GOT7 Members’ Ideal Type of Woman (Age, Height, and etc)


GOT7 Members’ Ideal Type

JYP Entertainment has been producing many popular singers and groups, and one of them is GOT7. With their growing popularity, GOT7 has been appearing in various shows and they have been interviewed by many magazines as well. Among all those interviews, you guys must be wanting to know whether there is an explanation of their ideal type of woman, right? No need to wait anymore, let’s check GOT7 members’ ideal type!

GOT7’s Ideal Type Based on Their Interview

When a celeb gets featured in a magazine, or isĀ  a guest on a TV show, there must be some kind of interview, right? And if it’s an idol group, there is a certain question that must be answered by them, and that is a questions about their ideal type. We have gathered and summarized JYP Entertainment’s, nowadays most popular boy group, GOT7’s ideal type of girl from many interviews and now finally you guys don’t have to guess what kind of girls GOT7 members like.

GOT7 Jackson’s Ideal Type (Height and Age)


For his ideal girl’s looks, Jackson likes a girl that has bronze skin. As for her personality, she would have to be friendly so she can get close to him quickly and become a suitable match, and she would have to take care of him well. Jackson once mentioned Girls’ Generation Sunny as his ideal type among Korean celebrities.

Since Jackson is an easy-going guy, we think he does not mind whether his future girlfriend is someone older or younger, she could be up to 2 years older or maybe 6 years younger than him. As for height, 157-165 cm tall will suit him well.

Last but not least, Jackson will be happy if girls say they want to meet someone like him, it makes him feel special. Jackson also wants to spend his date comfortably at home with his future girl.

GOT7 JB’s Ideal Type (Height and Age)


Our leader likes girls that dare to look at his eyes directly and she would have to be a kind of cute girl with a cute appearance. Not only that, she would have to be charming, mature enough, and able to understand his work at the same time. JB is a simple guy, he will be happy with any kind words from his girl. For his ideal girl’s age, since JB likes cute girls, she could be younger than him around 1 to 4 years, and for her height it can be 159-167cm tall.

GOT7 Jinyoung (Jr)’s Ideal Type (Height and Age)

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Jinyoung wants his girl to believe in him, and she would have to be a charming girl with a charming smile. Every time she smiles he would like to also see her teeth. Jinyoung’s ideal girl could be a career woman that can put her attention to her work well. Jinyoung also wants a comfortable relationship, because if it’s stressful then it’s not a relationship.

Jinyoung really likes being praised so he will be more motivated to do his job. If he has a date, he will spend it in a quite place, just him and his girl. For his ideal girl’s height it can be around 160-168cm tall, and as for her age, it can be 1-4 years younger than Jinyoung himself.