How Charming Are GOT7 Without Makeup?


GOT7 Member Without Makeup

Being an idol group requires every member to look perfect. From their clothes, to their style, to their makeup, everyone has to look handsome or beautiful. Using makeup as an example, every idol must wear makeup to make their appearance look perfect, and not just female idols but male idols too including the boy group from JYP Entertainment, GOT7. In their appearance they use makeup to make themselves look more interesting, but often some of them are more comfortable and feel more handsome when they don’t use makeup at all. The members of GOT7 that most often upload selfies without wearing makeup are Jackson and Jinyoung. They both feel that they look more handsome and charming with their bare face. Now, let’s see GOT7 members without makeup.

GOT7 Mark Without Makeup

The oldest member of GOT7 is seen not using makeup in a variety show GOT7. Netizens who saw the photo were surprised by the handsome and charming Mark Tuan without makeup.

He even uploaded selfies without using makeup. His fine face shape and sharp jaws make netizens mesmerized with his face, even though he did not use makeup. Even at fanmeetings, Mark is seen not using heavy makeup or not wearing makeup at all, which makes his face look very innocent like a child.

GOT7 JB Without Makeup

The leader of GOT7 is often occasionally caught on camera when he does not use makeup. Even netizens are fascinated with his smooth, clean skin without using makeup, he looks so hot and like a real man. The leader who is obsessed with The Simpsons is indeed very confident with his face without using makeup, on one talk show BamBam let Jaebum’s secret out – that he was wearing Bart Simpson underwear.