Got7’s Mark’s Styles Throughout the Different Eras: From ‘Girls Girls Girls’ to ‘Eclipse’

Got7 Mark

Details About Got7’s Mark’s Styles Up Until Now

Every idol group not only has their own concept, but they also have different styles for each comeback song. The difference in each comeback’s style makes it easier for the fans to remember each comeback era, and some of their styles become a trend for the fans. This is also worked with Got7, who has released many songs since their debut. Not only does each of their comebacks have their own styles, but every member of Got7 also has their own colors that are reflected in their styles.

Today, Channel-Korea will tell all about one of Got7’s members, Mark’s, styles throughout the different eras: from Girls Girls Girls until Eclipse. So stay tuned!

Mark’s Styles Throughout the Era


Got7 Mark Predebut

In Mark’s pre-debut era, he wore very simple and casual clothes. It’s to be expected because, as a trainee, he had to work very hard so it was better for him to wear comfortable and simple clothes so that he could move around in easily.

Got7 Mark Predebut 2

Mostly, we could see him wearing simple t-shirts or sweaters. He loved to wear a beanie or snap-back during this era. What do you think about Mark’s style on his pre-debut era?

Debut with Girls Girls Girls (2014)

Got7 Mark Girls Girls Girls

In their debut era, with Girls Girls Girls, Mark dyed his hair red and wore outfits with hip-hop styles. The outfit itself was quite simple, a t-shirt with long sleeves and pants with a motif. He also wore accessories such as necklaces and bracelets to complete his look.

Got7 Mark Girls Girls Girls

In this era, the clothes that Mark wore for their photo concept and performances were the same. You can see it in the photo above, where he featured in it with his fellow members Bambam and Jinyoung. What do you think about his style on this era? Do you like it?

A (2014)

Got7 Mark A

On this era, Mark wore casual outfits that made him look just like your typical boy-next-door. In the video, we can see him wear a t-shirt with stripes on it.

Got7 Mark A

Meanwhile, for the photo concept he wore a white t-shirt and a necklace and other accessories, such as watch and bracelets. What do you think about Mark’s style in this era?

Stop Stop It (2014)

Got7 Mark Stop Stop It

Not far from the previous era, Mark’s style in the Stop, Stop It era still gave off a hip-hop style. He wore a white shirt with black t-shirt under it and white pants with a strap on each side of it. He again wore a necklace to finish his look. Do you like Mark’s style in this era?

Just Right (2015)

Got7 Mark Just Right

In Just Right, Mark wore a donut hoodie that became popular among K-pop fans! Not only Mark, but Day6’s Jae and Seventeen’s members were also seen to wear clothes with this motif. In this era, he dyed his hair platinum with a pink ombre.

Got7 Mark Just Right 2

Different from the first picture, Mark has a purple ombre on his hair. He also wore a different outfit, which was a shirt under a basketball jersey. However, the two outfits still have the same concept, using bright colors that were more vivid than the previous era. What do you think about Mark’s style in this era?

If You Do (2015)

In the If You Do era, Mark showed off his dark charisma in a navy suit with a green shirt and a striped toe for his outfit in the music video. He dyed his hair to a darker color than in the previous era, completing his style.

Got7 Mark If You Do

Different from his outfit in the music video, in the concept photos he wore an all-black outfit which adds more dark elements that complement their theme for this comeback. What do you think about Mark’s style in this era?

Fly (2016)

Got7 Mark Fly

In contrast to the If You Do era, Got7 shows the fans a soft and mellow look in the Fly era. There are two kinds of styles that they have for their outfits. The first one is an orange jacket over a shirt.

Got7 Mark Fly

On the other side, they also wore outfits with soft, mostly pastel colors. As for Mark, he dyed his hair blond and wore a light-blue shirt with a light colored shirt under it. Which concept one do you like more?

Hard Carry (2016)

Got7 Mark Flight Turbulence

If in the Fly era Got7 chose to wear a style with pastel colors and gave a soft aura to it, in the Hard Carry era they showed the fans a charismatic and bad-ass style. In Mark’s case, he wore a ripped denim jacket and equally tattered jeans, which made him look quite intimidating and charismatic. He also dyed his hair a darker color that added to his dark charisma. Do you like it more when Mark wears a style that shows off his charisma?

You Are (2017)

Got7 Mark You Are

In the You Are era, Mark gave off a mellow, but comforting, the vibe in his concept photos. If he had brown hair before, this time Mark dyed his hair a bolder red! He also shows two kinds of styles in this era. In the first, he shows off his charisma in a shirt and jacket, with a necklace that giev him a stylish edge.

Got7 Mark You Are

In the second concept photo, he wore more casual clothes, a striped turtleneck. Which one do you like more? Do you like the first one better or the second one?

Look (2018)

Got7 Mark Look

In the Look era, Got7 chose to add more color to their concept photos. This time, Mark changed his hair color from red to blonde, and he had a casual style, in a white hoodie with brown pants and sneakers. Don’t you think that this style makes him look younger than he actually is?

Lullaby (2018)

Got7 Mark Lullaby

In contrast to the previous comeback, in the Lullaby era Got7 shows a mellower, softer look in their photo concept. In the teaser photos, we can see Mark in a soft blue shirt with a ribbon on it. Unlike in the Look era, where he had light-colored hair, this time he had dark hair which gave a more mellow nuance to it. What do you think about this era’s style? Do you think that Mark suits this concept?

Eclipse (2019)

Different from the Lullaby’s era style, Got7 went back to a dark concept as their album brought up ‘insecurity’ as their theme. In this era, Mark dyed his hair platinum and wore a black shirt with see-through sleeves, which brings out his charisma and sexiness. He also wore a choker around his neck, which completes his style and makes his looks more stunning! What do you think about Mark’s style in this era? Do you like the dark concept that Mark shows in this comeback period?

So, what do you think about Got7’s Mark’s style throughout the different eras? Do you like Mark’s style overall? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Mark’s style from Girls Girls Girls era to Eclipse era in the comment section!