Actress Goo Jae-yee: Profile, Break Up with Ha Jung-woo, Wedding, Instagram, Etc.

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Meet the Beautiful Korean Model and Actress Goo Jae-yee

As a Korean entertainment enthusiast, you must have known many Korean actors, actresses, singers, and idols. But have you heard about this Korean model who turned into an actress that we’re going to talk about in this article?

This pretty woman that we’ll discuss is Goo Jae-yee!

Have you heard about her? Lucky if you have, but if you haven’t, well, this is the opportunity to get to know her.

Goo Jae-yee made her name big after took a part in portraying one of the main characters in a drama called ‘Mistress’ in 2018. Before that, she played in some dramas as a supporting character or even as a guest role.

However, this time, it will be hard for us to see her in new dramas or movies project. Do you want to know why? Let’s dig in more about her down below!

Goo Jae-yee’s Full Profile

Name: Jae-yee

Full name: Goo Jae-yee

Real name: Go Eun-ae

Birthdate: February 28, 1986

Birthplace: South Korea

Agency: MY Entertainment

Education: Ewha Women’s University (2009)

Occupation: Model and Actress

Debut year: 2012 (Actress)

Height: 1.72 m

Blood type: A

Goo Jae-yee’s Background

Before becoming an actress, Goo Jae-yee started her career as a model.

Goo Jae-yee started it while she is still in college. As a model, Goo Jae-yee has starred in many CFs such as Outback Steak, Samsung Miniquet, KCC Window, etc. Goo Jae-yee also starred in Kim Gun-mo’s music video back then in 2008.

But do you know that before she is known as Goo Jae-yee, she used her real name, Goo Eun-ae, instead? As a model back then, she is known as Goo Eun-ae. But she changed her name to Goo Jae-yee to the public in 2014.

Goo Jae-yee started her acting career after starred in a KBS drama special named “Swamp Ecology Report” as Yoon Jeong.

After that, a lot of acting projects came to her that made her appearance in the drama or movie as some supporting roles or guest roles, for example, “Dating Agency Cyrano”, “Oh My Ghost”, or even “Love Rain”.

As time goes by, her acting skills have known to the public, and she started to act in a bigger role. She even got an important role in a drama called “Mistress” in 2018 and “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” in 2016.

Goo Jae-yee’s Popular Dramas

Let’s see some of the dramas that have Goo Jae-yee as one of the actresses. If you haven’t watched these dramas, you might as well put these drama titles as one of your next drama lists!

Goo Jae-yee in “Mistress”

The title must be familiar to some of you who have known a UK series called “Mistresses” from BBC because this drama “Mistress” is an adaptation from the “Mistresses” series that has been aired since 2008.

Like the original series, “Mistress” is a drama that follows four women, Se-yoon, Eun-soo, Jung-won, and Hwa-young. The four of them are best friends.

Se-yoon is a widow that runs a coffee shop. Her husband has died, but no one has found his body. Se-yoon still believes that her husband must be still alive out there. One day, some guy approaches her. She also finds out that there’s a woman who claimed that she’s pregnant with her husband.

Eun-soo is a psychiatrist. One day, a guy comes to her and asks her to help find his late father’s mistress. That guy believes that the mistress murdered his father. It turns out to be Eun-soo that was the mistress.

Jung-won, the high school teacher, is very lucky to have a loving husband that works as a chef. The husband always wants them to have a child. But one day, she has an affair with a teacher that works in the same school as her.

The last one is Hwa-young, who works at a law firm. She is single and doesn’t want to commit to a relationship with anyone. One day she is asked to spying on a client’s husband. The husband is actually her ex-boyfriend.

The story might be sound too complicated, but you surely won’t miss it because Goo Jae-yee acted really well as Hwa-young!

Goo Jae-yee in “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”

If you like a family drama with many episodes, this drama must be on your watchlist!

“The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” talks about four men, Lee Dong-jin, Bae Sam-do, Sung Tae-pyung, and Kang Tae-yang, who run a tailor shop. They inherited the tailor shop from Lee Man-sool.

The drama involved stories about love life, passions, dreams, and family stories of the four men.

In this drama, Goo Jae-yee acted as Min Hyo-joo.

“The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” was aired in KBS2 from August 27, 2016 until February 26, 2017. It has reached high ratings on each episode. They even broke the record by getting over 30% ratings. They also almost always got the 1st rank on the rating term.

Goo Jae-yee in “Last”

Last is a drama about a man called Jung Tae-ho who was a successful investor. But then his stock was dropped and made him jobless.

