Disbanding or Not? Check Out GOT7’s Future with Their New Agencies

GOT7’s Disbandment Rumor and “Encore”


This is a question that has been asked of all GOT7 members. Not only Jay B, but everyone in GOT7 has answered this. A lot of people mistook GOT7 as disbanding since they went to different agencies and are focusing on different styles of music. It is no wonder that people think they are no longer a group. It must be hard to handle a group’s projects with various agencies like that.

got7 disband

However, Jay B, the leader of GOT7, said it officially (many times, to be fair) that it’s not like that. GOT7 is trying hard to keep the team no matter what happens. Even though they are in different agencies now, they will find a way to return as a group later.

But, for now, Jay B and the other members are still working on what they have to collect from their previous agency. Since they can do music freely now that they are in new companies, the members want to explore their own preferences for now.

Does that mean GOT7’s comeback will take a long time? Well, not really. GOT7 has released a new song called “Encore” which was released after they parted with JYP Entertainment. Let’s check out the music video!

The style of music of “Encore” is something that JYP Entertainment wouldn’t let them do. Thank goodness they can give the fans the best present without being told what to do.

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That’s all the information about GOT7’s disbandment rumor that we can share with you. The fact that they are still together as seven even though they aren’t in the same company anymore makes them look even hotter. They don’t need to worry about anything since they are talented artists who have been kept away for so long. Fans also don’t need to be worried. GOT7 is not going anywhere. You can share your love and support for GOT7 in the comment section!