From I.O.I to X-1: Which Group From Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ Is Your Favorite?



X-1 is a boy group that was formed through the latest installment of the Produce 101 series, which was called Produce X 101. Just like I.O.I and WANNA ONE, X-1 consists of eleven members from various entertainment companies: Kim Yo-han, Kim Woo-seok, Han Seung-woo, Song Hyeong-jun, Cho Seung-youn, Son Dong-pyo, Lee Han-gyul, Nam Do-hyon, Cha Jun-ho, Kang Min-hee, and Lee Eun-sang. However, X-1 has a quite different contract from their seniors, in which their contract will end five years after debut, with a two-and-a-half-year exclusive contract and another two-and-a-half-year non-exclusive contract. This means that the eventual members can return to co-promote with their original agencies after the first half of their contract is over. The group name was taken from the show’s title song, “X1-MA.” X1 means 11 in Roman numbers, and also represents 10+1.

Even prior to their debut, Produce X 101 was accused of manipulating the votes after netizens discovered an unusual sequence in numbers between the rankings’ differences. Mnet explained that there was an error but the rankings were still the same, but the issue blew up into a massive controversy when Mnet refused to provide the raw data. In the end, there are no changes in the group’s line-up, and they will have their debut as planned.

Latest News


In June 2019, it was reported that I.O.I will be reuniting with nine members! After a long discussion, it was agreed that I.O.I will reunite with the exception of Jeon So-mi and Yoo Yeon-jung. Yoo Yeon-jung has confirmed that she won’t be participating, while Jeon So-mi’s agency said that it will be difficult but they are open to renewing negotiations.

Wanna One

Meanwhile, the former members of WANNA ONE have returned to their respective companies and either went into a group or debuted as solo artists. However, there are many reports that some of the members still keep in touch with each other, and we can still see their appearances in television programs or music programs.


As for IZ*ONE, it was reported that they will release their Japanese third single titled “Vampire” on September 25th, 2019. On the other hand, X-1 will soon have their debut with their first mini-album titled Quantum Leap on August 27th, 2019! Are you excited about their incoming debut?

So, what do you think about the groups that were formed through Mnet’s survival show, the Produce series? Which group do you like the best? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about the groups which were formed through Mnet’s Produce 101 (I.O.I, WANNA ONE, I*ZONE, and X-1) in the comment section below!