Do You Wanna Know More About Got7’s Maknae, Yugyeom? We’ve Got It Right Here!

Yugyeom in Law of the Jungle

In early 2016, Yugyeom was cast for the SBS reality show Law of the Jungle. He appeared in episodes 349-352 when they traveled to an island in the Northern Mariana Islands, Pacific Ocean.

In one of the episodes, according to Soompi, he suffered a minor injury when he was building a shelter with bamboo stalks with the other cast members.

Suddenly, he felt pain under his left foot so he sat down and took his sock off to see the wound. The crew approached him and asked if he was alright, he answered, “It’s just a small puncture. There’s a hole. It’s because one of my blisters burst.” The crew then urged him to rest while he explained, “It’s because there was a lot of pressure and moisture. It really does hurt quite a bit.”

After receiving some medical conduct, the artist immediately stood on his feet and went back to his work despite the pain he felt. He impressed the crew and cast with his positive attitude after suffering a minor injury.

Underage Drinking Scandal

Back in July 2016, the Got7 maknae line received bad comments due to their questionable behavior when they attended a pool party in Los Angeles. Even though it seemed to be a private party, both the maknaes were caught in Snapchat videos and those were spread through the internet.

In one video, Yugyeom was seen in a red face while leaning on the table while a female acquaintance recording him. He was called out by netizens because he was still 18 years old, meaning he was still underage for drinking alcohol. In Korea, we are allowed to purchase alcohol at the age of 18 but to drink we must be at least 19, while in America, we have to be at least 21. However, he appeared to have been drunk. Meanwhile, BamBam was seen in another video saying the N-word (a derogatory term used against African-Americans). It was reported that the party was held at Mark’s family house. Later, after the news spread, not to mention it became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, BamBam apologized through his social media. With all the controversy, their agency didn’t release any statement and the controversy gradually faded.

Got7’s Subunit – Jus2


Another common thing in the K-Pop world where the leader-maknae interactions get the attention of their fans, including leader JB and maknae Yugyeom. What if they formed a group though? JYP Entertainment finally realized the leader-maknae group with Got7’s second subunit called Jus2. On February 13th, 2019, the agency announced about an upcoming Got7’s subunit that would debut in March. Later, they released the group name along with group teaser photos.


They also released some individual teaser photos.

It was revealed that they would release their first EP Focus consisting of six tracks on March 5th, with the title track “Focus On Me.” The other tracks are “Drunk On You,” “Touch,” “Senses,” “Love Talk,” and “Long Black.” The group music genre is more like R&B with calmer but mature vibes. Ahead from the EP release date, they dropped the music video of the title track “Focus On Me” on March 3rd.

They made their debut stage on March 7th at Mnet’s M! Countdown.

The album debuted at number seven on the Billboard World Album ChartThe duo also released a soundtrack titled “Take” for a Korean drama where their fellow member Jinyoung was cast, He Is Psychometric.

To promote their debut album, Jus2 made a premiere showcase tour around Asia with the help of their fellow members as the MCs. Here are the details of the dates and locations!

Date City Place MC
April 7th Macau Broadway Theatre Mark
April 10th – 11th Tokyo Zepp DiverCity Youngjae
April 14th Taipei TICC-Taipei International Convention Center Mark
April 17th – 18th Osaka Zepp Namba Osaka Youngjae*
April 21st Jakarta Nusantara Hall, ICE BSD BamBam
April 27th – 28th Bangkok Thunder Dome
May 4th Singapore Sepp Bigbox Mark

*Youngjae was pulled out of being an MC at Osaka due to his deviated septum surgery that he underwent before so he needed to rest for his recovery.

Let’s see some of the photos of Jus2’s showcase!