Does Got7’s Youngjae Have a Tattoo?


GOT7’s Youngjae’s Tattoos

Did you know that some of Got7’s member have tattoos on their bodies? One of them is Youngjae, and he has two tattoos that the fans recently discovered as they were always kept hidden before! Do you want to know what kind of tattoos Got7’s Youngjae have? Before we find out more about Got7’s Youngjae tattoo, let’s check out his profile information real quick!

Got7’s Youngjae Profile

Choi Young-Jae, who has been fairly known as Youngjae, is the main vocalist of Got7, a boy group formed by JYP Entertainment back in 2014. He was born on September 9th, 1996. His family consists of his parents, an older brother, an older sister, and himself. He was known among the fans as “Sunshine,” and also received “Genius” as his nickname too. Recently, he moved out of Got7’s dorm and started living together with his brother in Seoul.

He used to attend Seokyeong University and majored in Theater and Film, but he quit because there were too many exams and he didn’t have the time to take them. He later changed his major to the Modeling Department in Taekyung University, the same as a fellow member Yugyeom.

He became a trainee under JYP Entertainment in the summer of 2013, and not long after made his debut with Got7, in 2014. He was known as the last member to join Got7. Among the members, he is known as one of the members who has composed and written the group’s songs alongside JB, under the name ARS. He has composed numerous songs, such as “Rewind” from their album Flight Log: Departure, “Sick” and “Hey” from their Flight Log: Turbulence album, “Sign” from their Flight Log: Arrival album, “Moon U” from 7for7, and others.

If you want to follow his latest activities, you can check it on his Instagram account @333cyj333 or listen to his songs on his SoundCloud account! You can also check Got7’s recent activities on their Twitter account, Instagram account @got7.with.igot7 or their official Youtube channel!

Got7 Youngjae’s Tattoos

As tattoos are still something of a taboo in Korea, some Korean celebrities who have them have tried to hide the fact that they have a tattoo on their body. But, it has been discovered by fans that apparently, Youngjae has two tattoos on his body!

According to the fans, Youngjae has two tattoos, one on each of his upper arms. The first tattoo is his inspiration quote Ars Longa Vita Brevis which has a meaning “Life is long; Art is short,” located on his upper right arm. The quote itself comes from the Greek physician Hippocrates and comprises the first two lines of Aphorismi.

In the said quote, ‘art’ originally meant skill, and the idea behind it was that skill takes a long time to develop. As a doctor, the physician believed that learning to be a doctor took a long time, but the time in which someone can be a doctor was short. In other words, Ars Longa Vita Brevis means that it takes you a long time to acquire and master your skills, but you can only use them for a short amount of time.

On his other arm is a tattoo of a ribbon, which serves as a memento of Sewol ferry’s incident back in 2014. As the artist himself never revealed anything other than two tattoos, there is a possibility of him having other tattoos drawn on his body.

So, what do you think about Got7’s Youngjae tattoos? Do you like the fact that he has a tattoo on his body? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Got7’s Youngjae tattoos in the comment section below!