Got7’s Mark’s Best Style Choices: From His Airport Fashion to His Signature Hoodie

mark tuan

The Living Mannequin, Mark Tuan

Got7’s Mark has a very proportional body, with a very tall, muscular build. His proportions allow him to wear any type of clothing well, which is why he is a living mannequin.

Mark has really good taste in fashion. He can mix and match any kind of clothes and end up looking stylish. His outfits and appearance in any kind of situation are often a hot topic for discussion among the public. Of course, it is positive gossip, as many people talk about the styles he wears. Let’s check out his style!

Mark Tuan’s Appearance in Milan Fashion Week 2019

mark tuan in milan fashion week

Three members of GOT7, Bambam, Jackson, and Mark were invited to attend Milan Fashion Week 2019, which was held January 11-14. They were invited because they seemed to fit the image of the latest collections of fashion brands which are pulled-together, trendy, and luxurious.

Not only did they watch fashion shows of various themes for the 2019 collections, but they also met up and posed with other items they encountered. Unfortunately, because their departure and event days were different, Mark and Bambam couldn’t meet up with Jackson. Before talking more about Mark’s appearance and outfit, take a look at this video.

Do you already want to talk more about Mark’s appearance after watching that video? Mark looked very good in his casual style, in a dark bomber jacket and t-shirt with coordinating patterns.

Take a Look at Mark Tuan’s Best Style Choices

mark tuan

Mark Tuan has very good taste in fashion. He usually favors a casual hip-hop style, which may be because he is a rapper. Mark’s looks will never bore you, as he always comes up with something different. Let’s take look at some of his fashion below!

Airport Fashion

mark airport

In the airport, Mark mostly wears some sort of outer layer, whether it’s a jacket, hoodie, or bomber. Just like in the picture above, where Mark is wearing a baseball/varsity jacket with a black t-shirt under it. He also wore a necklace and a hat, and last, but not least, every boy-artist’s weapon, a black face mask.

mark airport

In this picture, again, Mark had another black face mask and an outer. He wore a denim hoodie combined with a striped, long-sleeved t-shirt and black jeans. He looks very casual and attractive.

mark airport

Instead of a face mask, this time Mark opted for oversized, dark sunglasses. He still looks casual, with a button-up shirt over a black t-shirt, completing his look with a red snapback.

mark casual

As casual looks are probably Mark’s favorite style in fashion, there are many pictures where Mark is wearing casual clothes, just like the picture above where Mark wore a monster jacket and back bag.

mark casual

Or this one, where he wore an oversized black jacket and a white t-shirt. Also, he wore round glasses and a beanie as the sweetener.

mark casual

I love this look. He looks cute and stylish in an oversized flannel shirt and black t-shirt, paired with ripped jeans with black boots.

Boyfriend Look

mark boyfriend
mark boyfriend
mark boyfriend

Red Carpet

mark red carpet

Let’s take a look at what he’s worn on the red carpet. Can you spot where is Mark at first sight?

mark red carpet

Wearing a red suit.

mark red carpet

Mark with a black suit.

mark red carpet

Still with a black suit, but red hair. Doesn’t he look sweet?


mark with hoodie

Mark often wears a hoodie. Maybe he has a lot of hoodies, or maybe almost all of his wardrobes are hoodies. This is Mark with a red hoodie.

mark with hoodie

Here, he’s wearing the iconic donut hoodie. This hoodie was very popular at the time and a lot of fans bought this style, hoping to get his look. Do you also have this hoodie?

mark with hoodie

I personally love this hoodie, as it has very unique. What’s your opinion?

Mark Tuan’s Latest News

markkk ig

His most recent news doesn’t make for good hearing. If you are an Ahgase (fandom name of GOT7) you have probably already heard about the scandal that has been plaguing him lately.

It has been reported that Mark was involved in a sex video. It’s not that Mark appeared in the video. The rumor started when host BJ Yeolmae had a problem with her ex-boyfriend, Woo Changbum. Yeolmae accused Changbum of sharing videos of the two of them having sex to a chat group on one of the social media platforms.

The group included Jung Joon-young, aka JJY, who was previously dragged into this case and has been examined by the police. Yeolmae then mentioned Mark and Lee Jong-hyun from CN Blue, who were said to both be part of the chat group.

Yeolmae actually did not explicitly specify who ‘Mark’ was. But the public has speculated that she was referring to Mark Tuan. After the rumor spread and many people accused Mark Tuan, he apologized to the fans regarding rumors circulating about sex videos that mentioned his name. The apology was delivered through GOT7’s official fan cafe page on Sunday, July 7th, 2019.

Hello, this is Mark. First, I thank fans who support and love GOT7. I want to apologize for hurting and disappointing fans,” Mark wrote.

He continued, “I really know you are disappointed and I try to do something like that will not happen again. I will work hard every day so that you don’t get sick again and become a better Mark. Once again I apologize.

Mark’s agency, JYP Entertainment, responded to the rumor by saying they were willing to take action against people who spread false gossip about Mark GOT7. The agency is gathering evidence about how the gossip is spreading and who is the source who has damaged Mark GOT7’s image, honor, and character. If all the evidence has been collected, the agency will immediately bring it to the law.

This is what the agency said,

Hello. This is JYPE

We believe that currently gossip circulating in cyberspace has damaged the image, reputation, and character of our artists. So we will look for ways to take action after gathering evidence.

We will take any legal action without giving relief to the perpetrators for violating the personal rights of our artists.

Criminal charges and penalties under the defamation law and others will be prosecuted against the perpetrators who have made and disseminated ground-based gossip about our artists.

To speed up this problem, we ask that fans can provide us with information ([email protected]). As an agency, we will take all possible steps and do our best to protect the rights and interests of our artists so that our artists and all fans who love GOT7 will not be hurt.

Thank You.

Sadly, after the rumor spread, Mark has stopped being active on his Instagram. His latest post is a picture from when he was in Toronto on July 2nd, 2019, a day before the rumor spread. Hopefully, he is in good condition right now.