Do You Wanna Know More About Got7’s Maknae, Yugyeom? We’ve Got It Right Here!

Find Out More About Got7’s Precious Maknae, Yugyeom!

Got7 is a band that debuted on January 16th, 2014, under JYP Entertainment, that consists of seven members: JB (leader), Jackson, Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. They have released many albums and singles some of which have topped the charts. Each member brings out different personality and characteristics which make Got7 very special, not to mention they have three non-Korean members!

This article will be focused on Got7’s maknae, Yugyeom. Even though he is the youngest, we can’t underestimate his skills and attitude as he participated in Law of the Jungle and won the idol dance competition Hit The Stage. Moreover, he and JB are incorporated in Got7’s second subunit, Jus2. What kind of person is he? How was his performance in Law of the Jungle and Hit The Stage? Has he ever been involved in a scandal? Channel-Korea will break down all the facts about Yugyeom and all the pieces of information about him. Check them out below!

Yugyeom’s Full Profile
Stage Name Yugyeom
Birth Name Kim Yu-gyeom
Position Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Date of Birth November 17th, 1997
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height 182 cm (6’0″)
Weight 64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type A
Education Taekyung University (Model Department)
Family Father, Mother, an older brother
Motto “Practice makes perfect. So let’s practice until the end.”

He loves to dance since childhood which makes him specialized in it especially, street dance like krumping, house dance, and popping but he actually likes to play the piano as a hobby. His role model is Chris Brown and apparently Chris Brown is following him on Instagram. He became a JYP trainee in late 2010 or early 2011 before debuting as a member of Got7 in 2014.

Fun Facts Aout Yugyeom
  • Yugyeom revealed that his mother was pregnant in Saudi Arabia but he was born in Seoul. They went back to Saudi Arabia because of his dad’s job and grew up there for a while. Later, his hometown is in Gyonggi-do, South Korea.
  • Before changing major to attend University and became colleague with Youngjae, he was a student of Donong Elementary School, Migeum Middle School, and Hanlim Arts High School majoring in Street Dance.
  • Yugyeom’s nickname is Brownie.
  • He won second place at the Adrenaline House Dance Battle in 2011.
  • Even though he is the youngest, he is the tallest member of Got7. Many have mistaken him as the oldest due to his height and mature appearance.
  • He speaks Korean and Japanese.
  • He appeared in the web drama Dream Knight (2015) with the rest of Got7 members.
  • He prayed a lot before debuting that they would all debut together and none of the members will be left out.
  • His favorite foods are samgyupsal (grilled pork belly), bulgogi (grilled marinated beef), chicken, and kimbab (Korean version of sushi).
  • He picked G-Dragon and Chris Brown as his favorite artists.
  • His favorite colors are yellow and black.
  • His favorite music genre: R&B and Hip-Hop.
  • He would like to have a duet with 15&’s Baek Ye-rin.
  • His mom told him not to become an idol and wanted him to be a normal student but he told her to give him a chance.
  • He took part in writing and composing several Got7 songs, like “빛이나” (See The Light) from the album Flight Log: Departure, “노잼” (No Jam) from the album Flight Log: Turbulence, “양심없이” (Don’t Care) from the album Flight Log: Arrival, and “내게” (To Me) from the album 7 for 7.
  • He did a special dance performance with BTS’ J-Hope at the Dream Concert in 2015.

  • He says that he likes to check the pictures taken by fans and that he is grateful for them.
  • He is friends with fellow ’97 liners (who are born in 1997) as BTS’ Jungkook, Seventeen’s The8, DK, and Mingyu, ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, and NCT’s Jaehyun. They even made a group chat together along with his groupmate BamBam.
  • His dorm partner was BamBam before both of them moved out and started living on their own. Yugyeom is scared of living alone so he invited a composer hyung to live with him.
  • He admitted that when they were trainees, he was jealous of BamBam because he was small and cute so the others treated him differently even though both are the same age. On the other hand, BamBam was jealous of him for the opposite reason as Yugyeom was tall and manly. They fought a lot back then because of that.
  • His ideal type is a girl with a wacky personality.

Yugyeom in Hit The Stage

Yugyeom is not titled as the main dancer for anything. Back in 2016, he joined Mnet’s dance competition Hit The Stage. It is a competition where K-Pop idols team up with professional dancers to compete against each other. Each episode has a theme and consists of six to eight contestants. The winner is determined by the eight judges’ score and the audiences’ score (up to 200).

Yugyeom first appeared in episode 9 with the theme “The Fight” and competed against the other six teams: UP10TION’s Bilto, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, DIA’s Eunjin and Chaeyeon, Teen Top’s Changjo, NCT’s Ten, and Miss A’s Min. His fellow Got7 members even came to the studio to support him. He teamed up with dance teams Hype Up and Body&Soul and took a story of a fight in a casino that was inspired by the movie 21. After the performance, he showed his house dance and it was quite impressive! He was in second place after SNSD’s Hyoyeon with 8 points from the judges’ score and 159 points from the audiences’ score.

