Fans Trended #BestLeaderJBDay For GOT7’s JB’s Birthday!


Get to Know Got7’s Leader JB

Im Jae-bum, better known as JB, is the leader of the global group under JYP Entertainment GOT7. JB is not the oldest, but he was chosen as the leader of the group due to his leadership skills. JB was born on January 6th, 1994 in Goyang City, South Korea, and this year he turned 25 years old (24 in international age). Did you miss the celebration of his birthday?

Last year, GOT7’s fans celebrated his birthday by trending #BestLeaderJBDay on Twitter. The hashtag immediately trended worldwide!

JB’s Birthday on Real GOT7

In their debut days in 2014, the other members of GOT7 celebrated their leader’s birthday on their reality show Real GOT7. Have you guys watched it? If you guys haven’t, watch it down below!


Fan Project on JB’s Birthday

Aside from Twitter, many fans also celebrated his birthday by uploading his pictures, buying cakes, advertising his birthday in public places, and taking pictures while holding souvenirs with JB’s face on them.


JB’s Mom’s Birthday Message

Last year’s birthday was an emotional one for JB. After getting messages from his fellow members and fans, his mother also prepared a special message video for her only son. Here’s what his mother said:

“Today, 24 years ago, a child that loved dancing was born… He said he just wants to dance. So I agreed. Thinking about it now, if I didn’t agree to let him dance, I would not be able to see him singing, dancing and getting loved by the fans. I am thankful to the extent that my heart is in pieces.

Next to our seven stars, just like the Big Dipper that becomes the guide when we are lost, I hope you all can become stars that can guide, not only mommy, but also the young IGOT7s who are growing up. And to my precious and beloved son, Im Jae-bum, Happy Birthday and thank you for being born as my son.

I love you.”

Watching the unexpected video from his mom in front of his members and fans made him very emotional. He couldn’t hold back his tears even though he never really showed his emotions in front of his fans.