Min Jae-hee in Perfume, who dreams of being a fashion model.

Ha Jae-sook explained that he didn’t eat carbohydrate for her diet tips and changed it with a white egg, chicken breast, and tomatoes. She didn’t eat the side dishes during the filming process or the team dinner as well. To stay fit, Ha Jae-sook went to a gym regularly. The director and cast in Perfume K-Drama also noticed her changed and praised her from her tight diet!

Ha Jae-sook’s Love-Life: From Skin Scuba Encounter Into Marriage Life

ha jae sook

Ha Jae-sook has proven that there was someone who loved her unconditionally without judging her physical appearance! In 2016, Ha Jae-sook married her boyfriend, who has been dated together for 2 years. The wedding ceremony was held in Gangnam. From the wedding picture, Ha Jae-sook revealed that she met her husband through skin diving.

ha jae sook

The skin diving experience was brought such a fate for both of them. They were got to know each other before they decided to went for a relationship together! After their wedding, the couple also moved into their house at a seaside village in Gosung, Ayajin. Ha Jae-sook also explained that her husband was a respectable man and someone with who she could walk. She wanted them to be a sharing couple and made a good family together.

ha jae sook

Ha Jae-sook has emphasized her plus-size appearance and deliver a wise message through her role in K-Drama, which is related to her physical appearance. From her motivation and confidence, she has been one of the great actresses in South Korea!

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