Full Profile of Gugudan’s So-yee: Birthday, Discography, Hiatus, etc.


Soyee, Gugudan’s Joy Bear Who Used to be a Potential Apink Member

Having been a member of Gugudan since 2016, Jang So-jin, who is more popularly known as Soyee, may be considered an experienced idol due to the duration of her training period. Her perseverance obviously did not go to waste as she got to debut as a member of Jellyfish Entertainment’s first girl group, showcasing her talent and skill that have been sharpened for years.

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with all the information about Gugudan’s Soyee, starting from her personal profile and fun facts, her trainee days with Apink, the list of her discography and hiatus, to her rumored plastic surgery, her Instagram Feed, and her fashion style. So, stay tuned!

Gugudan’s Soyee Full Profile


Stage Name: Soyee

Birth Name: Jang So Jin

Nickname: Joy Bear

Place and Date of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea, November 21st, 1996

Age: 24 (Korean age)/23 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Astrology: Rat

Height: 172 cm

Nationality: Korean

Education: Seoul Chongmok Elementary School, Shin Mok-Jung Middle School, Kyungbok Girls’ High School, and Baekseok Arts University

Fun Facts About Gugudan’s Soyee You Have to Know

  • Soyee has been a trainee for over five years. She was a Cube Entertainment and Plan A Entertainment trainee.
  • Soyee is known for playing videogames the best in Gugudan.
  • Soyee loves jazz music.
  • Soyee’s ideal type is someone with a cute eye smile. She likes Maze Runner’s Ki Hong Lee.
  • Soyee’s stage name was recommended by Mimi.


  • Soyee appeared as a model in the music videos for VIXX’s Leo and Lyn’s song “Blossom Tears” and VIXX’s song “Chained Up.”

  • Soyee did a narration for Seo In-guk’s “Bomtanaba.”

Soyee’s Debut Journey With Gugudan


It has been known that Soyee used to be a trainee of A Cube and was a strong contender of the girl group that later on became known as Apink. Some netizens speculated that Soyee actually almost became the group’s main vocalist. Several photos of Soyee during Cube Star Party in 2011 surfaced on the internet prior to her debut with Gugudan. In some photos, Soyee was seen performing on the stage with BTOB’s Ilhoon and fellow trainee Lee Min-woo. It seemed that the trio performed as singer and rappers.


In other photos, Soyee could be seen performing with some Apink members, such as Chorong, Bomi, and Namjoo. They were performing energetically with colorful outfits which looked similar to Apink’s outfits for “My My.”


Although not under the same company in the present days, Soyee and Apink members still maintain their friendship. The Apink members call Soyee by her birth name (So-jin) and address her closely as a very nice friend. In August 2018, Soyee was seen wispering to Naeun in a music show event.

Not only is Soyee close with Naeun, but Soyee is also close with Hayoung as she was pulled by Hayoung to the rest of Apink members. They greeted each other and talked comfortably despite being in a large crowd.

In Gugudan, Soyee occupies the position of the lead vocalist. However, Soyee’s voice is not often heard in most Gugudan songs as she receives little parts, which has led the fans to continuously protest against the agency. In November 2018, Soyee did a cover of Kelly Yu’s “Decent” that received a lot of praise due to her excellent pronunciation in singing the Chinese song and her deep yet melodious voice.

Gugudan’s Soyee Discography


Soyee officially made her debut with the rest of Gugudan members on June 28th, 2016, by releasing the mini-album Act. 1 The Little Mermaid. The title track “Wonderland” is a cutesy song with a memorable melody that suits their pure charm as a rookie group. Soyee also participated on Jellyfish Entertainment’s annual winter project with other artists, such as VIXX, Seo In-guk, Park Yoon-ha, and many more. Gugudan’s second mini-album Act. 2 Narcissus was then released. Unlike the debut track, Gugudan’s comeback song “A Girl Like Me” shows a more flirty side of the members who prove that they are different compared to the regular girls. Soyee also collaborated with Brown Eyed Soul’s Youngjoon for the track “Spring Rain” that was released in April 2017.

Unfortunately, Soyee was unable to participate on Gugudan’s third release Act. 3 Chococo Factory due to her injured shoulder. It turned out that Soyee already had the injury before her debut. Jellyfish Entertainment stated, “After taking various tests at the hospital while treating her shoulder, Soyee received the professional opinion that she must thoroughly rest and receive treatment, and has since been concentrating on the recovery of her health. The situation deems that it will be difficult for her to undertake Gugudan’s promotions while she is receiving treatment at the same time.” Soyee personally expressed that she would like to concentrate on her recovery before her health worsens further, hence the final decision to take an indefinite hiatus starting from October 2017.


During the promotion of Chococo, Gugudan members shared what they feel regarding Soyee’s absence. Sejeong said that Soyee encouraged the members to do the best, whereas Hana spoke up about being guilty about making a comeback without her, “All of us worked really hard to prepare for this comeback for her. Soyee, we will work hard and do well, so please get better and come back to us soon.”

Fortunately, it only took four months for Soyee to resume her activities with Gugudan as she returned with the group with Act. 4 Cait Sith and promoted the title track “The Boots.” Soyee’s latest comeback with Gugudan was in November 2018, with “Not That Type” which is the first comeback promotion after Hyeyeon withdrew from the group.