Got7’s Piercings Appreciation – How Many Does Every Member Have?

Got7’s Accessories

We all know that Got7 has a unique style. They have their own sense of fashion that suits them well. When they think about fashion, most people talk about clothes, but, actually, fashion is more about the details. Sometimes we even ignore the accessories they wear, which may, in reality, be the things that make their outfits stand out, like hats, necklaces, watches, sunglasses, etc. | | | https-// | https-// |

Got7 with Piercings

Among all the accessories the Got7 members like wear, some of you may have noticed the Got7 members also wear earrings and other piercings, as well. In this article, we”ll give you all the details about Got7’s piercings!

JB – 7 edited by

As we can see above, JB wears as number of piercings, seven in total! He has four piercings on his right ear and three on his left. He is the one who has the most piercings among all the Got7 members. With all those piercings, we find him especially good looking. paired with his shining black hair, his piercings stand out with metallic colors. The black ones add manliness to his overall look. Let’s take another look at them! |

In the If You Do photoshoots, JB looks manly and bold with his black piercings. They are all ring-shaped with various sizes. |

Meanwhile, in this one, JB wears more glowing piercings, in bigger sizes, too, that we immediately notice at first glance. | |

One day, JB shocked his fans by showing up with two lip piercings. Fans thought he had gone wilder with his piercings and tried something new with his lower lip, but later he pulled them off in front of his fans with no mark in his lower lip. So apparently those were fakes. Although some of us wished deep down they were real, because he looked even hotter! Via V-App, he mentioned that he wanted to pierce his nose and eyebrow bar, but we don’t know if he will do that or not. |

Nowadays JB wears fewer piercings, as seen in the picture. Although he only wears four or less, we have to say that he still slays.

Jin-young – 0

Jin-young is the only member of Got7 who has never been pierced! It’s amazing to see him effortlessly glowing without any piercings.

In 2017 he surprised the fans by wearing an earring on his right ear. Later, it came out that it was a fake. One of his fans gave it to him as a gift the day before at the fan signing event in Daegu. Even though it was a fake, it still satisfied our curiosity about what Jin-young would look like with a piercing.

Mark – 3 | edited by

Mark has total of three piercings, one on the right ear and two on the left. We have to agree that he looks really good with the black ones. | | |

He seems to prefer relatively small and simple earrings, compared to JB. This type gives him a simpler look, yet cool and charming. | |

Once in a while, he’s worn longer ones, like in these photos, allowing us to see his chic side.

A few years ago, fans discovered an odd photo of Mark with his tongue a bit out. If you take a much closer look, you will see a shiny circle-shaped thing. Fans suspected that it was another piercing under his tongue. The group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, later made a statement saying that it was not a piercing, but a bubble. Though it was confirmed to be not true, there are still speculations about this photo. Some assume that it was photoshopped, others think that it was real. Despite whether it’s real or not, the looks-like-tongue-piercing thing actually makes him look sexy!

Jackson – 3 edited by

Jackson was seen to have at least three piercings, one on his right ear and two on his left. He made a good, firm look in his piercings! | |
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Apparently, he prefers wearing the pointy, arrow-like earring on his left ear lobe. He was seen many times wearing it on his left ear lobe, with different pairs of earrings. | | | |

He still looks good with other, simpler earrings. He seems to favor small, glowing, metallic types of earrings. Let’s take another look at his piercings! | https-// | https-// | https-//

Yu-gyeom – 2 edited by

Yu-gyeom has two piercings, one on each ear lobe. He is the only member with the most common number of piercings but still gives us a unique look.

He has worn the longer, shiny metallic types many times, which make him look more mature and cool even though he is the youngest. | |

He also seems to like wearing hoops. Simple, but sassy!

Young-jae – 3

Young-jae has three piercings, all on his left ear lobe. We just can’t get our focus away from his left side! |

In this picture, he was seen to be wearing a unique shape, like a big pin. It kind of reminds us of JB, who likes to wear big and unique earrings. | |

Most of the time, he wears hoops in all his piercings, ranging from the thin ones to thicker ones. He looks naturally dashing with one-sided piercings!

But wearing black studs isn’t a bad look, either.

Bam Bam – 4 edited by

Bam Bam has a total of four piercings, three on his left ear and one on his right. In the picture above, he kills the look with simple, metallic earrings, matching them with the yellow sunglasses. Plus, the black top he’s wearing makes his face look more appealing.

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He promised his fans to pierce his ears years ago when he reached the age of 20. He was then pierced by NaNa Piercing.

The information was revealed by NaNa Piercing, themselves when they uploaded a picture of someone’s left ear with three piercings and tagged Bam Bam on Instagram.

Another story comes from V-App, when Got7 was in Japan for a fan meeting. As translated by @igot7_MarKP on Twitter, they talked about how Bam Bam got his ears pierced for the first time. It was mentioned by Jin-young first. He asked if Bam Bam has done what he promised (his ears) then Yu-gyeom answered, “When Bam Bam was getting his ears pierced, he was holding my hands.” Bam Bam immediately responded that he didn’t have any thoughts of piercing it and that he just went with Yu-gyeom. He said his pride was hurt when Yu-gyeom stated that a man should get his ears pierced and Bam Bam was also 20 already. Then he thought it for about 30 minutes before he finally decided to do it and held Yu-gyeom’s hands. | |

We have to agree that his decision was a good one because he totally rocks with these piercings! |

Nowadays he wears fewer earrings than usual, sometimes he only wore one or none at all, but he still looks fabulous.