Yugyeom appeared again in episode 10, the last episode of the season, with a theme “Final.” This time, he went against SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Block B’s U-Kwon, NCT’s Ten, Monsta X’s Shownu, and I.O.I’s Chungha. He teamed up with the dance teams from the previous episode because he thought they were the best crew. This time, he took a story of his growth period. He even recruited a 14-year-old kid to represent his first-time joining the dance club at the age of 14. He once again showed off his dance skills in a great performance and made impressive progress as he won the first place with a total of 8 points from the judges’ score and 163 from the audiences’ score. Because of this, Got7 members started calling him “Hit The Stage Yugyeom.”

Admittedly, he deserves to be the main dancer!

Yugyeom’s Tattoos

It is a common thing for Korean artists to have tattoos, including Yugyeom. He is known to have two tattoos each on both sides of his upper body. On his right side, it is a dandelion flower.

Looks like he really likes dandelions, he also set his profile picture and home picture on Twitter with a dandelion image.

On his left side, it’s a writing that reads “I’m not like that.” When asked why he chose those words, he said that because he won’t behave or act exactly like other people. Since he has tattoos on both sides, he wears clothes that show both sides more often.

On a V-Live video, Yugyeom was seen half-naked in the swimming pool and fans finally got to see his whole tattoos.

In March 2019, there was a rumor that Yugyeom has made another tattoo. When he hosted a radio station, fans noticed there was something black on his shoulders under his white t-shirt. Then, when he stood up and showed his back, fans could see through and noticed a big tattoo on his back, some assumed it was wings. |

While on tour, Yugyeom surprised fans by showing off his new tattoo. They were not wrong about the wings tattoo on his back. It is actually a cross with wings tattoo.

Not only that, but he also made another tattoo on his left shoulder that reads “Trust Me.” He chose those words because those are words he wants to tell his family and fans.

To summarize, he has a total of four tattoos on his body so far.

Yugyeom Has Abs?

What’s more striking than being the tallest member with several tattoos? Having glorious abs! Some people assume he doesn’t have abs because he has never shown them. Yet Yugyeom managed to prove that his height is not the only thing he has going for him, in terms of appearance. Even though he has never revealed them on purpose, fans are just too sharp not to notice what’s under his tops, especially with his muscular arms. |

Yugyeom likes to dance and sometimes post a dance video of himself. In one of his dance videos, he accidentally showed a glimpse of his abs under his sleeveless t-shirt.

What do you think? Does he really have abs?

Friendship with BTS’ Jungkook

Everybody knows about the ’97 liners group chat that consists of Got7’s Yugyeom and BamBam, BTS’ Jungkook, Seventeen’s The8, DK, and Mingyu, ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, and NCT’s Jaehyun. They sometimes make an update of them hanging out together or meeting in the waiting room at some event.

Apparently, Yugyeom has been showing his closeness, especially with BTS’ Jungkook. In September 2016, Got7 and BTS participated in Idol Star Athletic Championship together. Jungkook seemed to have fun with Yugyeom and BamBam.

Months later, Jungkook made a live video broadcast while eating. He talked about having an interest in bowling and wanted to coax someone. He revealed that his close friend is Yugyeom so he wanted to coax him into bowling.

Not long after that, both the idols along with their groups attended MAMA and BTS’ Jungkook went to hug Jackson, Mark, and BamBam but when he saw Yugyeom, his smile got bigger and he immediately rushed to hug him. It was a beautiful moment because they showed their attachment in public in front of their fellow members as well.

Recently, in May 2019, when Yugyeom and other Got7 members attended the JTBC variety show Idol Room, Yugyeom shared about his friendship with BTS’ Jungkook. As cited by Koreaboo, the idol said, “I’m good friends with chef Lee Yeon-bok and BTS’ Jungkook. When I was 19, we went to the MAMA stage with them. Afterward, we exchanged phone numbers and became close friends. We are the ’97 liner friends.” He actually referred to Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015 where BTS and Got7 had a collaboration stage together. Both the idols then exchanged numbers then initiated to make a ’97 liners assembly in a group chat when they were 20 the next year.

On July 28th, Jungkook posted a picture of him having a meal with fellow ’97 liners Yugyeom, Seventeen’s Mingyu, and ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, with a caption “97 line.”

It’s been a while since they updated about themselves so fans went nuts about this. They were touched because the artists seem to keep in touch despite their own tight schedules. Let’s wait for their full ’97 liners team assembly!

Bonus: Watch compilations of Yugyeom and Jungkook’s sweet moments in the videos below!