He became poor and living roughly on the street. While surviving his rock bottom state, he met some people that also in the situation as him.

The bankrupt made him homeless, and he lost a lot of money, but some debt collectors were chasing him.

In “Last,” Goo Jae-yee acted as Yoon Jung-min.

This drama has many actions and will make you want to know more about what will happen next in each episode. You definetely won’t miss this drama!

Goo Jae-yee’s in TV Movies

Not only starring in a drama, but Goo Jae-yee also shines bright in TV Movies. As you might know, some TV has a special one-episode drama that usually is called a drama special.

Goo Jae-yee acted in some drama specials that we have gathered in the list below. Scroll down to find out more!

Goo Jae-yee in KBS Drama Special: Repulsive Love

Repulsive Love is about a man who still hasn’t got promoted even though he has worked in the company for years.

It feels like life has betrayed him knowing that every colleague he knows, even those younger than him, has been promoted. His boss is also younger than him. The boss literally acts so bossy and treats him like a servant.

He almost gives up, but at that point, Song Yeon-yi, who Goo Jae-yee portrays, appears. She is a new co-worker who is in the same department as him. They started to get to know each other and develop a romantic relationship.

Will everything turns out to be alright for Chu Han-sang?

Watch the full movie if you’re interested!

Goo Jae-yee in KBS Drama Special: Swamp Ecology Report

The story tells about four young students who live in the half-basement room together. The four guys call themselves as a loser and never really have a good romantic relationship. They are often to scale girls’ scores just by seeing them on the street.

Gyu-seok, the main character, lives his life poorly. He is a scholarship student and also has to work very hard as a part-time worker. It lowers his grades, but he also has to make money for a living.

Suddenly, he meets Yoon-jung, the pretty girl who took his heart at the first meeting. She came from a rich family. What will happen to their relationship?

Goo Jae-yee as Yoon-jung acted with Sung Joon, who portrayed Gyu-seok.

If you’re curious, please watch the movie!

Goo Jae-yee’s Love Life

After seeing how good Goo Jae-yee’s work as an actress, you must wonder how her love life be? Does she have a boyfriend? Is she married yet? Well, we will answer the questions down below!

Goo Jae-yee and Her Ex, Ha Jung-woo

Before went with a new name, Goo Jae-yee (or was known as Goo Eun-ae), who was just acting as a model, not yet an actress, was dating an actor named Ha Jung-woo.

Goo Jae-yee started to date Ha Jung-woo in 2008.

They had a good relationship back then despite their schedule. Goo Jae-yee also often talked about Ha Jung-woo and vice versa in public. There were also some rumors about them planning to get married.

But the rumor has been denied from both sides because, at that time, they actually have broken up.

Goo Jae-yee and Ha Jung-woo confirmed that they broke up on 2012 due to busy schedule and since Ha Jung-woo needs to shot a movie called “Nameless Gangster” in Busan for about four months, it affect their relationship too.

Goo Jae-yee’s and Her Husband’s Wedding

The romantic life of Goo Jae-yee doesn’t stop after her break up with Ha Jung-woo. Even though the sadness has come to her back then, she finally found her true love years later.

The agency stated that Goo Jae-yee and her husband decided to get married after years of dating. The husband is a professor that works in a university in France.

Goo Jae-yee tied the knot on December 30, 2018. Yay to her!

Since Goo Jae-yee’s husband is a non-public figure, they decided to hold a private wedding instead of set the wedding to the public.

Goo Jae-yee’s Lifestyle: Kids, Instagram, Living in Lyon, etc.

After we see the love life of Goo Jae-yee, let’s see the lifestyle of this model slash actress. We have told you before that Goo Jae-yee will not be seen in any movies or dramas for the time being. The reason is that she is living her best life as a married woman. Not only that, but she also lived in Lyon following her husband, if you see it on her Instagram account.

But sometimes, they went back to Korea again.

After marrying her husband, Goo Jae-yee has pretty and beautiful children. She also shared her pregnant life on her Instagram.

It looks like Goo Jae-yee really enjoyed her life at the moment. Let’s see some photos from her that she shared on Instagram!

You might as well follow her Instagram, @goo_jae_yee!


That was all the info that we can gather to provide you all the things about Goo Jae-yee. Indeed, Goo Jae-yee is a beautiful and talented model as well as an actress. Even though she’s married and became a mom now, let’s hope that one day she will return with a new drama or movie project.