Who Is Got7’s Jay B’s Girlfriend? Check Out His Relationship Status!

jay b got7 girlfriend 2022

Let’s Talked About Jay B’s Girlfriend and Relationship Status Here!

Everybody knows that Got7 has ended its contract with JYP Entertainment on January 19, 2021, and all 7 members confirmed are leaving the agency. Each member chooses their career path, such as Jackson Wang, who started his solo career with the American music label 88rising. Other members also started their solo careers as a singer or even actors. Such as Jay B who joined H1GHR Music only a year. However, before he left the agency, Jay B reportedly dated a YouTuber. Who is his girlfriend now?

So, in this article, we would like to tell you everything about Jay B’s girlfriend and relationship status. Let’s check it out!

Jay B and PURE.D Caught to be Dating


When Jay B was still as GOT7, he was rarely caught in relationship rumors. On July 7, 2022, rumors spread on the internet that Jay B already has a girlfriend. The news said that he has dating secretly for a long time. His girlfriend is a YouTuber named PURE.D, and they both have the same hobby in artistic arts.

PURE.D’s real name is Kim Do Hyun, she’s a makeup artist, and she has a YouTube channel (PURE.D퓨어디)  devoted to beauty in particular. Not only that, but PURE.D also has worked as an art director in many movies and dramas.

Agency Confirmed About Jay B and PURE.D Relationship


Responding to the rumors, Jay B’s agency was careful in conveying them by confirming that Jay B and PURE.D have been in a relationship for over 9 months. They said that “They were careful because they both had a job and were known in public; they’ve been maintaining a good relationship for 9 months. Please keep supporting them.”

Jay B and PURE.D were introduced and known to each other through the intermediary of mutual friends. After that, Jay B and PURE.D were attracted by the similarities and had an excellent artistic sensibility, and then they became lovers.

Netizens’ Reaction to Jay B and PURE.D Rumor


Knowing the rumors and the fact surely make their fans shocked and surprised as well. So, there is various response regarding this news. So, here are some reactions from fans and the public!


“Idol should date freely whoever and whenever they want. Their private lives are none of our business. Public personality is not public property.” – fan’ tweet.


Jay B’s Ex-girlfriend


As long as his time as a K-pop group member, Jay B never revealed or confirmed who he was dating. But, he admitted that he had a girlfriend (which means ex) before becoming a trainee at JYP Entertainment. His ex-girlfriend’s house was very far, and he had to take a bus early morning to visit her. Not only that but Jay B was also caught up in dating rumors after starring in Dream High 2 in 2012 with former T-ARA’s Jiyeon. However, both denied it by saying they were only friends.

So, that’s all information regarding former Got7 leader Jay B’s girlfriend and his status in 2022. Congratulations to Jay B and PURE.D, wish you’ve long the last relationship!

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