Get the Details About GOT7’s Official Fanclub, iGOT7!

The Green Baby Birds That Fly With Got7

When naming the biggest boy-groups on the K-Pop scene right now, it is impossible not to mention JYP’s flagship group, GOT7. Debuted in 2014, the group is made up of seven members who have managed to steal the hearts of girls all around the world. From their debut in South Korea, to their promotions in Japan and solo schedules in China, they have basically taken over Asia. Not only that, they have also made advances in the American market by doing concert stops every time they are on a tour. Composed of members JB, Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom, the group has recently even made it to the top 5 boy-group album first-week sales chart of all time. So who has been supporting them all this time?

GOT7 wouldn’t have made it this far without their loyal fans, iGOT7. 7 is a lucky number, and “I GOT7” means that fans have “gotten” GOT7. So put that together and you get iGOT7, meaning that not only will fans get each member’s love, but also their luck. In Korean, iGOT7 is usually shortened to AhGaSe, which means “baby bird,” by both iGOT7 and other fandoms. Are you excited to get to know more about GOT7’s relationship with their fans? or other characteristics that differentiate iGOT7 from other fandoms? Let’s get to know GOT7’s fans, iGOT7!

Got7’s Official Fanclub, iGot7, Also Known as Ahgase!

Official Logo

As mentioned before, iGOT7 is usually shortened to ‘AhGaSe,’ which means ‘little bird.’ The logo that was created for the fans of GOT7 reflects this, with the cute logo resembling a tiny, fluffy bird. Not only that, the color used for the logo is the official color of the group, which will be discussed later. The logo can also be found on various fanclub merchandise and the group’s official lightstick.

Official Color

GOT7’s official fandom colors are green and white. Unlike other groups, who have now come to adopt the Pantone color system to clearly decide what shade of a color is their official fandom color, GOT7’s official fandom color does not have a unique pantone code assigned to it yet. It is common knowledge between the fans and other fandoms that their official color is a bright shade of chartreuse green, as seen in the fandom logo. The color can also be found on the group’s official lightstick when it is lit up during concerts and fan meetings.

Official Lightstick

GOT7 first released their official lightstick in 2016, at the ‘FLY in Seoul’ concert. The lightstick has the little bird shape present on all their merchandise and goods to represent their fans and the group’s logo in the center inside a green crystal case. GOT7 dubbed the lightstick, ‘AhGaBong,’ taking the first two syllables from their fandom name and the ‘Bong’ which means lightstick.

In 2018, the group refreshed their lightstick with a sleeker look and new set of features there were not in the first iteration of the device. The new design was released during the ‘Eyes On You’ world tour in Seoul, and is now dubbed the ‘New-GaBong,’ while their old lightstick is called the ‘Old-GaBong.’ Unlike their old lightstick, this new one is equipped with Bluetooth capability and a wide selection of colored led lights inside of it. This allows fans to control the color of the lights through a Bluetooth application that can be downloaded on their phone’s app store. Not only that, during concerts, they connect their lightsticks to light up according to their seats and the songs playing, creating a unique light show to accompany the amazing performance.

Official Merchandise

With every generation of their fan club recruitment, each of the fan club members is sent a box filled with fandom goods and merchandise. This can range from the practical things, such as a lightstick sleeve, to more visual goods, such as a photo book to commemorate the fan club recruitment. For the 5th generation iGOT7 fan club recruitment period, the goods that are sent out to fans have been themed after the group’s latest comeback, ‘Lullaby.’ It featured a membership card, a photo book titled ‘Dream Photo Diary,’ a random GOT-Toon bookmark, member photocards, GOT-Toon washi tape, and a dreamcatcher necklace. GOT-Toon is cartoon versions of the GOT7 members, which is widely known by fans from their webtoon released in 2015.


Like most other K-Pop groups, their fanchant differs with every song, but there’s always a section where the fans scream out the members’ names. In GOT7’s case, it is in the order of their age, except for JB, who is put in front because he is the leader of the group. The fanchant goes like, ‘JB Mark Jackson Park Jin-young Choi Young-jae Bambam Kim Yu-gyeom GOT7.’ Take a look at how the GOT7 members try to imitate their fans’ fanchant above!

How to Become an Official Member?

Fanclub Recruitment Details

Membership Fee: 20,000 korean won (without delivery charge)

― delivery charge is applied for the delivery of Official Goods

Payment Method:

• payments must be carried out with a credit card that is able to do foreign transactions

• you should register the Secure Authentication to the card company website before booking tickets.

• UNION PAY doesn’t need a registration to the card company website.

Fanclub Term: until next generation recruitment

Types of Fanclub Membership

IGOT7 GOLD: who joined in Melon Ticket, residents of Korea with either cellphone number / i-PIN number

Benefits: GOT7 OFFICIAL FAN CLUB IGOT7 membership Card and Special Goods, Prior Participation Opportunity at the solo concerts and broadcasting music programs, Space only for IGOT7 5th Gen at GOT7 Fan’s (Fan Cafe. individual verification is required), Fan Meeting and other various events as additional benefits

IGOT7 SILVER: residents outside of Korea who are eligible to sign up for Melon Ticket Global Website

Benefits: GOT7 OFFICIAL FAN CLUB IGOT7 membership Card and Special Goods, Prior Participation Opportunity at the solo concerts and broadcasting music programs (After Gold Members are done), Space only for IGOT7 5th Gen at GOT7 Fan’s (Fan Cafe. individual verification is required), Fan Meeting and other various events as additional benefit

* benefits may differ depending on the types of membership and there may be restrictions to solo concerts, broadcasting music programs and other offline activities depending on the situation.

How to Apply

1. Log in and check the personal information on Melon Ticket Site (update your contact number and address with latest information, you have to make an ID / Account with your own name. (do not use Family / Friends name)

2. Check “GOT7 OFFICIAL FAN CLUB IGOT7 RECRUITMENT NOTICE” onsite and click “Get Tickets”

3. If you want to join IGOT7 Gold, it is advised to certificate once with your cellphone number / i-PIN number before getting tickets

4. Designate 1 Membership Card of “GOT7 OFICIAL FANCLUB IGOT7”

5. Check the delivery option and the personal information

6. After purchasing it, check reservation history in [My Ticket] on the top right of the site

7. Those who registered on “GOT7 OFICIAL FANCLUB IGOT7” but haven’t yet registered on GOT7 Fan’s must join the GOT7 Fan’s with their own account at ( and go through OFFICIAL FAN CLUB verification. The Official Fan Club Verification Period on GOT7 Fan’s will be noticed at GOT7 Fans later.