Got7’s Bambam: Family, Scandal, Abs, and More!

Let’s Meet GOT7’s Funniest And Cutest Member – BamBam

Kunpimook Bhuwakul, who is more commonly known by his stage name, BamBam, was born on May 2nd, 1997. Bambam is a Thai-born rapper, singer, dancer, and host. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Got7. He was trained under JYP Entertainment for three and a half years before debuting with Got7. His first pre-debut appearance was in an episode of the Mnet channel reality program, WIN: Who Is Next, which aired on September 6th, 2013. BamBam, together with Mark, Jackson, and Yugyeom competed against YG Entertainment trainees: Team A and Team B (now known as WINNER (Team A) and iKON (Team B)).

BamBam’s Unique, Interesting, And Fun Facts
  1. Bambam was born in Bangkok on May 2nd, 1997.
  2. Why is he using the stage name BamBam? The name was apparently taken from the name of the funny character Bamm-Bamm Rubble from his favorite series The Flintstones.
  3. In Thailand, before becoming a K-Pop idol, he won the Rain Cover Dance competition in 2007 and was runner up at the LG Entertainer competition in 2010.
  4. He has three siblings, two brothers, and a sister. All three of them are known as top dancers in Thailand.
  5. His father died when he was very young.
  6. Before his debut, he appeared in a Hong Kong horror film titled Fairy Tale Killer with a small role as the son of Wong Wai-han, played by actor Sean Lau.
  7. He starred in the CF “Ohwantin Milk” in Thailand, in 2011.
  8. In 2016, he got a small role in the popular Korean drama, Jealousy Incarnate, in the first episode.
  9. He can speak at least three languages, those are English, Korean, and Thai.
  10. One of BamBam’s hobbies is listening to music.
  11. When he was a trainee, he filmed the CF for KFC in 2010.
  12. Even though he is in GOT7’s maknae line, he doesn’t like being treated like a baby. He prefers to be treated as a man.
  13. The other GOT7 members call him the “King of Fan Service” because he doesn’t mind taking the time to talk to his fans, even though he is in a hurry.
  14. He participated in writing the lyrics of the songs “만약 에” (If), “노잼” (No Jam), and “니 꿈꿔” (Dreamin ‘).
  15. With Mark, he is known as a soup addict.
  16. BamBam’s mother is a big fan of Rain. She once scolded her son for making her late to a Rain concert.
  17. Bambam said that his parents wanted a daughter but Bambam was born.
  18. Bambam likes to borrow clothes from other members.
  19. Bambam always says that his skills are rap in Thai, but Bambam always raps with the same words. Even all GOT7 members have memorized his rap lyrics.
  20. Bambam is very close to Jackson, so much so, that Jackson considers Bambam as his sibling and puppet.
  21. Bambam looks himself in the mirror very often, even before going to sleep Bambam looks himself in the mirror.
  22. Bambam is really crude and he likes to bother the other members of GOT7, especially when they are sleeping.
  23. BamBam will debut in the group ‘Wee Zaa Cool’ with Blackpink’s Lisa while in Thailand.
  24. Bambam admitted that he doesn’t really speak Thai and Korean, and according to Yugyeom/Yongjae it was caused by his long tongue and big mouth.
  25. Bambam claims that he is very thin because of worms in his body.

Bambam’s Family

Bambam’s family consisted of his mother, father and his siblings, but his father died when Bambam was very young. Bambam has two older brothers, namely Bank and Beer. In addition, he also has a younger sister named Baby. These B Siblings seems to be very famous and popular in Thailand and they are all equally talented in the entertainment world. Bank is a dance instructor and choreographer in Thailand.

Known to be Good Friends, GOT7’s Bambam Uploads A Photo Captured By BLACKPINK’s Lisa On His Official Instagram

It’s no secret that GOT7’s Bambam and BLACKPINK’s Lisa are really good friends as they are both K-Pop idols who are both from Thailand. Even when he was still a dancer, GOT7’s Bambam and BLACKPINK’s Lisa also often performed together.

