Got7’s Jinyoung’s Transformation: From an Idol to an Actor

Actor Park Jin-young vs Got7’s Jin-young: The Differences


Since 2012, Jin-young has acted in various dramas and a film. He has received lots of positive feedback for his acting ability and is successfully following in the footsteps of other idols turned actors, like Im Siwan, EXO’s D.O., Lee Joon, Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon, Park Hyungsik, 2PM’s Junho, etc.

Jin-young said, “I believe it is a big step that my acting is even viewed at the same level as many of my seniors. My fellow idols turned actors have done so well that I think if I just follow in the path that they’re leading, I will one day become comfortable with being called an actor.”

He added, “However, I am still lacking too much to think about it. Instead of thinking about breaking stereotypes regarding idols turned actors, I am currently more focused on how to properly portray my characters.”


Jin-young then addressed the difference between being an idol and an actor, saying, “Although they are similar, I think they each have their own charm because they are different. They are the same because they are both jobs where you are in the public eye, but the difference between being on stage and being in front of the camera makes me want both. Both are fun. I think I am extremely lucky to be able to do both. I am just thankful and want to do both for a long time.”

He continued, “Therefore, my first goal is to do well. After that, I think the goal of working for a long time will follow.”

A really multi-talented guy, right? It’s rare for someone to be able to do well both as an actor and an idol. Of course, there are so many charms of Got7’s Park Jin-young that have not been revealed yet, so let’s continue to look forward to the next piece of work of Park Jin-young both as an actor and as an idol!