Gugudan’s Sally: Profile, Facts, ‘Produce Camp 2020,’ and Friendship with TWICE’s Tzuyu

gugudan sally

Meet Former Gugudan’s Best Freestyle Dancer, Sally

Sally was a former member of the Korean idol group Gugudan. She debuted with the group in 2016 with the debut EP Act 1 The Little Mermaid. Despite her talent in dancing, she was given fewer parts compared to other members with less talent. Sally continuously improved her talent after her debut.

In 2020, she competed in Produce Camp 2020, a Chinese idol survival program. Throughout the program, Sally impressed the judges and the audience with her talent. Her freestyle dance cover got her numerous praises from the judges, audience, and even competitors.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Gugudan’s Sally, her performance in Produce Camp 2020, and Bon Bon Girls 303. So, stay tuned!

Gugudan’s Sally’s Full Profile

gugudan sally

Name: Liu Xie Ning

Stage Name: Sally

Korean Name: Ryu Sa-jeo

Birthday: October 23, 1996

Place of Birth: Guangdong, China

Nationality: Chinese

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 49 g

Education: Beijing Normal University

Religion: Buddhist

Zodiac: Scorpio

Position: Lead rapper, vocalist, lead dancer

Instagram: @sally_lxning

Gugudan’s Sally’s Facts

gugudan sally
  • Sally’s life mottos are “Fighting, My Life” and “Live and Smile.”
  • Her hobbies are shopping and cooking.
  • Her number in Gugudan is 8.
  • She used to live with her parents and younger brother.
  • Sally has a cute dimple.
  • She is the only foreign member of Jellyfish Entertainment.
  • She was a former CF model.
  • Her ideal male type is a rapper.
  • She loves to speak, and she is known as the idol with the loudest voice.
  • Sally looks like Fiesta’s Cao Lu and GFriend’s Eunha.
  • Her close friends are Twice’s Tzuyu, CLC’s Elkie, and Dreamcatcher’s Handong.
  • Sally competed in rhythm gymnastics at Idol Star Athletic Championship.

Gugudan’s Sally’s Pre-Debut

Sally joined a group dance club when she was studying in school. Her major at the club was street dance. She practiced dancing since her schooldays. Before making her debut with Gugudan and Jellyfish Entertainment, Sally already appeared as a model for a chewing gum commercial. In the commercial, Sally performed as a dancer trainee. Sally passed Jellyfish Entertainment’s global audition in 2015. After undergoing training for nine months, she was introduced as one of Gugudan’s members alongside Kang Mina and Hyeyeon on June 16th, 2016.

Gugudan’s Sally’s Official Debut

gugudan sally

Jellyfish Entertainment started announcing Gugudan’s members in early June 2016. Sejeong and Mina were the first and second members while Sally was introduced as the eighth member. In China, 8 is considered a lucky number. Sally took the position as the lead rapper and sub vocalist of Gugudan. In the first and second albums, her parts were minimum, but starting from the fourth album, her parts increased gradually.

The Korean language was always her weak point. She was often criticized for lacking the minimum skill Korean. In public, Sally couldn’t have a conversation in the Korean language other than introducing herself.

In a meet and greet event, Gugudan’s members were divided into two teams, and they had to guess Korean proverbs. Sally gave up on it and she didn’t even try explaining the proverbs. Perhaps it was the reason why she couldn’t get more parts in singing and dancing. Sadly, she was always stationed in the backline during choreography.

gugudan sally

But, don’t underestimate her talent. She was known as the lead dancer in Gugudan. Her moves were flawless and powerful in upbeat singles but calm and cute in slow singles. Her strong points were her long black hair and sexy gaze.