Meet the Global Ambassador and Human Gucci, EXO’s Kai!

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Here’s the Thing About EXO’s Kai as the Global Ambassador of Gucci

People might acknowledge the amazing boy group under SM Entertainment, EXO, and the current nine members. The group’s visual, EXO’s Kai, has gained a lot of attention due to his gorgeous facial features as well as his amazing dance skills.

But, did you know that Kai also has mesmerizing charisma that gives him ethereal beauty and allowed him to become a model and brand ambassador? EXO’s Kai was selected as the global ambassador of Gucci, a luxury brand from Italy.

Previously, the K-pop star was also known for his love of the brand, and, luckily, he got to be the representative of the brand as well! In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about EXO’s Kai and his deal with Gucci as the global ambassador, so stay tuned!

EXO’s Kai as the Global Ambassador of Gucci and His Appearance for Aria’s Collection

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EXO’s Kai was first introduced as the global ambassador of Gucci in 2019. At that time, he was the first Korean model for the brand and became the model of Gucci’s eyewear collection while participating in the 2019 F/W Campaign followed by the S/S 2020 Campaign.

His career with Gucci didn’t stop there, and in 2021, Kai is still the global ambassador of Gucci. The K-pop idol even once became the muse of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michel with the men and women’s ready-to-wear accessories. Well, EXO’s Kai is the perfect fit for that role, isn’t he?

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Aside from the eyewear collection, EXO’s Kai also appeared in Gucci’s Aria’s Collection which is known as their latest campaign with Kai. One of the highlighted items is the red velvet suit that the brand made in 1996 with Tom Ford at the helm!

EXO’s Kai’s Photoshoot With Gucci

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You can also check out some of EXO’s Kai’s photoshoot pictorials as Gucci’s global ambassador here:

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Through one of Aria’s collections, Kai sported several fashion items such as a cable knit jumper with detachable sleeves, a tote bag with GG all over it, and a pair of knee-high boots with a harness.

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In another shot, EXO’s Kai looks very sophisticated in red! He wears the stretch velvet jacket and pants with satin with a pair of loafer shoes. Do you think that he looks like a prince from a fairytale with that style?

exo's kai for Gucci

You can also check out EXO’s Kai’s style from when he appeared as the model of Gucci’s eyewear collection! He sported Gucci’s square acetate and metal sunglasses which are a perfect match for summer vibes, right?

EXO’s Kai Attended Gucci’s Fashion Week in Milan

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EXO’s Kai has been spotted at Gucci Fashion Week several times. He once attended the Gucci show during the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer runway in 2018. Then, he also appeared at Gucci’s Fall 2020 menswear collection during Milan Fashion Week.

During Milan Fashion Week, the K-pop star was spotted in a Gucci outfit dominated by many patterns such as floral and checkered. For further details, he wore a floral short-sleeved shirt with a long-sleeved blue-striped shirt.

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Kai also wore classy brown plaid pants to complete his look. Meanwhile, one of the iconic moments was when EXO’s Kai met with the Hollywood celebrity Jared Leto, and he shared their picture on his Instagram!

Well, do you think that EXO’s Kai looks very mesmerizing while being the global ambassador of Gucci? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!