Gugudan’s Sally: Profile, Facts, ‘Produce Camp 2020,’ and Friendship with TWICE’s Tzuyu

Gugudan’s Sally’s Focus Fancams

Sally looked very sexy in this focus fancam. Long black hair and a mysterious stare at the audience made her look cool in every stage performance. Unfortunately, Sally rarely got the front position in most choreography. Judging by her moves and her energy, she must be placed as the main dancer.

Gugudan’s fans praised Sally’s transformation from back dancer-level to the main dancer-level. She used to get less attention when Gugudan debuted in 2016. K-pop fans started noticing this talented idol after watching her participation in Produce Camp 2020.

Sally transformed from the cute and fresh image in her debut year into a sexy and cool image in the final year of her activity. Her hair color also changed alongside her image. In her debut year, she dyed her hair blonde, but she returned to her normal color in a later year.

This focus fancam proved that Sally rarely got any special parts in Gugudan’s choreography. Fans were furious about the person behind Gugudan’s choreography. If she got more singing parts in Gugudan, she could have gained more popularity.

Gugudan’s Sally’s Dance Cover

Sally surprised the judges and amazed the audience when performing a dance cover of “Swish Swish.” She has the swag and the confidence to perform the cover. Her long hair also danced along with her body. Actually, before the performance, other contestants praised her and considered her the best dancer. All judges complimented her performance and said that her performance was the best.

In this dance cover, she performed Ariana Grande’s most popular single, “Thank U, Next.” She already made the cover in 2019, but she improvised and posted another dance cover for Produce Camp 2020. In the video, she tied her hair rather than leaving it untied. Fans commented that the video was too short, and they demanded more of the cover.

Gugudan’s Sally and TWICE’s Tzuyu

gugudan sally

TWICE’s Tzuyu, Dreamcatcher’s Handong, and CLC’s Elkie prepared a special surprise to celebrate Gugudan’s Sally’s birthday. The girls gathered in a café on October 21st, 2019, and surprised Sally with a beautiful birthday cake. Actually, Sally’s birthday was supposed to be on October 23rd, but perhaps due to conflicting schedules or to disguise the party, they celebrate Sally’s birthday earlier.

Even though they originated from different countries, they support each other and became best friends. Even between busy schedules, they spend time hanging out together. The meeting wasn’t the first. Earlier in 2019, Gugudan’s Sally and TWICE’s Tzuyu also visited a dog café and spent valuable time together.

Gugudan’s Sally in Produce Camp 2020

Produce Camp 2020 is a Chinese idol group survival show. The program was held from May 2nd, 2020, to July 4th, 2020. The program was broadcasted by Tencent Video and conducted a collaboration with Korea’s CJ E&M. Sally decided to join and compete in the program because Gugudan was on a hiatus and its members can participate in individual activities. Produce Camp 2020 was the third installment of the famous Produce 101 franchise of the Chinese version. 101 idols competed in the program to win a debut chance in Bon Bon Girls 300.

During the competition, Sally was always placed in the best seven. From the moment she joined Produce Camp 2020, she was destined to debut with Bon Bon Girls 303. In the second and third week, she earned rank third and rank fourth. Her rank continuously declined as the program was broadcasted. Fortunately, she managed to rake more than 93 million votes and deserved to re-debut with the new group. In the final episode, her rank was sixth. In the program, she was known as the dancing queen. Her freestyle dance cover got her lavish praises from judges.

Gugudan’s Sally’s Re-Debut with Bon Bon Girls 303

gugudan sally

Sally and six other winners from Produce Camp 2020 earned the right to debut in Bon Bon Girls 202. In the program, Sally used her given name, Liu Xiening. She thanked Gugudan’s members for their support throughout the program. The group debuted on July 4th with the single “Bon Bon Girls.”

Sally’s involvement in Produce Camp 2020 and Bon Bon Girls got her criticism from Gugudan’s fans. Fans thought that she was one of the reasons behind Gugudan’s disbandment. She also revealed several hints on social media that signaled Gugudan’s disbandment

That was all the information about former Gugudan member Sally. After Gugudan disbanded, Sally returned to her home country and made her name even more popular as a Bon Bon Girls 303’s member. Don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account and find out fun facts about other Gugudan members in Channel Korea articles.