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GWSN girl group

Waiting For You, GWSN

GWSN, which is the contraction of Gongwon Sonyeo, is a South Korean girl group formed by Kiwi Pop, a subsidiary of Kiwi Media Group. GWSN, with the English name Girl in the Park, debuted on September 5th, 2018, with their first EP Park in the Night Part One. GWSN has unique concepts and songs up ahead. Let’s get to know GWSN and the individual members more closely.


GWSN Group Profile and Facts

about GWSN


Group Name: GWSN – Gongwon Sonyeo

English Group Name: Girl in the Park

Fandom Name: Groo

Official Fan Color: Love – Pantone 203, Universe – Pantone 121, Nature – Pantone 2247, Pureness, Freshness, Wind, Water, Air and Earth – Pantone 297

Official Accounts: Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Fancafe | Weibo | V Live


  1. They can cover any dance really well even with a remix version.
  2. In their dorm, Miya, Seoryoung, and Soso are roommates.
  3. The group also has members from Taiwan and Japan. 
  4. They are active on social media, especially V Live.


GWSN Fairy Leader, Seoryoung

GWSN Seoryoung


Real Name: Lee Seoryoung

Stage Name: [Korean] Seoryoung, [Japanese] Soryon (ソリョン), [Chinese] Xùyīng (叙英)

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Date of Birth: January 26th, 2000

Origin: Masan, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: Korean

Blood Type: B

Motto: Let’s do our best and not regret it


  1. She won the 2nd place on a music competition during her school days.
  2. She was recruited through a national audition tour.
  3. She looks like SNSD Taeyeon.
  4. Her favorite colors are light pink and light purple.
  5. She can play the guitar.
  6. She can speak Japanese and is currently studying the Japanese language.
  7. Her hobby is writing lyrics.
  8. Among the GWSN members, she is the one who always greets people in a loud voice.
  9. She is able to sing ballad and trot songs.
  10. She can mimic the sound of a bottle being opened.


GWSN Girl Crush, Miya



Real Name: Miyauchi Haruka

Stage Name: [Korean, Japanese, Chinese] Miya, Miya (ミヤ)

Nickname: Yami or Yamiyamisang

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Date of Birth: May 26th, 1993

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 163 cm

Blood Type: O

Motto: Just do it


  1. She went to Acopia Lifelong Education Center and auditioned for Kiwi Pop through there.
  2. Her role model is Amber from F(X).
  3. She looks like Keyakizaka46 Hirate Yurina.
  4. She is good at covering other K-Pop group dances and used to be in the VIXX cover group, Baxx.
  5. She loves drawing and playing softball.
  6. She wears braces just on her bottom teeth.
  7. She easily gets scared.
  8. Her favorite colors are red and white.
  9. She has a cat as her pet at home.
  10. She trained in Korea for 4 months.
  11. GWSN members said that Miya’s name pronunciation in Korean sounds very cute.


GWSN Sunshine, Seokyoung

GWSN Kim Seokyoung


Real Name: Kim Seokyoung

Stage Name: [Korean] Seokyoung, [Japanese] Sogyon (ソギョン), [Chinese] Xùjǐng (序璟)

Nickname: Sunshine

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Date of Birth: April 16th, 1999

Origin: Ulsan, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Nationality: Korean

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Blood Type: A

Motto: Always be consistent


  1. She is the only GWSN member who has joined the Mnet survival show Produce 101 as an independent trainee and ranked 30th.
  2. In Produce 101, episode 7, she was a member of “The Dance Avengers” team.

  3. She was known for her sunshine-like and helpful personality in Mnet’s Produce 101.
  4. Her role model is the former member of SNSD, now a solo artist, Jessica.
  5. She was a trainee for two years before joining Mnet’s Produce 101 with a total of four years before finally debuting with GWSN.
  6. She was once in a CF with NCT members which made people think that she is an SM Entertainment trainee.
  7. Her favorite colors are purple and yellow.
  8. Her hobbies are beauty styling, dance covers, and solving math problems.
  9. She used to have a personal Instagram account.
  10. She is the shortest member of GWSN.
  11. She can speak a little bit Japanese.
  12. She can do an impression of Kim Hye-soo’s voice.