Not only that, but after their successful career in the Korean entertainment industry, Bambam and Lisa often publicly showed their close relationship.

GOT7’s Bambam recently uploaded a photo, taken by BLACKPINK’s Lisa, on his personal Instagram account, @bambam1a. The photo shows one of the Bambam’s posters on the Thai roadside.


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Photo by. @lalalalisa_m 🇹🇭 #AIS

A post shared by BamBam (@bambam1a) on

“Photo by @lalalisa_m 🇹🇭 #AIS” wrote Bambam in the caption.

The uploaded photo succeeded in making GOT7’s Bambam fans to flood the comment section on his Instagram account. Some of Bambam’s fans hope that the two will not only be related as friends, but they will become sweethearts.

GOT7’s Bambam Gives Support To Blackpink’s Lisa Who Was Bullied By Netizens

Blackpink’s Lisa’s appearance on the Golden Disk Awards received separate reviews from Netizens. They criticized Lisa’s appearance and scoffed at Lisa, who is from Thailand, with racist accusations. Disliked by the attacks of netizens, Blackpink fans made the #RespectLisa tag on Twitter.

It turned out that support for Blackpink’s Lisa also came from fellow idol artists. Reported by the Thai media, from interviews with GOT7’s member from Thailand, BamBam, “Yes, of course, I give her my support. I have been friends with Lisa Noona for a long time and I have contacted her to give her my support,” explained BamBam.

According to BamBam, netizens’ ridicule did not affect Blackpink’s Lisa at all. “Those who bully at least 10 people have no effect on Lisa. People who love and support her are more important than that,” BamBam said.

When asked about racist attacks, BamBam responded casually, “It’s normal for Thai artists. I usually ignore that,” he explained. BamBam said that during the first year of his career in Korea he also had to face with certain forms of racism.

Blackpink’s Lisa and GOT7’s BamBam are both from Thailand. Both are friends since childhood and come from the same dance studio.

GOT7’s Bambam Reveals Proximity To Thai Idols

The current top idol groups are not only from South Korea. Some groups are known to have members from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and the United States.

Such is the case with Bambam, who is one of the idols from Thailand, who managed to debut and succeed in South Korea. He successfully became a rapper in GOT7 and debuted under the auspices of one of the largest entertainment agencies in South Korea, JYP Entertainment.

Bambam has revealed his close relationship with many idols from the same country. In a recent interview, Bambam revealed that he often meets up with Blackpink’s Lisa and other artists to have a special idol chat group from Thailand.

“Honestly, we have a Thai chat group and we know each other. Our homes are close and we often meet each other,” Bambam said. “(Lisa) we met after she finished working. (NCT’s Ten) he is from SM and they are a little tight so we rarely meet. We also often meet CLC’s Sorn.”

Hearing the news, many netizens were happy to see idols having many friends from one country. Some are sad because Ten gets strict rules from SM.

“I’m worried. Thank God they have one another,” said a netter. “So adorable. I hope Ten can also get together with them,” added another. “Save Ten from the SM room. He can’t even meet his friends,” said yet another.

Take A Peek At GOT7’s Bambam And His Fansite Interactions

Bambam is one of the celebrities who is quite active on social media. Not only he is uploading something, but it would seem that Bambam also sees the activities of his fans on social media.

As he has shown recently. On October 22nd, GOT7 was officially confirmed as one of the performers at the 2017 Busan One Festival event. Of course, there are many GOT7 fans, especially the fansite who came.

One of Bambam’s fansites is known to upload his portrait on Twitter and mark his idol account. Unexpectedly, a photo that looks amazingly sexy shows Bambam’s abs. Without a second thought, Bambam decided to reply to the post from one of his fans. “Please I want a photo that is HD (High Definition) hahaha,” Bambam wrote.

