K-Drama Review: Learn More About The Intrigues In A Rich Family in ‘Graceful Family’


Details About K-Drama ‘Graceful Family’

Korean drama series about Chaebol (Korean conglomerate) is always able to attract the audience’s attention. Not only because of the glamorous lifestyle but also around the family business’s intrigues and the struggle for the inheritance that became an entertaining spectacle. The audience can see a more realistic picture through the chaebols. They can produce a drama with convincing settings.

Luxury homes, luxury cars, sophisticated electronic equipment, beautiful clothes, until the company building used looks appropriate. The setting is one of the strengths of Korean drama. “Graceful Family” is one of South Korean drama portrays about the intrigues in chaebol family.“Graceful Family” is a mystery melodrama that follows a wealthy and elite family split between those who want to uncover the truth behind its gruesome secrets and those who are trying to cover them up.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with don’t miss out on the k-drama ‘Graceful Family’ to learn more about the intrigues in a wealthy family. Let’s find out more about the storyline, casts, and off-screen moments of the drama. Stay tuned and keep scrolling down this article.

Graceful Family: Review


Graceful Family is one of the dark horses among a series of dramas that were released in 2019. The theatre was aired on the MBN television channel that was first broadcast from August 21 to October 17, 2019. Maybe not all South Korean drama lovers look forward to this kind of drama. But apparently, this drama was able to anesthetize since the first episode. Lim So-hyang was back in the lead role with a character different from the previous scene.

Lee Jang-woo and Bae Jong-ok play the other main characters. In addition to receiving critical acclaim, the view ‘Graceful Family’ became the highest-ranked drama in the history of the MBN network, even before reaching half of its broadcast.


This drama tells the story of intrigue in the life of a wealthy family in South Korea. Mo Seok-hee is the only daughter of the MC Group. Her grandfather is the founder and majority shareholder of the chaebol, and her father is the President of the MC Group. Seok-hee was forced to go to the United States by her father, Mo Cheol-hee, after her mother was murdered. Her family tried to keep her from returning to South Korea.

She was always monitored 24 hours so she could not run away. Cheol-hee was worried that if his daughter returned, she would get the entire inheritance from their family company, the MC Group, because Seok-hee is the granddaughter of her grandfather, the CEO of MC Group, Mo Wang Pyo.


Seok Hee, who was unhappy and lacking in parental love, grew into a beautiful and intelligent woman with a strong personality. She became a hot-tempered and hedon woman. But she never forgot the pain due to the death of her mother. One day Seok-hee managed to trick the guard and landed in South Korea. She met with Wang Pyo, who was in a coma. But Cheol-hee and his right hand, former judge Han always block Seok Hee’s steps. Former judge Han is a traitor recruited by Wang Pyo to become the MC Group legal team. But instead, she sabotaged Wang Pyo and sided with the greedy Cheol-hee.

However, the reason Wang Pyo did not want to pass down the CEO’s chair to his son is that Cheol-hee is incompetent. Wang Pyo also saw Cheol-hee’s sons with his second wife not good enough to handle the business. Wang Pyo wants to give all his possessions to Seok-hee so his granddaughter can be lifted again in her dignity.

After returning to South Korea to see her grandfather, who lives in a coma in a hospital-owned by MC Group in Seoul, Seok-hee meets Heo Yoon-do, a lawyer who doesn’t have an office or clients, at a police station. Seok-hee hires Yoon-do as her lawyer, who starts to work for TOP Team at MC Group. Coincidentally, Seok-hee, and Yoon-do, discover that they have a connection that makes Yoon-do’s mother, Seok-hee’s mother’s killer. Convinced that Yoon-do’s mother was falsely incriminated, they both joined forces to reveal the truth about Seok-hee’s mother’s death, and the secrets that Je-kook and TOP hide.


The ending between Mo Seok-hee and Heo Yoon-do is what might be the most confusing. It seems that while meeting at the police station, they were away from each other. Mo Seok-hee was in America studying for a law license, and she just came back. She used the police incident to surprise Heo Yoon-do. This is a reminder of how they met in the beginning.

Every one that did anything terrible was dealt with as they should be, but some were sentences that seemed light for a few of the characters. A lot of fans were upset that Han Je-gook only got a four years after all the evil shit she pulled. Mo Wan-soo committed suicide because he killed Mo Seok-hee’s mother. The audience was very shocked and kind of upset when they found out that Mo Wan-soo was responsible for Mo Seok-hee’s mother’s death.

Graceful Family: The Casts

Main Role:

  • Lim Soo-hyang as Mo Seok-hee

In this drama, she becomes a rich, wild, and arrogant woman named Mo Seok-hee. Seok-hee is the daughter of the first wife of a conglomerate called Mo Cheol-hee. But the father prefers to live with his second wife, a former nurse who is old and unattractive. Instead, Seok-hee was banished to America after her mother was killed.

  • Lee Jang-woo as Heo Yoon-do

Heo Yoon-do is a lawyer who doesn’t have an office or clients. He works by helping the residents of his neighborhood in a makeshift office at his adoptive father’s restaurant. He is a man who lives for justice and love for the people.

  • Bae Jong-ok as Han Je-gook

Han Je-gook is a former judge who was known to be fair and incorruptible. After judging a case against the MC Group and suffering retaliation, Je-gook was transferred to a court in a rural area, disappointed, and she agreed to work for the MC Group. Je-gook becomes an ambitious and treacherous woman who wants to control MC Group and Korea’s political and economic society. At TOP, Je-gook works to cover up immoral or illegal behavior by the Mo family and uncover the unethical and illicit secrets of the powerful and wealthy Korean people, to blackmail or destroy them.

Supporting Role:

Jung Won-joong as Mo Cheol-hee
Moon Hee-kyung as Ha Yeong-seo
Lee Kyu-han as Mo Wan-soo
Kim Jin-woo as Mo Wan-joon
Gong Hyun-joo as Baek Soo-jin
Jeon Jin-seo as Mo Seo-jin
Jung Hye-In as Lee Kyung-A

Others Role:

Shin Soo-yeon as young Mo Seok-hee
Jun Gook-hwan as Mo Wang-pyo
Oh Seung-eun as Choi Na-ri
Park Hyun-sook as Jeong Yoon-sook
Park Hye-na as Ahn Jae-rim
Son Jin-hwan as Lawyer Yoon
Park Sang-myun as Heo Jang-soo
Jo Kyung-sook as Im Soon
Na In-gyoo as Detective Oh
Jang Seo-kyung as Go Eun-ji
Kim Chul-ki as Yoon Sang-won
Kwon Hyuk-hyun as Kwon Joon-hyeok
Park Tae-in as Lee Kyeong-ah
Jung Hye-in as Hwang Bo-joo
Park Chul-min as Kim Boo-gi
Kim Yoon-seo as Oh Gwang-mi
Jung Ho-bin as Joo Hyeong-il
Hyun Woo-sung as Joo Tae-hyeong