GWSN Mood Lighting, Anne



Real Name: Lee Seoyoung

Stage Name: [Korean, Chinese] Anne, [Japanese] En (エン)

Nickname: Mood Lighting

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Date of Birth: October 17th, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Nationality: Korean

Blood Type: A

Education: Hanlim Multi Art School

Motto: Never give up


  1. She has a beauty mark under her right eye.
  2. She can mimic the sound of an electric rice cooker.
  3. She can play the piano.
  4. Her favorite colors are black and white.
  5. Her role model is Wendy from Red Velvet.
  6. She has the most slender waist among all GWSN members.
  7. She can speak Mandarin.
  8. She wanted to become an actress and film CFs, MVs, and short films when she was young.
  9. She appeared in the music video of Sunny Hill’s “Goodbye to Romance.”


GWSN Vitamin Rabbit, Minju

GWSN Minju


Real Name: Kang Minju

Stage Name: [Korean] Minju, [Japanese] Minju (ミンジュ), [Chinese] Mǐnzhōu (敏周)

Nickname: Mindoongie

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual

Date of Birth: March 11th, 2001

Origin: Masan, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Nationality: Korean

Blood Type: O

Motto: Be positive


  1. She wanted to become an idol ever since she was in middle school.
  2. She currently does not have any special talents, except mimicking the sound of a duck.
  3. She is a former trainee of SD Entertainment.
  4. She can play the piano.
  5. Her favorite color is blue.
  6. She likes to exercise and write.
  7. Her idol is SinB from GFriend.


GWSN Vending Machine Model, Soso



Real Name: Wang Chingyi

Stage Name: [Korean, Chinese] Soso, [Japanese] Soso (ソソ)

Nickname: Jjingjjingie, Facial expression and pose vending machine

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

Date of Birth: March 14th, 2001

Origin: Taiwan

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Nationality: Taiwanese

Education: Juang Jing Vocational School in Taipei

Blood Type: O

Motto: Don’t be afraid, just look forward


  1. She did not participate in some of the pre-debut busking performances due to a leg injury.
  2. She auditioned for Kiwi Pop through a talent show at school when the agency sent their group manager to Taiwan and decided to recruit her after looking for suitable candidates for GWSN.
  3. She got the nickname ‘facial expression and pose vending machine’ because of her fast change of facial expressions and poses. 
  4. Her hobby is rock climbing.
  5. She can do the splits.
  6. Her specialty is street dancing, such as waacking and vogueing.
  7. Her role model and inspiration is Tzuyu from TWICE.
  8. Her favorite colors are red, blue, and gold.
  9. She is close with Olivia Hye from LOONA.


GWSN Maknae, Lena



Real Name: Kang Lena

Stage Name: [Korean] Lena, [Japanese] Rena (レナ), [Chinese] Lena

Nickname: Ostrich Chick

Position: Main Vocalist, Center, Maknae

Date of Birth: April 17th, 2002

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Nationality: Korean

Education: Gifted Students at Kaywon High School of Arts (Theater and Film Studies)

Blood Type: A

Motto: Always happy to be grateful


  1. She can speak English fluently because she attended school in the U.S.
  2. Her hobby is fashion styling and watching foreign TV shows and movies.
  3. Her role model is Hyeri from Girl’s Day.
  4. She loves the Harry Potter series and has loved mimicking Hermione Granger since she was young.
  5. She can do a vocal impression of Louis Armstrong and Gollum.
  6. Her favorite colors are baby pink and violet.



