Get to Know More About H1GHR Music, Jay Park’s Fascinating Music Label

H1GHR Music first anniversary

Everything About Jay Park’s Hip-Hop Label, H1GHR Music

H1GHR Music is one of the most popular hip-hop labels in South Korea. H1GHR Music is not only popular in South Korea but also internationally and most of their fans are coming from America. H1GHR Music is the house of several popular rappers from South Korea, such as Jay Park, pH-1, Sik-K, Woodie Gochild, Woogie, HAON, and G.Soul. Let’s find out more about H1GHR Music!


The Difference Between H1GHR Music and AOMG

H1GHR Music and AOMG

H1GHR Music and AOMG are both owned by Jay Park. AOMG is Jay Park’s first label and has become the house of several famous rappers in South Korea, such as Simon Dominic, Gray, Ugly Duck, Loco, and Hoody. While H1GHR Music is a global label formed by the collaboration between Cha Cha Malone and Jay Park. Cha Cha Malone is an American producer, dancer, and singer also part of a b-boy crew ART OF MOVEMENT, who became the label’s resident producer. H1GHR Music artists are coming from both inside and outside Korea, most of which are rappers.

H1GHR Music Company Profile

H1GHR Music company logo
Label Name H1GHR Music
Established On 2017
CEO Jay Park | South Korea, Korea | CEO/ Producer/ Rapper

Cha Cha Malone | Seattle, WA | CEO/Producer/Singer

Artists Sik-K | Seoul, South Korea, Korea | Rapper

Avatar Darko | Seattle, WA | Rapper

GroovyRoom | Seoul, South Korea, Korea | Producer Team

Raz Simone | Seattle, WA | Rapper/Singer

Jarv Dee | Seattle, WA | Rapper

pH-1 | Seoul, South Korea, Korea | Rapper

Thurxday | Seoul, South Korea, Korea | Producer/Rapper

Yultron | Los Angeles, CA | DJ / Producer/Rapper

Woogie | Seoul, South Korea, Korea | Producer

G.Soul | Seoul, South Korea, Korea | Singer/Songwriter

Phe Reds | Seattle, WA | Singer/Songwriter

Woodie Gochild | Seoul, South Korea, Korea | Rapper

Ted Park | Madison, WI | Singer/Rapper/Songwriter

Official Account Website | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


H1GHR Music Tour Dates

H1GHR Music US Tour 2017


H1GHR Music held a tour in the US in April and May 2018. The lineup of artists taking part in the tour is a combination of Korean rappers and international rappers. There are Cha Cha Malone, Avatar Darko, Jarv Dee, pH-1, Phe Reds, Raz Simone, Sik-K, Ted Park, and Woodie Gochild.

Not only on the global tour but H1GHR Music artists are also active on tour in South Korea. Even though their news are not really viral, but their achievements from their concerts are amazing and still continue secretly until now. H1GHR Music artists also have a lot of concerts in Asia.


H1GHR Music Artists’ Appearance on MBC’s Weekly Idol

H1GHR Music artist on Weekly Idol

Several artists from H1GHR Music made their first appearance on the MBC variety show Weekly Idol in episode 357. Sik-K, Woodie Gochild, pH-1, Haon, and producer Woogie perform amazing teamwork at the beginning of the show.

In this episode, the older members of H1GHR Music could be seen adoring Haon as the maknae very much. Each artist also showed his hidden talent that the public had not recognized before. Their off-stage personalities, which are rare to see, could also be seen in the show. Check out the full episode below (right after KHAN).


The Facts Behind the H1GHR Music Necklace

H1GHR Music gold necklace


The H1GHR Music necklace is made from pure gold which has been personally designed and purchased by Jay Park. During an episode of MBC’s Weekly Idol, where several H1GHR Music artists were guests, Sik-K explained the details of the necklace, which amazed the MC regarding Jay Park’s attitude toward his labelmate.

Sik-K explained, “This is a pure gold necklace personally designed and purchased by Jay Park. He has given one to every one of his artists as a gift. There are a total of 19 (artists) and they each cost about 5,500,000 KRW (5,093 USD).”