Let’s Take a Look at How Ahgases Celebrate Got7’s Youngjae’s Birthday Throughout the Years

Youngjae birthday

What Would it be if Ahgase’s Sunshine, Choi Youngjae, is Having a Birthday?

Got7 is one of the most popular boy-groups in the K-Pop industry. They debuted under one of the most top-rated agencies in South Korea, JYP Entertainment, in January, 2014. Just like the name suggests, Got7 consists of seven talented members: JB as the leader, Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom. The group made its debut with the song “Girls, Girls, Girls” and started to capture a lot of girls’ attention and hearts. Those people who started to love Got7 instantly became fans. Later on, the fandom name became iGot7 or sometimes the fans are simply called Ahgase, which was the shortened way to call iGot7 (아이 갓 세븐, romanization: Ah-ee Gat Se-beun) in Korean.

However, we’re not going to talk about Got7 in general in this article. Instead, let’s talk about the powerful vocalist with an absolute talent for composing music, Choi Youngjae, the only guy in Got7 who was born in 1996.

Even though Youngjae doesn’t have a fellow member that was the same age, it doesn’t make him lonely in Got7 because all the hyungs (the term for addressing older brother in Korean) like Mark, JB, Jinyoung, and Jackson, as well as the dongsaengs (the term for addressing younger brother in Korean) like Bambam and Yugyeom, are good to him and treat him like a real brother. Not only Got7 members, but Ahgases also always give Youngjae love and support. When Youngjae released a mixtape under the name he uses for composing, Ars, Ahgase supported him by listening to the songs. Also, when Youngjae has a solo project song, like singing for a Prevent Suicide Campaign or an OST, Ahgases show their support by listening to the songs and streaming the music video.

But what if Youngjae is having a birthday? The fans must have prepared and given him a lot of love as a gift. But how do Ahgases celebrate Youngjae’s birthday?

Keep on reading to get the answer!

Youngjae’s Birthday

As fans, Ahgases have a lot of ways to shower their love on the Got7 members. One example is showing support or giving a fan project at a Got7 concert, fansigning, or even on one of the members’ birthday. And speaking of one of the members’ birthday, we’re going to talk about how Ahgases celebrate one of Got7 members on their birthday. Youngjae, like the sunshine that Ahgases love, also gets presents from fans when he’s having a birthday. What kind of presents does Ahgase give to Youngjae from time to time? How do they celebrate Youngjae’s birthday?

Are you curious?

Youngjae’s First Birthday with Ahgases: #YJ19thBirthday

The first time Youngjae celebrated his birthday with Ahgase was after Got7 made their debut on January 16, 2014, with a song called “Girls Girls Girls”. At that time, Youngjae was still a high-schooler who just reached the age of 19 years old in the Korean aging system or 18 in the international aging system.

It was also the first time for JYP Entertainment to officially congratulate Youngjae on his birthday. You can see below, they posted on JYP Entertainment’s official Twitter account!

The 19-year-old Youngjae looks so cute and innocent on the picture! What a cutie!

This hashtag also became one of the trending topics in some countries, and even managed to get on the worldwide trending topics list. Good job, Ahgase!

Youngjae’s 20th Birthday: #YoungjaeSunshineDay

The next year on Youngjae’s birthday, Ahgases didn’t use the old hashtag and not only because the guy on #YJ19thBirthday wasn’t turning 19 anymore. For the hashtag that being used in 2015 to celebrate Youngjae’s birthday, the Ahgase used #YoungjaeSunshineDay, as it stated officially on JYP Entertainment Twitter account.

We can see the smiling picture of Youngjae as JYP Entertainment and every Ahgase in the world congratulated his birthday. This year, Youngjae was having a special birthday because the main vocalist of Got7 officially became an adult as he reached 20 years old. Congrats Youngjae!


Youngjae’s Birthday Hashtag: #SunshineYoungjaeDay

Not much different from the previous hashtag, for the year of 2016, the official hashtag that was used to congratulate Youngjae’s birthday on Twitter was #SunshineYoungjaeDay.  Ahgases around the world tweeted it continuously, starting from 12AM KST (Korean Standard Time) as they appreciated Youngjae’s birthday. Our Sunshine was having a birthday, and the world needed to know it.

The next year, they still used the same hashtag. Youngjaebecame a 22-year-old man in the Korean aging system, or 21 years old in the International aging system, and was congratulated by all Ahgases around the world not only on Twitter but also on Instagram.

As usual, JYP Entertainment also tweeted about our precious Sunshine on their official Twitter account. Let’s take a look at the tweet.



The difference between this year’s photo compared to others of Youngjae’s birthday photos from past years is that he looks more mature on this photo. Ah, our baby Sunshine has turned into a man!

Youngjae’s Birthday Hashtag: #ArsYoungjaeDay

This is the latest birthday that Youngjae spent with Got7 as well as Ahgases. On Youngjae’s 23rd birthday, the hashtag that was being used was totally different. There’s the use of the word sunshine at all. What? Does that mean Youngjae is no longer our sunshine?

Woah, woah, woah, hold on. Not because of that, of course. Youngjae is still our precious sunshine with a strong and powerful vocal, but this time, we appreciated his birthday by using his composing name as well, which is Ars.

You can take a look at the #ArsYoungjaeDay tweet that was being used by JYP Entertainment’s official account, as well as all Ahgases everywhere around the world.

At 12AM KST, fans started to tweet about Youngjae and saying happy birthday to the main vocalist with the angelic voice. With all the wishes, support, and love on every message that was sent to him, we all do hope that Youngjae will have a great day and year on his birthday, as he started his 23 years old on his life.

Now you already know the usual routine for Ahgases on Youngjae’s birthday. And since September is getting closer and Youngjae’s birthday is coming up, what hashtag do you think might be used to celebrate Youngjae’s birthday? Do you have any fan project to give as his birthday present? You still have time to think about it, though! At this time, just support Youngjae and Got7 on every project they have.


Youngjae’s Instagram

As a popular K-Pop star, Youngjae maintains his interaction with fans through social media. So for you international Ahgases, don’t be worried because you still can get updates about Youngjae from his official Instagram account. You can find Youngjae’s Instagram account on @333cyj333. Go follow him, if you haven’t!

And now, let’s take a look at some of Youngjae’s updates from his Instagram page. He usually doesn’t post anything related to his birthday. Wait no more, let’s see it down below!

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코코야 여기방

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see you next time @lauvsongs

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간만에~~~ 가즈아! @j.praize @maxxsong7

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Seeing Youngjae’s Instagram posts just makes us want to see more, don’t you agree? Every photo he posted tells us a little more about him and makes us want to post a message for him in the comment section. If you follow him, you’ll get an up-to-date post about Youngjae, posted by his own hand. And also, don’t forget to keep supporting Youngjae as well as other Got7 members. Good luck Youngjae and Got7. Cheers!