Got7’s Mark Tuan’s Tattoo and Meaning That Made You Curious

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How Many Tattoos Are on Got7’s Mark Tuan’s Body

Mark is a member of the boy group Got7 from South Korea. The group is composed of seven members, those are JB, Mark, Bambam, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, and Jackson. His birth name is Tuan Yi-eun and his Korean name is Dong Yi-eun. Mark was born on September 4th, 1993, in Los Angeles, USA. He became a JYP trainee in August 2010, and on January 1st, 2014, got his position in Got7 as the Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, and Visual. In his group, Mark is the eldest member.

As you may know, some of Got7’s members have tattoos on their bodies, and it really seems like they’re in a race to see who can have the most. There are four members that have tattoos including Mark Tuan. Mark placed in second with the most tattoos, he has five tattoos on his body.

Mark Tuan’s Tattoos and Meaning

Got7's Mark

Mark is one of the members of Got7 who is known as a person who has a variety of skills or can be said to be multi-talented. He was able to master the stage with his voice, dance, rap, and also he’s very good-looking. Does Mark have a tattoo and what is his opinion about tattoos?

Even though Got7’s Mark comes from a Christian background, for him having a tattoo isn’t considered to be wrong or a sin. Mark has said that tattoos can be considered beautiful works of art. According to him, tattoos are a form of self-expression but it’s just that the opinions and assumptions of Asians, especially Koreans vary and oftentimes tattoos are considered to look bad.

Got7's Mark Tattoo

Mark reportedly has a tattoo on his calf. It can be seen in the photo of his fans who uploaded it when he and Got7 did a show and a criss-cross tattoo could be seen underneath his socks.

Not only that, Mark’s tattoo could be seen when he was attending an afterparty in LA. His tattoo was clearly visible. At that time, Mark was wearing a shirt with a square pattern in red color combined with shorts.┬áThe criss-cross was clearly visible, as it almost covers his entire left calf.

Got7's Mark Tattoo

The next tattoo is his dad’s and mom’s birthday, the tattoo was seen located on his right, along his side. It is written in Roman numerals as XXXV MCMLIV/XXIII MCMLVII and fans were able to discover that the two stretches of Roman numbers are actually Mark’s parents’ birthdays. It means 10/25/1954 and 10/23/1957.

Mark and Yugyeom are two of the members in Got7 that are known to have various tattoos on themselves that they did over time and most recently, Yugyeom was seen having a new one too, one of his birth year. Following that fans with eagle-eyes were seen matching two pictures of Mark and Yugyeom together to realize that the two members might just have the same tattoo.

On the underside of their right upper arm is the word ‘Truth’ that looks exactly the same. The sense of Mark Tuan’s new tattoo on his right upper arm: If you read it horizontally, it says TRUTH and vertically, it’s TRUT7. Seven as he is a member of Got7. Fans speculated that they each wrote it and the other got that tattooed because the handwriting is different. The last tattoo is on his knee, there are no clear enough photos or videos of his leg tattoos. They seem to be words, or maybe more roman numerals. The last tattoo still remains mysterious!

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