The Charming Leader of Gugudan, Hana: Profile, Fun Facts, Acting Appearances, YouTube Channel, and More!

gugudan hana

Gugudan’s Hana: The Leader with a Stunning Visual!

Shin Bo-ra or famously known by her stage name Hana was the leader of the girl group Gugudan. She debuted with the group in 2016 and made people admire her due to her stunning visuals and charismatic aura as the leader. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you every detail about Gugudan‘s Hana, so make sure to read until the last paragraph!

The Full Profile of Gugudan’s Hana

gugudan hana

Birth Name: Shin Bo-ra (신보라)

Stage Name: Hana (하나)

Birth: Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, April 30, 1993

Age: 27 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Nationality: Korean

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Visual, Rapper, Vocalist

Years Active: 2016 – Present

Label: Jellyfish Entertainment

Associated With: Gugudan

Instagram: @newprple

YouTube: 소소한 보보TV_hana

10 Fun Facts about Gugudan’s Hana

gugudan hana
  • Hana attended Beombak High School and Seokyung University.
  • Hana’s religion is Buddhism.
  • Her family consists of her parents, younger brother, and younger sister.
  • She loves looking for cute animal pictures.
  • Her ideal type is someone who has pretty hands and broad shoulders.
  • Hana can speak Korean, Japanese, French, and English.
  • She has a firm personality and is known as a competitive person.
  • One of Hana’s specialties is doing splits.
  • She sang for the OST of My First Love and Touch Your Heart.
  • Hana is a good friend of former Mamamoo member Yeonwoo

Learn More about Gugudan’s Hana’s Career Journey

gugudan hana

Ever since a young age, Hana has been working very hard to chase her dream. She went through a lot of training experiences such as singing, dancing, and even acting. Learn more about Gugudan’s Hana’s career journey here!

Gugudan’s Hana’s Pre-Debut Activity

gugudan hana

Before her debut as a Gugudan member, it was reported that Hana used to train as an actress. During her pre-debut, Hana made a cameo appearance as an actress as well as the female lead in VIXX’s “Eternity” music video. Even from her pre-debut appearance, Hana appeared with a pure and gorgeous visual appearance!

Let’s take a look at Hana of Gugudan’s pre-debut here:

gugudan hana predebut
gugudan hana predebut
gugudan hana predebut

Hana’s Debut with Gugudan

gugudan hana

Hana officially debuted as a Gugudan member on June 26, 2018! The group was scouted under Jellyfish Entertainment and originally had nine members. As time went by, one of their members left and the group had eight members. For their debut project, Gugudan released a mini-album entitled Act. 1: The Little Mermaid with “Wonderland” as the title track!

In Gugudan, Hana was in charge as the leader, main dancer, visual, vocalist, and rapper. She was also the first member to be revealed by Jellyfish Entertainment. Since their debut, Hana and the other Gugudan members have gained a lot of attention, especially through their debut concept which emphasized their feminine and fairy-tale theme.

gugudan hana

Gugudan also released a bunch of great pieces of music such as the second mini-album Act. 2 Narcissus (2017), the first single album Act. 3 Chococo Factory (2017), the second single album Act. 4 Cait Sith (2018), and many more! Meanwhile, the group also made their Japan debut by releasing Stand by Me followed by their debut showcase and fan meeting entitled Gugudan 1st Showcase & Fanmeeting “Dear Friend”!

Gugudan’s Hana During Live Stage Performances

gugudan hana

Check out some of Gugudan’s Hana’s stunning performances during the group’s live stage performances here:

Gugudan’s Hana appeared with a black color theme that made her appearance looked even more classy and gorgeous! We might say that she was looking very chic as the “woman in black” during Gugudan’s “The Boots” live performance! Moreover, the black and straight hairstyle emphasized her natural charms even more!

Through one of Gugudan’s “Not That Type” live stage performances, Hana appeared with a classy and sexy style with a crop top and tight leather pants! Hana’s vocals and dance performance during “Not That Type” also mixed perfectly, not to mention the crowd would get louder every time Hana sang her part during the song!

Gugudan’s Hana’s Acting Performances

gugudan hana

Hana obviously knows how to impress people with her charms and talents. After succeeding in becoming a girl group member, Hana came up with another challenge- an acting project! Previously, Hana made a cameo appearance through High School King of Savvy in 2014, but her first main role appearance happened through the web drama My Fuxxxxx Romance in 2020!

In My Fuxxxxx Romance, Hana played the role of Ahn Ji-young. She is a social media influencer with a slightly arrogant personality since she can do anything to get whatever she wants.

Hana also took the main role on a web drama entitled Another Peaceful Day of Second Hand Items! She played the role of Shin Na-ra, a girl who was just kicked out by her boyfriend. It also makes her start to wonder if she is a “second-hand” item when it comes to love.

Gugudan’s Hana’s YouTube Channel

gugudan hana

It seems like Gugudan’s Hana wanted to get in touch even more with fans by sharing her activities during her daily life! In March 2019, Hana officially opened up her YouTube channel with the name 소소한 보보TV_hana and shared her first vlog video. Mostly, her channel consists of vlogs of daily life and her activities during her free time along with Gugudan’s members!

You can watch some of Gugudan’s Hana’s YouTube content through the videos down below:


About Gugudan’s Disbandment: A Farewell Letter from Hana

gugudan hana

Gugudan surprised fans and left them heartbroken after the agency announced that the group was disbanding on December 31, 2020. After several years together, Gugudan’s members would be separated on their own paths. The leader Hana shared a heartwarming farewell letter to their fans as an expression of her gratitude towards the fans.

gugudan hana

Through her letter, Hana thanked the fans who have supported her and the group ever since their debut. Although she used to feel like she was lacking while performing, with the support and love from the fans, Hana was motivated to make the fans proud of her and show her hard work even more. Lastly, Hana reminisced about her beloved members and fans with the hope of meeting all of them one day in a pleasant moment.

That was all of the information regarding Gugudan’s Hana! Ever since Gugudan’s first debut, Hana has gained a lot of attention due to her leadership charm, visual appearance, and obviously her amazing talent as a K-pop idol. Although her group disbanded, we hope that Hana can find a new step in the K-pop entertainment industry!

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