K-Drama Review: Revenge and Betrayal Between Best Friends in the drama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’

Have You Heard the Original Soundtrack of Goodbye Mr. Black?

Goodbye Mr Black

Right after you watch Goodbye Mr. Black, make sure you also listen to the original soundtrack of Goodbye Mr. Black, which can make you feel like you’re really involved in the drama series!

Here’s a track of the original soundtrack of Goodbye Mr. Black with the story behind the song!

1. Baek Ji-young – Goodbye

“Goodbye” by Baek Ji-young tells us about the farewell between a guy and a woman who are actually in love with each other, even though both of them are too late to admit it. Just like Cha Ji-won and Kim Swan.

Even though at first, he didn’t feel anything for her, but as the time went by, he falls for Kim Swan, when the two of them have to go through a complicated situation where they have to be separated for a while.

“I comforted myself with the typical words, I love you

But I couldn’t say a single word that night


2. Sophia Pae – Walking In One Spot

“Walking In One Spot” by Sophia Pae basically tells us about the deep love for someone, as the time goes by, the memory of someone they loved won’t fade away. We could relate this song with Yoon Mi-ra’s feelings for Cha Ji-won, or the deep feelings between Cha Ji-won and Kim Swan.

3. Song Yoo-bin – Perhaps This Is

From two previous songs from the original soundtrack, we might think that this one is the one you should hear first! “Perhaps This Is” by Song Yoo-bin tells us about the feelings that can develop in someone’s heart without them knowing.

When they see someone they love, they might deny it at first, but deep down they feel something profound that is called love. Just like Cha Ji-won feels for Kim Swan. He won’t admit that he has fallen for Kim Swan in the first place!

“Perhaps this is love

Even I feel awkward with these feelings

Though I thought about it a lot

My trembling heart follows you like a compass

I can’t help it, it’s you.”

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Goodbye Mr. Black

Goodbye Mr Black

To further convince you to watch Goodbye Mr. Black, we will give you 5 reasons why you should watch this drama. So, here we go!

Starring Multi-Talented Actors and Actresses

Well, it is something you can’t deny. Goodbye Mr. Black features a lot of great actors and actresses, some of whom have already caught all the public’s attention, such as Lee Jin-wook and his spouse in that drama, Moon Chae-won!

Challenging Story-Line Yet Still Romantic

Even though there’s a lot of challenging scenes and challenging story-line in Goodbye Mr. Black, as we said earlier, we can still enjoy the romantic side of the drama. In the first place, we can see that Cha Ji-won gets married to Kim Swan just to hide his identity and to execute revenge, but eventually, he really falls in love with Kim Swan!

Goodbye Mr Black

Good Mixture of Melodrama and Thriller

For all of you who love the melodrama genre, but also want to watch something different, something more than just a romantic-comedy, Goodbye Mr. Black is one of the proper drama series for you! Even though Goodbye Mr. Black is categorized as a melodrama, it also presents you with the thriller genre, where you can feel the challenging issues and complicated cases!

Has Its Own Attractiveness

Don’t worry, if you thought that Goodbye Mr. Black was kind of a serious drama, you will still be able to watch some of the funny scenes that are presented. So, Goodbye Mr. Black obviously has its own attractiveness that will entertain you really well!

Well, we think that Goodbye Mr. Black is a good recommendation to watch if you’re looking for a melodrama, but also something different! Even though at first, people were skeptical about how this drama would go on, but we ensure you that Goodbye Mr. Black has presented an exciting and unpredictable story-line!

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