Which Members of GOT7 Are Dating Right Now? Also Find Out Their Dating Rumors and Girlfriends Here!

GOT7 Dating
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Learn More About GOT7’s Love Life! Which One of Them is Dating?

Did you sleep well? Do you need a lullaby to put yourself to sleep? GOT7 will definitely sing you a lullaby! The group, which work under JYP entertainment, have been very active in the industry this year. They made a comeback after two years with Look in March and they made another comeback with Lullaby in September! Despite the group’s comeback, each member is also busy with their individual schedules in Korea and overseas. Well, IGOT7 are living their year!

Idols are nearly identical in having good looks, talent, schedules, and even scandals. GOT7 is no exception, and their appearance is always a hot topic in Korea. Not only their appearance, fans and netizens alike agree that the group members are very talented. They proved it with the album they just dropped, Present: YOU, where every member composed one of the tracks. They are also very busy with comebacks, a world tour, and individual schedules. When it comes to scandals, members of GOT7 are hardly ever involved in any scandals, especially dating rumors.

All seven members of GOT7 are single, and say that they want to focus on their careers and think about love later. A few of the group’s members have been persuaded to share a little about their life, though.

JB’s Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors

JB's Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors
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The leader of GOT7, JB, confirmed that he had a girlfriend once, before he signed on with JYP as a trainee and finally debuted. His ex-girlfriend lived so far away, he had to get on a bus early in the morning once a week just to see her, as he said in The Romantic Idol. He also said that he has no specific ideal type, but, some fans and netizens believe that JB actually has a girlfriend. Well, no one knows.

Mark’s Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors

Mark is in the foreigner line with two of the other members, Jackson and Bambam. He came from Los Angeles, and a rumor spread among fans that he was dating a girl named Jessica before he came to Korea and became a trainee. It was a long time ago, though, and, for now, he puts all his focus on his work. In terms of his ideal type, not long after his debut, he mentioned that his ideal type was Bora, the ex-member of SISTAR.

Mark with BJ Ahyoung

Mark with BJ Ahyoung

Amidst hidden camera and swindling allegations made between Afreeca TV BJ Yeolmae and VERMUDA’s Woo Changbum, GOT7‘s Mark was referenced alongside information with respect to his private life. Yeolmae as of late charged her ex-boyfriend, Woo Changbum of spreading explicit videos of her and shared a screen capture of a discussion she had with BJ Kei.

Within the chat, GOT7’s Mark’s previous dating life was additionally discussed, which drew a staggering measure of attention. The chat reads, “I introduced BJ Ahyoung with GOT7’s Mark. Mark paid for her month to month lease, rent charges, gave her a credit card, and got her designer things, so Mark truly didn’t do anything incorrectly.”

Upon this, BJ Ahyoung had communicated her distress with respect to her name being referenced in the allegations through her official Instagram account. Though, she still couldn’t seem to address Yeolmae’s case of how much monetary assistance GOT7’s Mark gave her during their past relationship.

Jackson’s Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors

Jackson is also a foreign member. He came from Hongkong and before becoming an idol, he was a fencer, just like his father! In one program, Jackson revealed that he dated 4 to 5 times before debuting. He also said in a Chinese program that his first girlfriend was Caucasian.

Jackson with Jessi

Jackson with Jessi

GOT7’s Jackson and Jessi performed together at the 2020 KBS Song Festival, and fans seem unable to get enough of it. The pair played out Jessi‘s single, “Nunu Nana,” together, putting GOT7’s Jackson twice in the whole performance. Jessi stated in an interview, “I knew Jackson from when he was young, I figured he would perform nicely. We didn’t invest a lot of energy working on it and completed it in 60 minutes.”

The chemistry was extraordinary in the performance, which has driven fans to think about what’s happening between them. Sadly, for fans who ship the pair, it appears they’re simply old friends. The pair have known each other for some time now and there is no sign there’s anything going on, other than a friendship.

Jinyoung’s Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors

Jinyoung's Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors

Jinyoung, who is widely known for his visual and acting, is currently single and hasn’t ever dated anyone before, but he dreams about getting married someday and becoming a good father. As we’ve seen in several shows, Jinyoung loves kids! If he wasn’t a member of GOT7, he would want to be a kindergarten teacher, as he said in Flower Intern’s Lucky Box.

Youngjae’s Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors

Youngjae's Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors
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Youngjae‘s past love life is a bit of a mystery, maybe because he became a trainee at a very young age and it was only five months until he debuted. He said he’s flexible when it comes to relationships, if he likes a girl then that girl is his ideal type, so there are no specific criteria to be his girlfriend.

Bambam’s Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors

Bambam is the second youngest member of the group, along with Yugyeom, and he’s the final foreigner in the group. He came from Thailand and was famous even before he debuted in Korea. In the Korean program Uncontrollably Actor, Bambam said that he dated a Japanese girl before debuting with GOT7. Some people assume that it was TWICE’s Mina, especially after a picture of the two of them together was leaked to the internet.

Bambam with TWICE’s Mina

Bambam with TWICE's Mina

On March 13th, 2017, a picture of TWICE’s Mina laying close to GOT7’s Bambam surfaced online with rumors about the two being a couple. The rumors started because of the intimate nature of the photograph and one that isn’t common for two idols to take.

The viral photograph of TWICE’s Mina and GOT7′s Bambam has been confirmed to be real by JYP Entertainment in the wake of being declared phony by fans. Nonetheless, they denied that the two were dating and re-iterated that they are just friends: “The photograph is basically real. They are only coworkers taking pictures together. Those whose intention is to damage their reputation by misusing the said picture will confront severe legal action.”

Bambam with Red Velvet’s Irene

Bambam with Red Velvet's Irene

Rumors emerged after Bambam’s Instagram profile description changed from a cake emoji to initial IR to a heart, eyes, and ring emojis. Numerous fans had grown suspicious that the initial IR and the cake emoji alluded to Red Velvet’s Irene. Nonetheless, not long after that, Bambam answered a fan’s comment on his Instagram, saying he doesn’t like Irene in that way.

Netizens have reacted differently to the circumstance, some advising others to quit trying to cause Irene to appear as though she’s dating everybody, while others state to simply allow the idols to date if they want to.

Yugyeom’s Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors

Yugyeom's Girlfriend, Dating, and Rumors
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Yugyeom is the maknae of GOT7 and he’s also in charge of dancing. He’s well-known for his awesome dancing skills that we had the chance to witness first-hand on the survival dancing show Hit The Stage, which he won! His love life has never been made public, either, but we know that he’s single right now. He also mentioned that he likes his senior, Krystal of f(x), because she’s close to his ideal type.

So, that’s the dating crumbs and rumored girlfriends of each member of GOT7 we could dig up for you. What do you think? Could the members of GOT7 be seeing anyone right now? For further discussion about this subject, we will keep on digging for more information everywhere. So, make sure to visit Channel-Korea to stay up-to-date.