How Charming Are GOT7 Without Makeup?

GOT7 Jackson Without Makeup


Jackson is one of the members who does not care about his appearance, even when not wearing makeup. He always felt handsome regardless of whether he used makeup or not.

Even in the show The Law Of The Jungle, netizens were amazed by Jackson’s handsome face and very manly features when not using makeup. Even EXID’s Hani uploaded their photos together without using makeup on social media. Many netizens would support it if the pair were to have a special relationship.

She wrote, ” Jackson, we look so different. I mean, sorry. Am I the only one who looks different…? “


GOT7 Jinyoung Without Makeup


Whenever Jinyoung is caught on camera at the airport he does not use makeup, usually covering his face with a jacket hood. Even so netizens often wait at the airport to try and see Jiyoung’s face as Jinyoung looks very handsome when not using makeup. A pointed chin and not yet overgrown a beard makes his face look sexy.

At a fanmeeting, Jinyoung often doesn’t use thick makeup and his face looks are so innocent like a kid.


GOT7 Youngjae Without Makeup


Youngjae once uploaded a selfie without makeup after finishing a performance. Netizens were mesmerized by a very innocent Youngjae face and with a funny expression adding an aspect of cuteness. Even his friend once uploaded a photo with Youngjae, where Youngjae did not use makeup at all and he looked very handsome.