It didn’t take long, Bambam’s request was filled by his fans. Unmitigated, she uploaded the photo of Bambam’s abs in a better quality 3 times.

Many netters laughed at Bambam’s behavior. “It’s really funny, Bambam haha,” said a netter. “Bambam grows well. His abs look perfect,” was written by another one. “Please use more polite clothes next time haha,” read another comment.

GOT7’s Bambam And Yugyeom Censured For Drinking And Rough Speech

GOT7’s BamBam and Yugyeom recently received criticism from the netters for their behavior while attending a pool party in Los Angeles. Although this is their personal domain, unfortunately, the behavior of the two rising idols was recorded through Snapchat which then spread on internet media. This also immediately shocked GOT7 fans and other K-pop fans.

Reported by Allkpop, in a video, Yugyeom who looked drunk with a red face leaned his body on the table while a female friend recorded the incident. The video was immediately criticized, considering that Yugyeom, who is currently 18 years old, where he is not old enough to get legal permission to drink alcohol.

In another video snippet, BamBam who also attended the party was heard saying a harsh word, an insulting word commonly used by African Americans. According to the fans, it was not only the two of them attending the party, but Mark was there as well.

GOT7’s BamBam Eventually Apologizes For The Scandal Caused by Racist Cursing?

Recently, GOT7 was hit by controversy following a successful gig in Los Angeles. BamBam and Yugyeom were found doing something improper at a party held by a swimming pool in LA that was spread on Wednesday (July 13th).

From the uploaded video, BamBam could be seen strongly uttering racist curse words during a photo session that took place at the party. Yugyeom, on the other hand, was drunk, even though legally he is not old enough to drink alcohol. It seems that BamBam eventually, apologized.

Reported by Allkpop, BamBam apologized in an Instagram post in the form of a video, recording his trip in America for the GOT7 tour “Fly in USA 1st Concert.” He apologized without mentioning certain events from the July 12th post.

“I want to apologize for what I did. And I know it’s all my fault. I don’t want to be silent like this. I will do something when I go back to Korea again. I promise. Sorry I made you all angry. This is all my own fault. I’m sorry.”

But the apology was not found on BamBam’s Instagram, who instead wrote something else. “2 weeks in the USA. I’m very happy! Thank you for all IGOT7 USA, I’ll be right back. Love you guys (New York Dallas LA LA all in 1 Video),” he wrote.

Circulating Photos Of TWICE’s Mina And GOT7’s BamBam On a Bed, JYP Entertainment Speaks Up

Not long ago, fans were shocked by the photos of TWICE’s Mina And GOT7’s BamBam that circulated on the internet. Not a few of the public, later assumed and speculated that the two idols are actually dating.

In the photos that circulated, Mina and BamBam appeared to pose casually on the bed. Both of them appear very close, thus making a number of people believe that the two have a special relationship. Not wanting to be consumed by public rumors, many TWICE fans who saw these photos deemed them a mere Photoshop result. And shortly after the photo caused an uproar, JYP Entertainment spoke up.

One of the spokesmen from the management of TWICE and GOT7 confirmed that the photos circulating were original photos taken by Mina and BamBam, which were spread on the internet after being hacked by someone who was not responsible. However, JYP Entertainment denied that they had a special relationship.

“The photos circulating are photos they took together. They are just friends from the same management agency. We will take legal steps against rumors that defame our artists,” said a representative from the agency.

Bambam’s Recent Posts On His Instagram Account

Bambam enjoys his vacation time with his three siblings in Phuket, Thailand.

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PHUKET Family Time❤️

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Bambam enjoys his vacation time in Phuket with a very beautiful sunset view.

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Happy 3days in Phuket❤️

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Celebrating the 5-year-anniversary of GOT7’s debut.

Selfie with scarf pillow.

Attending a Saint Laurent event.

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Thanks for having me today @ysl #ysl #saintlaurent

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