Former Gugudan Member, Mimi: Profile, Facts, Acting Appearances, and Future Activity!

gugudan mimi

Mimi: The Charming Visual of Gugudan!

Jung Mi-mi or famously known as Gugudan’s Mimi has gained a lot of attention since her first appearance as a Gugudan member! With her position as the visual and vocalist, people can’t take their eyes off of her. Let’s get to know more about Gugudan’s Mimi through the article written below!

Full Profile of Gugudan’s Mimi

gugudan mimi

Birth Name: Jung Mi-mi (정미미)

Stage Name: Mimi (미미)

Date of Birth: South Korea, January 1, 1993

Age: 28 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Blood Type: B

Position: Vocalist, Visual

Years Active: 2016 – present

Label: Jellyfish Entertainment

Associated With: Gugudan

Instagram: @mimi01o1


Interesting Facts of Gugudan’s Mimi

gugudan mimi
  • Mimi’s nicknames are Ulissal (우리쌀), Yal Mimi (얄미미), and Mimi-jjang (미미쨩).
  • Mimi used to be a trainee under FNC Entertainment.
  • Mimi’s family consists of her parents and older sister.
  • She attended Yeouido Elementary School, Yeouido Middle School, Hyundai High School, and Daeyoung High School.
  • Mimi’s childhood dream was to be an entertainer or teacher.
  • Mimi was offered an audition from a staff member of an entertainment company after he saw Mimi’s selfie on Cyworld.
  • She loves watching dramas and reading webtoons.
  • Mimi has made several acting appearances.
  • Her ideal type is a man who has broad shoulders.
  • Mimi loves to tease the other Gugudan members.

Learn More about Gugudan’s Mimi’s Career Here!

gugudan mimi

Mimi was offered an audition from a staff member of an entertainment agency when she was still young. After she was selected through the audition, Mimi began her trainee days. She was initially a trainee under FNC Entertainment but moved to Jellyfish Entertainment until she finally debuted with Gugudan in 2016!

Mimi’s Debut as a Gugudan Member

gugudan mimi

Mimi made her official debut as a Gugudan member on June 28, 2016, with the first mini-album Act. 1 The Little Mermaid and the title track “Wonderland!” The girl group was scouted under Jellyfish Entertainment and initially consisted of nine members. One of their members left in 2018.

From their debut appearance, Mimi and the other Gugudan members gained a lot of attention especially with their feminine and fairy-tale concept through the single “Wonderland!” In Gugudan, Mimi is in charge of the vocals and visuals since people have noticed her gorgeous visual appearance as well as her amazing vocals!

gugudan mimi

The group released some hit singles such as “A Girl like Me,” “Chococo,” “The Boots,” “Not That Type,” and many more! Mimi and the other Gugudan members have appeared with various concepts during their comebacks. People have seen them with a colorful and sweet concept in “Chococo,” a chic and classic concept in “A Girl like Me,” and more!

Gugudan’s Mimi’s Charismatic Focus Fancams

gugudan mimi

Let’s have a look at Gugudan’s Mimi’s charms during live stage performances here:

Gugudan’s Mimi looked extremely adorable during one of Gugudan’s “A Girl like Me” live stage performances! With a little pink dress, soft glam makeup, and silky hair appearance, Mimi made fans get very excited with her stage performance. Her dance and vocal performance suited the cheerful music as well!

Here is another cute performance from Gugudan’s Mimi! This time, it was for the single “Chococo” which is filled with a cheerful and cute concept! Mimi appeared with a burgundy short hairstyle that made her visuals looked even more adorable. Her unique vocals and powerful dance also completed her amazing live performance!

Gugudan’s Mimi’s Acting Appearances

gugudan mimi

Before her career as a K-pop idol, Mimi used to make some acting appearances! She made supporting role appearances in One Sunny Day (2014) and The Producers (2015) followed by guest roles in Sweet Stranger and Me (2016) and 20th Century Boy and Girl (2017).

Mimi’s acting appearances have been recognized even more after her role in the web drama I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street (2018) as Nam Ji-eun, followed by her appearance in the famous K-drama Extraordinary You (2019) as Park Yi-jin. When she was asked about her acting experience, Mimi revealed that she became quite nervous.

gugudan's mimi acting appearance
gugudan mimi

However, Gugudan’s members have been there for her to show some support and love. They would even send her texts of their pictures while watching Mimi’s acting appearances together!

Gugudan’s Disbandment: What Will Happen with Mimi’s Future Activity?

gugudan mimi

After four years of being together, the group eventually disbanded. The news was confirmed by Jellyfish Entertainment through their announcement that Gugudan would end their group’s activities on December 31, 2020. The agency also explained that the disbandment was decided on after a long and in-depth discussion between Gugudan’s members and the agency.

Gugudan’s members separated down their own paths, including Mimi. After the disbandment, Mimi seems to be continuing her career in the entertainment industry. She has started a new way to stay connected with her fans by opening a YouTube channel with the name 미미홈피 MIMIHOMEPAGE! Her content on YouTube is filled with song covers, daily vlogs, playing games, and more!

Watch one of Mimi’s video from her YouTube channel here:

That’s it for today’s article about Gugudan’s Mimi! She has been working very hard to pursue her dream as a K-pop idol since a young age. Even though her group disbanded, it doesn’t mean that her career is over. We’re looking forward to Mimi’s future activities in the entertainment industry!

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