Often Spotted Wearing Gucci, Let’s take a look at the BTS Members’ Style!

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Let’s Take a Look at BTS Members’ Style When They Wear Gucci!

If we take a look at BTS’s outfits, there are many outfits with a well-known brand that they wear either for their promotions or when they attend events. One of the most-used brands that they prefer is Gucci. They have worn it so often that one of BTS members, V, is called The King of Gucci because of his love for the brand. In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about the BTS members’ style with the Gucci brand! Do you want to know how many Gucci outfits they have worn throughout their work? Let’s take a look at it!

BTS Members’s Outfit Style with Gucci


If we look at BTS members’ style throughout the years, we can find many of their outfits are coming from the Gucci brand, especially at the current time, starting from the DNA era until the promotion of their latest song, Boy with Luv. Besides their outfits for the stage, we can also often see BTS members’ wearing things from Gucci for their airport fashion or when they go to an event.

BTS Gucci

Are you curious on how often BTS members wore Gucci brand? Let’s take a look at each members’ outfits with Gucci brand!


As for Jin, we can see him wearing Gucci outfits in the newest album. In one of the pitures, we can see that Jin is wearing logo-embossed rubber slides from Gucci with a price of $290 USD.

Jin Gucci Logo-embossed rubber slides

Not only the slides, but we can also see him wearing a Gucci oversizde sweatshirt with a Paramount logo and a G74 original GG sneaker with web from Gucci in another photo concept. The sweatshirt runs about $2,700 USD, while the shoes have a price of $650 USD.

Jin Gucci Oversized Sweatshirt and GG Sneakers


Yoongi Gucci Set Map of the Soul

Meanwhile, we can see Suga wearing a Gucci outfit in BTS’s newest album, Map of the Soul: Persona. For the clothes, he wears a cardigan with a NY Yankees patch together with a yellow floral and tassel print silk twill scarf. The cardigan is priced $3,300 USD, while the scarf is priced at $495 USD. Meanwhile, he also wore flashtrek sneakers with removable crystals from Gucci that have a price of $1,590 USD. Finally, he also wears a crystal-studded butterfly brooch which priced out at $520 USD as an accessory.


As for J-Hope, we can see him wearing a Gucci striped wool intarsia sweater with appliques in their music video for DNA. The sweater itself has a price of $2,500 USD.

J-Hope Gucci Striped Wool Intarsia

In BTS’s newest album Map of the Soul: Persona, J-Hope is seen to wear Gucci-branded trousers in pink and Princetown fur-lined loafers, along with a necklace with a cameo as an accessory. The trousers priced at $457 USD, while the loafers cost $995 USD and the necklace was $710 USD.

Hoseok Gucci Trousers and Princetown fur lined
Hoseok Gucci Necklace with Cameo

In another photo from the same album, we can also see that J-Hope is wearing a bee bracelet with crystals and pearls from Gucci that has a price of $1,320 USD.

Hoseok Gucci Bee Bracelet


In the case of RM, we cansee him wearing a Gucci leather bomber jacket with appliques in the music video for DNA. The jacket has a price of $4,200 USD.

Namjoon Gucci Bomber Jacket

Meanwhile, he has also worn a Cambridge velvet jacket with crest from Gucci to an event. This jacket priced at approximately $1,910 USD.

Namjoon Gucci Cambridge Velvet Jacket

For the newest album, we can also spot RM wearing a gold-tone faux pearl ring from Gucci, which priced at $520 USD and a Dionysus GG supreme belt from the same brand, which runs $450 USD.

Namjoon Gucci Pearl Ring and Supreme Belt

RM is also seen to wear Gucci sunglasses, which are square-framed acetate sunglasses that have a price of $259 USD.

Namjoon Gucci Square-frame Acetate


As for Jimin, we can see him wearing a Gucci chevron polo with piglet in the music video for one of their songs, IDOL. The shirt has a price of approximately $880 USD.

Jimin Gucci Chevron Polo with Piglet

He also wore a sequined bomber jacket in BTS’s music video for DNA, which priced at approximately $5,992 USD.

Jimin Gucci Sequin Bomber Jacket


V is the member of BTS who wears the most things from Gucci because of his love for the brand. He even earned the nickname of “The King of Gucci” because of this. This is reflected clearly in the newest album, where he used many things from Gucci for the photoshoot.

In the newest album, we can see him wearing a houndstooth sleeveless vest with ribbon trim and a triple wrap snake bracelet with crystals. The vest has a price of $4,200 USD while the bracelet is priced at $1,790 USD. He also wore a Dionysus leather belt which priced at $450 USD, a Gucci striped strap sandal which cost $680 USD, and even catseye metal glasses from Gucci, which cost $1,230 USD.

Taehyung Gucci Houndstooth Sleeveless vest
Taehyung Gucci Leather Belt Strap Sandal
Taehyung Gucci Cat Eye Metal Glasses

Not only in the newest album, he also has worn an embroidered motif tie from Gucci in the music video for DNA. The tie has a price of $243 USD.

Taehyung Gucci Embroidered Tie

He has also been seen to wear Gucci ghost princetown horsebit blue loafers in one of BTS’s broadcasts. The loafers priced at approximately $750 USD.

Taehyung Gucci Ghost Princetown

Not only clothes and shoes, he also used a green tiger charm in silver from Gucci for his necklace, which cost $169 USD.

Taehyung Gucci Green Tiger Charm

When BTS attended the Billboard Music Awards, V was seen to wear a wide band with an interlocking G motif from Gucci that has a price of $230 USD.

Taehyung Gucci Wide Band with Interlocking


As for Jungkook, we can also see him in a Gucci-brand loved cotton t-shirt which priced out at approximately $906 USD in BTS’s music video for one of their songs, DNA.

Jungkook Gucci Loved Cotton

We can see him putting a Dionysus velvet super mini bag from Gucci around his neck in the photo for their newest album, Map of the Soul: Persona. The bag has a price of $830 USD.

Jungkook Gucci Dionysus Velvet

We have even seen him wearing slip-on sneaker with NY Yankees patches from Gucci, in the newest album’s photo. Besides him, Jimin also wore princetown fur-lined velvet slippers while J-Hope is wearing a Dublin slip-on sneaker in Blue from Gucci.

Jungkook Jimin Hoseok Gucci Shoes

So, what do you think about the BTS members’ style with Gucci? Do you think that the outfits from Gucci suit them well?

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Recently, BTS are making their comeback with their newest album titled Map of the Soul: Persona. The title song of the album is a song titled Boy with Luv, featuring Halsey, and you can watch the music video here. As they just made their long-awaited comeback, currently they are actively promoting their new song and meet their fans with a song which has a refreshing concept!

That was all of the information about BTS members’ style when they use Gucci. What do you think about this style? Do you like it when BTS Members’ are using Gucci, or do you prefer when they use other brands? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on BTS members’ style on the comment section.