GWSN Discography

2018 – The Park in The Night Part One

The Park in The Night Part One is GWSN’s first EP or mini-album which was released on September 5th, 2018. The album consists of 6 songs including the title track “Puzzle Moon.”

GWSN 1st mini-album
No Track Title
1 Puzzle Moon
2 Shy Shy
3 Let It Grow – a little tree
5 Melting Point
6 Lullaby



Oh Lady Go Lady – 2018 “Clean with Passion for Now”


We Need A Change – Lena and Jack Walton Ver. [JUNJAMAN Remix]

Color Me – Seoryoung and Song Dong-woon

GWSN’s Filmography

GWSN filmography

After GWSN debuted, the group made appearances in several shows to promote their debut album Park in the Night Part One. The interaction between GWSN members and the show’s cast members made the public full of expectations. Here are some GWSN show appearances.

Weekly Idol

Fact in Star

Pops in Seoul

1theK – Q! My Dance


GWSN Pre-debut

GWSN Pre-debut


GWSN has done a lot of busking events to promote the group. Many rookie groups are doing busking to attract the public’s attention. Busking events are usually done as street performances. GWSN had done a lot of dance covers of popular K-Pop groups, from both male and female groups. Here are some of their busking performances which have surfaced on Youtube.

Got Ya! GWSN!

Got Ya! GWSN! is a reality show which is a result of the collaboration between Mnet and V Live to show a different side of GWSN. Got Ya! GWSN! can be seen on the official GWSN V Live and the Mnet official Youtube channel. It has a total of 10 episodes, with four panelists as show commentators that guide each episode.

Official Debut

GWSN had their first showcase on September 5th, 2018, on the same date of the release of their music video. They had their stage debut on a music show during the same week.


Awards and Nominations

GWSN achievement

GWSN have been nominated at several award shows and became one of the hottest girl groups of 2018. They competed with a lot of rookie groups to win the Best New Artist award at several awards shows. Let’s check out GWSN’s achievements in 2018.

GWSN Award Achievement
Year Awards Show Nomination Result
2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards Artist of the Year Nominated
Best New Female Artist
Seoul Success Awards New Artist Award Won



GWSN Instagam

GWSN’s Instagram is really active, sharing GWSN’s photos, news, and other random content. GWSN are able to interact with fans as they post various posts off-stage. Their harmony as a group can be seen in several posts. 


View this post on Instagram

[#앤] 우와아~~ 저 졸업했습니당!!!! 오늘 기쁘면서도 조금 시원섭섭한 날이었는데 가족들, 멤버들 그리고 정~말 좋아하고, 사랑하는 제 친구들, 선생님들과 함께 시간 보낼 수 있어서 행복했어요!! 졸업 축하해주신 많은 분들 모두 감사합니다♡ [#Anne] Hooray~~ I finally graduated high school!!! Today, I felt so happy, but it’s also bitter sweet… But my family and our members were happy for me. And I was so glad to have a great time with my great friends and teachers. Thank you all for celebrating my high school graduation♡ [#エン] イェーイ~~ 私、卒業しました!!!! 嬉しいですが少しは寂しい気持ちです(涙) 家族、メンバーたち、そして大好きな私の友達と先生たちとともに時間を過ごせて本当に幸せでした!! 卒業をお祝いしてくださった皆さん!本当にありがとうございます♡ [#Anne] 哇~~ 我毕业了!!!!觉得又高兴又留恋 呜呜 但是能够跟家人, 成员们, 同学们, 老师们一起的时间是真的很幸福了!! 真心感谢祝我毕业的所有大家♡ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #공원소녀 #GWSN #公園少女 #公园少女 #GirlsinthePark #졸업 #graduation

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Latest News

GWSN 2nd mini album

GWSN is preparing for their comeback in 2019 with The Park in The Night Part 2 as their second mini-album. The Park in The Night Part 2 is scheduled to be released on March 13th, 2019. The promotion already started since February 27th, 2019, with the release of several photo teasers.