Wow! Let’s Take a Look at GOT7’s Handsome Manager!


GOT7 Or Becomes GOT8

JYP Entertainment is a talent agency from South Korea that was founded by senior singer Park Jin-young, in 1997. JYP Entertainment is one of the 3 largest agencies, along with SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

JYP Entertainment has many famous groups and singers such as 2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, GOT7, 15&, TWICE, DAY6, and the latest is Stray Kids. Not only groups and singers, but the agency also has many talented actors and actresses such as Lee Jung-jin, Song Ha-yoon, Park Gyu-young, Park Joo-hyung, and many more. All idols under JYP Entertainment are known for their amazing talents, skills, quality, and also beautiful visual appearance.

As we take a deeper look, we can see that not only the idols have amazing visual appearances, but also the staff. Some of the staff members have caught the fans’ attention, including GOT7’s manager. Have you seen him?

Kpop Viral

The visual appearance of GOT7’s manager caught the attention of GOT7’s fans since he was seen in public in 2015. He is known to be the new manager of the group and even has his own fansite! Many fans have also said, “Is it GOT8 now?” because they think the manager fits the standard of being an idol more than being a manager. His name and age are unknown, but he’s always seen staying with the boys and taking care of them.

Well, JYP indeed has high standards when it comes to visual appearance!