Take a Closer Look at Got7’s Dorm!


Learn More About Got7

GOT7 is a South Korean boy band that debuted on January 20th, 2014, under JYP Entertainment. After being introduced on January 1st, 2014, they debuted with their first EP Got It? GOT7 consists of seven members with different nationalities. They are JB, Jinyoung, Mark (from Los Angeles, USA), Jackson (from Hong Kong), BamBam (from Bangkok, Thailand), Yugyeom, and Youngjae.

Those of you who have already watched the 2012 Korean Drama, Dream High 2, must be acquainted with JB and Jinyoung, who previously went by the stage name Junior, who first made their debut as actors in the drama. After starring in the drama, in May 2012, they debuted as a pop duo JJ Project with the single “Bounce” and appeared again as actors in the 2013 Korean Drama, When a Man Falls in Love.


In the meantime, Mark, Jackson, and Yugyeom were still trainees at JYP Entertainment. They made their first television appearance in the 4th episode of Mnet’s reality-survival program WIN: Who Is Next, along with Winner and iKON members, which aired on September 6th, 2013.


The 7th member to join the group was Youngjae, who had only been a trainee for seven months before their debut.

Curious About GOT7’s Dorm?

www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)

In a GOT7’s live show at Naver Starcast, which was titled I GOT7, GOT7 members revealed their dorm.

At the beginning of the live show, JB asked other members how they felt after finishing their debut promotion. Yugyeom began by saying that it was a little bit sad and that he wanted to stand on the stage again soon so bad because he missed their fans already.

www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)

They also revealed that they were preparing their next album and their next performances in Korea and Japan.

Right after that, they began a dorm tour by dividing the members into three teams:

  1. JB with Mark (showing the vestibule)
  2. Jinyoung with Bambam (showing the wardrobe)
  3. Jackson with Youngjae and Yugyeom (showing the refrigerator)

First, JB and Mark revealed their vestibule which was full of shoe racks and seemed very messy because of the scattered shoes on the floor. JB said that their vestibule couldn’t fit their shoes anymore because GOT7 members were really into shoes, so they had a lot of pair of shoes. JB and Mark also showed us one of their skateboards, which was put in the vestibule.

www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)
www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)
www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)

Next, Bambam and Jinyoung revealed their wardrobe. It was not too big but packed with a lot of clothes and socks and looked very messy too. There were so many socks divided by color because GOT7 members love wearing funny socks.

www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)
www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)

Then, Jackson, Yugyeom, and Youngjae did the refrigerator tour. There were so many kinds of stuff in the refrigerator. They had chocolates, black beans, fruits, pork belly, Kimchi that was made by Jinyoung’s mom, even ginseng, and so on. But the most eye-catching stuff in the refrigerator was the ice cream in the freezer. It was so big and there were more than one. Yugyeom said that all GOT7 members love eating ice cream all day, so they have to have big ice cream boxes in the refrigerator.

www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)
www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)
www.youtube.com (WeGOT7sub)

Finally, the dorm tour was completed by eating dinner in the living room, and it was known that JB has “Sundae King” as his nickname, because he is really into sundae.

The Unknown Address

No one will tell anyone where GOT7 members live unless they are sasaengs. Those who visit idols’ dorms or wait for idols in front of their dorms are called sasaengs. Sasaengs also sell idols’ private information, like telephone numbers, Kakao talk account names, etc. JYP Entertainment, as well as other companies who promote the debut of many idols, don’t allow fans near the idols’ dorms and don’t allow them to stalk them when they don’t have an official schedule.

GOT7 Told Us Who the Most Filthy in the Dorm Is


During the Korean radio show, Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, which was aired by SBS Power FM in March 2018, GOT7 members told us many interesting and funny stories, one of them was about the most filthy member in their dorm.

It started with Bambam praising Jinyoung. Bambam said that Jinyoung’s fascination was on his visual appearance and his charming impression.


However, JB seemed to disagree with the praises. He also revealed that Jinyoung was the member who most seldom cleans the dorm.

Heard it, Youngjae agreed with JB and said, “He (Jinyoung) is the most filthy member in our dorm”.

So, How About the Division of Rooms in the Dorm?


All of you must be curious too about the room’s allocation. So here you are:

In the past:

  1. Mark was rooming with Jackson (Martial Art Team)
  2. JB was rooming with Youngjae (Vocal Team)
  3. Bambam was rooming with Yugyeom (Maknae Team)
  4. While Jinyoung slept alone in his room

But, because of the weather and bugs, they moved to another place in the house. The most recent division is:

  1. JB with Jackson
  2. Mark with Youngjae
  3. Yugyeom with Bambam
  4. and Jinyoung is still alone

In 2017, during a radio show, GOT7 members said that they have already moved to a new dorm and already have their own rooms. Well, everyone except for Bambam and Yugyeom, who were still together in one room, because both of them wanted the largest room in the dorm, so they decided to sleep together in one room. However, Youngjae reportedly left the dorm and preferred to live with his older sister in her apartment in Seoul.

Instead of Being Sad, GOT7 Members Immediately Found a Replacement for Youngjae


Instead of being sad, Got7 members looked very happy because they could bring their pets in the dorm again, especially JB.

iGOT7 (GOT7 fans) must have known that Youngjae is allergic to dogs. Even, the dog of GOT7 members, named Coco, couldn’t live in the dorm because they were afraid of causing Youngjae’s allergy to reappear.

Right after Youngjae left the dorm, JB brought his cat named Nora back to live in the dorm. Not only Nora, but JB also brought two other cats, Kunda and Odd. He even said that only his cats were allowed to enter his room.