K-Drama Review: Revenge and Betrayal Between Best Friends in the drama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’

Goodbye Mr Black

The Melodrama Genre in K-Drama

There’s a lot of different genres in K-Drama, such as thriller, romantic comedy, horror, and also a melodrama. But mostly, Korean dramas are filled with the melodrama genre. But do you know what is melodrama? For your information, melodrama was the main form of theatre in the 19th century.

In short, in the melodrama, there are always the heroes who are always defending the truth, while there are also the criminals who always find various ways to do something bad. Some of the popular K-Dramas that have been categorized as melodrama are The K2, Healer, Uncontrollably Fond, I Can Hear Your Voice, etc. But this time, the melodrama that we’re going to talk about is Goodbye Mr. Black!

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with the challenging Goodbye Mr. Black and everything you need to know about the drama!

Betrayal Between Best Friends Leads to Revenge


Basically, Goodbye Mr. Black tells the story of Cha Ji-won a.k.a Mr. Black (played by Lee Jin-wok), who is part of the special forces in the navy. He is someone who possesses great charisma and always has a positive mindset. Cha Ji-won is known as someone who is almost perfect. But who would have thought, that eventually, he is going to face with a hard situation in Thailand, where he has turned into a depression because of being betrayed by his own best friend?

Then, he finds himself in a tense situation, where he has to bet his own life. He is accused of the murder of someone when he himself is investigating his father’s death. Not only that, but Cha Ji-won gets stuck in a fake marriage with a woman named Khaya (played by Moon Chae-won), who has changed her name into Kim Swan. During his marriage with Kim Swan, Cha Ji-won also changes his name into Mr. Black.

Actually, the fake marriage has its own purpose, which is to hide the real identity of Cha Ji-won. Even though at first it starts as a fake marriage, eventually, Cha Ji-won really falls in love with Kim Swan because of her warm side. Cha Ji-won knows that he has to solve the case of his father’s death, he has to find out who the real killer is who killed his father.


He also has to get revenge for all of the bad things that he has been through, which is why he leaves Kim Swan for a while to execute his revenge. Turns out, one of the causes of all the bad things that have happened to Cha Ji-won is his best friend, Min Seon-jae (played by Kim Kang-woo).

And as time goes by, Cha Ji-won gets back his confidence from the people surrounding him. Goodbye Mr. Black also tells us about how Cha Ji-won finds a way to make Min Seon-jae get caught and sentenced for his wrongdoings.

Actually, Goodbye Mr. Black isn’t all about the betrayal. We can refresh our minds by watching the love-life between Cha Ji-won (Mr. Black) and Kim Swan. Even though they have to go through many bad situations that involve the two of them, we can still enjoy the romance between them.


Until the very last episode of Goodbye Mr. Black, viewers were amazed by the story-line. The story-line successfully made them go through each episode of Goodbye Mr. Black! The ending of Goodbye Mr. Black also didn’t disappoint viewers, since it is a happy ending for the two lovers, Choi Ji-won and Kim Swan, who get their happily ever after, even after all the hurdle they had to go through.

Goodbye Mr. Black also successfully achieved good ratings with almost every episode. Goodbye Mr. Black was equivalent to another successful drama at the time, Descendants of The Sun.

Watch the sneak peek of Goodbye Mr. Black here:


General Information About Goodbye Mr. Black


Here’s the general information about Goodbye Mr. Black!

Adapted from: Goodbye Mr. Black by Hwang Mi-na

Title: Goodbye Mr. Black

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Romance

Number of Episodes: 20 episodes

Directed by: Han Hee & Kim Seong-wook

Written by: Moon Hee-jung

Airing: From March 16th to May 19th, 2016

Cast: Lee Jin-wook, Moon Chae-won, Kim Kang-woo, Song Jae-rim, Yu In-young, etc.

Meet The Cast of Goodbye Mr. Black!


Let’s get acquainted with the cast of Goodbye Mr. Black and their characters!

Lee Jin-wook as Cha Ji-won/Mr. Black


Lee Jin-wook played the role of Cha Ji-won. He was able to show us his dramatical changes from an optimistic character to someone who is passionate about revenge. As one of the navy members, Cha Ji-won has good leadership abilities. Even though he has caused many problems, the people around him can’t seem to hate him, because of his pleasant personality.

Moon Chae-won as Khaya/Kim Swan


Kim Swan is one of the characters in Goodbye Mr. Black, she is involved in a fake marriage with Cha Ji-won until she starts acting like the real wife of Cha Ji-won. Kim Swan works as a reporter in an online media named Panda News. In her office, her boss, Seo Woo-jin, has a crush on her.

Kim Kang-woo as Min Seon-jae


Kim Kang-woo played the role of Min Seon-jae, one of Cha Ji-won’s best friends. But, he is the one who has caused all the bad things that happened to Cha Ji-won. Even though at first, he was really supporting Cha Ji-won, eventually, he betrays him. Min Seon-jae is presented as a bad character, who is cunning, evil, etc.

Song Jae-rim as Seo Woo-jin


Song Jae-rim played the role of Seo Woo-jin, who is someone who is a little bit angry and has a cunning character. But sometimes, he is able to show us his dorky side that successfully made the audience laugh. Even though he is broken-hearted, he is quite loyal and stays by Kim Swan’s side.

Yoo In-young as Yoon Ma-ri


Yoon In-young played the role of Yoon Ma-ri, who is known as the woman who revealed that Cha Ji-won was her first love, but unfortunately, she gets stuck into a bad situation which eventually forces her to stay away from Cha Ji-won, and she can’t find any way to return to his side. She has to get married to a rich businessman even though she is still in love with Cha Ji-won.