Got7’s Piercings Appreciation – How Many Does Every Member Have?

Current Activities

The Got7 members now have their own schedules. Jin-young is breaking into acting and was cast in the tvN web drama He is Psychometric, with Shin Ye-eun. Meanwhile, last month JB and Yu-gyeom debuted in the new sub-unit called Jus2 and released their first six tracks in Focus: Mini Album. Jackson also made an announcement that he was about to release his solo, Oxygen, after canceling the release of Faded last month. Currently, Got7 is nominated for Top Social Artist at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, along with BTS, EXO, Ariana Grande, and Louis Tomlinson.

Got7 has its unique style of expressing themselves through their piercings (except Jin-young, “without getting pierced” is his style). Presently, they also keep developing their unique style to the world’s recognition. Hopefully, we will see their other piercings and maybe some little surprises in the future.